01 December 2017

Our Mission ~ Tim Whild ~ 29 November 2017

Source: Tim Whild

Finally, Winter. Frosty vistas from my back garden and we are now on the countdown run towards the Winter Solstice. This date trumps them all for me as it is the precise moment that the largest download of Christ Light enters our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual reality.

Do we need more of this? It’s no longer a matter of needing more light on this planet, the 18 year corridor of the fourth dimension is now an 11 year roller coaster with us at the helm.

Every single soul around you has changed. They may look and act the same but if you look at the energy beneath the surface we couldn’t be more different. Every human has a 5D heart that is beginning to take a proactive role in their lives. Resistance is high, egos are defending themselves and density is being released with every breath.

What do we do? Our jobs..the mission we incarnated for. No task is too big or too little. Love, guide, teach and speak your truth, now is the time.

Much love to you all 🙏🏻💕

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