30 December 2017

January Ascension Energies: The Year of Amplification ~ Jamye Price ~ 29 December 2017

(At around 1:11-minutes, what are those white things shooting out from the top right area of the video? Pollen? Lens effect? Sunlight? Special effects? Or....?)

Source: Jamye Price (with video)

2017 Review
As we look toward a new yearly cycle, it is helpful to appreciate what we are transitioning from. 2017 was a year that called us to go deeper into our Empowered Sovereignty as an individual, so that our connections with life are stronger and clearer, rather than lacking healthy interactions.

2017 was a year of transformation as change reached a peak of flow. The first 3 quarters of the year were intense and constant changes, with that evening out for those that went with the currents. Internal change was moving to a new level or pushing to a new level.
You’re always worth the effort.
2018 - The Year of Amplification
According to Areon, the Lyran Council of Time—2018 brings more amplification. You’ll see where you are at on an internal level. You’ll be called toward more clarity and Love, with that focus of the new operating system being strong in 2018.
When we respond differently to challenges or creativity, real change is created.

Observe your internal response, your external response and find new solution that is based in Love.

Sometimes that means holding a boundary, saying no, or taking a creative risk. Sometimes the way is not clear as things form in the subtle realm. Sometimes you are to care for yourself before another, sometimes another before yourself.
Always look for new solution based in Love, as the energy is amplifying.
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