31 December 2017

It's That Rainbow Thing....

There were several numerical synchronicities that I had wanted to turn into a montage to post here, but decided against it. I think I've posted enough of those, for this year at least.

So I'll just use this receipt instead ~ this was for a number of items that I picked up from the Naturopath for my family and me. There were loads of 3s and 4s.
2017....what a truly remarkable year it's been. If I had to choose a single word to describe it, I would go for "polarisation". Not just in the unawake world, but also right here in our own Light community backyard. There's a lot of aggression right now in both the unawake and awake worlds, and that's inevitable when we have extreme polarisation going on. The Nine's message (via Magenta Pixie) comes to mind as I write this ~ polarisation was something they touched on quite a lot.

This polarisation has also been evident in my own personal life. 2017 has been peppered with both very negative and highly positive experiences. The negative has sometimes been so challenging that they stretched my tolerance level beyond coping limit. At the same time, the positive has been so unimaginably magical that it threatened to make 3D Life even more pointless to endure.

I would like to close the year off on a personal and positive note, to symbolically bookend 2017 on a "high" note and to set the stage for a massively transformational 2018. For this, I thought I would share an experience I had just about a week ago.

It was mid-morning, and I was pottering around in the kitchen, making a hot drink. I felt guided to go into the study and look at the ceiling. Let me explain this before I continue with my story so that you won't be too concerned for my sanity, or lack thereof.

On several occasions this year, I had instinctively looked up at my ceiling in the study, only to find unusual and unexplainable "formations". I'm unable to elaborate further about those at this point in time, but I promise that once I feel I can, I will post it here on the blog.

So that morning, I obeyed the prompting and went into the study. I looked up at the ceiling, and there was a little rainbow-hued formation in a small section, next to the bookshelf. Since I don't have a super-duper phone camera, this is the best I can come up with:
Trust me when I say that the formation looked so much better than the photo. I did a contrast edit to help define the colours.

As usual, when I see such formations, I do a little investigation to determine the source. I checked everything that could possible create the little rainbow, but could not find anything. Furthermore, it was a cloudy morning, so the Sunlight reflecting off something wasn't a factor. I was then guided to wait for a while, and check the ceiling again. In less than a minute, I saw that another rainbow had formed ~ this time across the ceiling, almost covering one end to the other!
Again, I only applied a contrast edit.

I felt utter awe and gratitude for this rainbow! It's no Cloudship, for sure....but hey, I'm plenty happy :)

Once again, I recalled The Nine's recent message, via Magenta Pixie. It was titled, "Rainbow Portal, Silver Ray and the Two-World Split". It would seem that the Rainbow has been quite a recurring theme for me this year, although I wasn't consciously aware of it until this month.

In late May, as I started planning on a birthday card for my daughter, I felt that I just had to paint a Rainbow Unicorn for her. This is actually quite absurd, because I am no artist. I nevertheless followed my insistent inner guidance, and searched the Internet for simple outlines of Unicorns that I could at least copy, then painting it in would just be a matter of merrily splashing on some water colours. Or so I thought.

After two whole hours of struggling to even get the Unicorn outline right (yes I know, I should have just traced it), I tossed aside the three or four examples I had printed out and just winged it on my own, not even knowing what I was doing. In just over an hour, I had outlined a Unicorn-ish/Pony-ish picture and painted it in, although not so merrily. Art isn't my thing, remember?
I'll post one more personal photos (reluctantly) before I end this post. On some mornings, when the time is right, splashes of Rainbow streaks/blobs on my walls would greet me when I wake up (some examples in the first image, at the top). I assume that they are formed by the Sunlight beaming on the crystals hanging at the window. However, now and then, there are more sophisticated formations, like this one below:
This is the most complex so far, and it covered three sides of the room and much of the ceiling.

And on that Rainbow Grid note, I wish you all a most Magical, Benevolent and High-Light 2018! I believe that much compassion and spiritual maturity are greatly needed for the coming year. We really need to actually become the Higher Consciousness Beings that we're meant to be evolving into, right NOW. We have to be the walking, talking and breathing higher-vibe Human this very instant. We don't wait for "something" first in order to assume this frequency ~ we call forth and BE the New, NOW.

My heartfelt gratitude to each and every one for accompanying me on this part of my journey, via The Earth Plan. I have found Soul Family members through this blog, inspiring and supporting me throughout the year. You are all so incredible! I don't keep in touch as often as I would like ~ I'm really terrible at this, apologies ~ but please know that you each have your own special place in my Heart 💖

Thank you, Namaste and many Blessings! I finally finished editing this at 2:22pm ;)


  1. Thank you for all your work,
    That unicorn isnt so bad, looks like you getting more messages that progress is occurring on whatever plane. For me this year was also full of synchronicities, to the point I started ignore them.
    Happy New Year, best wishes, hope this year or more likely first part will be the last part of this journey.

    1. Thanks very much, Sword ~ you're very encouraging :)
      I don't ignore Synchronicities, I feel that they are integral to my energies, so I always acknowledge them when I'm aware. They are sometimes very "loud" messages that I need to "hear"/see. I'm glad that you have loads of them!

      I share your hope and intention for 2018. Happy 2018 to you, and may it be a truly Magical pne for you! Many Blessings