27 December 2017

Massive Energy of Total Rebirth - Judith Kusel - 23 December 2017

Source: Judith Kusel

There will be a massive release of energy within the next week as the Sungate to Sirius and the 7th Central Sun is now opening up to the full. It is truly now lifting us into a total rebirth - an incredible shift in consciousness, which will have a ripple effect on all and everyone.

I cannot stress just how important this is, for we are in truth we are now reborn on so many levels. The new human race is being born, (apart from the volunteers, the fore-runners, the pioneers who paved the way for this to happen, since the Second World War).

Our soul memory banks will get triggered, as well as the collective memory banks. Slowly but surely the truth will be revealed, and what has been purposefully hidden will rise up again, and will be accessible to humankind again, as they are ready to access this. This is a gigantic shift.

I cannot stress the enormity of this, which started to happen in the middle of November this year. We are being returned to our original planetary blueprint, our original Creation as Elysium and the Lion Kingdom rise again!

(Judith Kusel)

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