26 December 2017

Liquid Light ~ Aurora 2012

Thank you to Patrick Schulte for posting this. The above image is from that now-viral video in Cobra's latest update, which you can view in Golden Ages Group.

Connect with the Cosmic beauty my friends 💖🌈


Etheric technology of liquid Light is very important in life of Pleiadians. Liquid Light is densified etheric substance, which beings of Light can shape with their thoughts. For this purpose pure thoughts and feelings are needed. Liquid Light is used very much by artists in Pleiades who create multidimensional sculptures from it. These are enlivened clouds of rainbow colors Light which float in the air. If anybody touches them or directs his thoughts into them, they align with his vibration. They align their shape and color to this vibration, but they can also emit harmonic sounds or beautiful fragrances. All this affects consciousness of individual and aligns it with Cosmic beauty. A life art of liquid Light is the most important form of expression in Pleiades, especially for musicians and sculptors, who unite both in multidimensional whole. Liquid Light adorns and fills the interior of most of dwellings in Pleiades.

They use etheric technology of liquid Light for materialization of physical objects which they need. Light ships which Pleiadians need for interdimensional interstellar travels are made of densified liquid Light. Those ships are traveling through dimensional Star gates by the use of mental projection. The speed that they can attain in this way is million times greater than the speed of light. Travel from Pleiades to your planet lasts only a couple of hours. Liquid Light in Pleiades has replaced physical technology almost completely. Last physical machines and Star ships were made a couple of thousand years ago, but they still function. Physical technology in Pleiades attained perfection at that time and machines can work many hundreds thousand years without breaking down." Aurora 2012

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