22 December 2017

Kamooh's End of Year Message for Humanity ~ via Seth Buoymaster ~ 21 December 2017

What a powerful message from Kamooh, and so timely too, given that much is being revealed daily as well as more and more people waking up every moment.

The link (currently not given, I've written in to inform them) referred to in the following message is Planetary Stewardship with Authentic Perfection.

Source: Sasquatch People

The following is Sasquatch Elder Kamooh’s end of year message to humanity channeled by Seth Buoymaster. Kamooh suggested that this message be launched today, on Winter Solstice and before mercury goes direct.


“I am grateful to all of you who are taking the time to learn from us and initiate the planetary stewardship initiatives.”

“Just as your people have a myriad of personalities, so do my people. It pains some of us to see so much destruction and we are making renewed efforts to heal ANY unforgiveness. It can be difficult for us at times to be in the back drop of life, on the outside looking in and seeing the struggles and the effect of the struggles, and are so grateful for all of our collaborations to assist you as for so long we have been consciously separate.”

“Some of my people are hurt by your people and forgiveness is working its way through to heal any damage, so that we as a people remain in love. This is our choice. What we are sharing is a message of forgiveness so the tension ends, the separation ceases, and harmony is restored for all.”

“We have learned much this year since your people and my people are merging once again in a harmonious co-creative relationship. We have learned that life can move forward for your species as the destructive minority’s power is running out and people are having to face that which they have denied needs healing through tough love. The unseen manipulations are reversing and as bad as the environment seems, it is turning around slowly but surely. The reclamation phase of planetary stewardship that has been initiated is well on its way as it was started years ago from the Guardians and people that have been doing this specific ground work. Enlisting more help gets more done.”

“The consciousness technology of Authentic Perfection was brought to your attention to RECLAIM the lands, waters, and airs, and this planet Earth. The more you help, the better it gets. When you gift your natural object into water, land etc., you are essentially saying “this area is reclaimed to Authentic Perfection as it should be,” and it sets up an ever increasing field of transformation to shift out that which would do harm to that area.”

“There are others that are trying to make everything inhospitable. By reclaiming, you are moving that unhealthy presence out and acting as guardians of the areas you gift, and it also helps to empower the other allies that coexist on this planet. As you leave the crystal or natural object, it continues to work on all of our behalf by taking the stand of Authentic Perfection, the true reality field. This helps you continue to focus your energies on what else is important.”

“One thing we hear a lot is “what can I do to help?” We are working to help you with that with action, personal and for the masses, that will assist the fulfillment of your true contracts with life.”

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