17 December 2017

Religious Teachings ~ Paul Selig ~ 16 December 2017

I had the opportunity to read Paul Selig's "Book of Truth" because I was invited to review it, and although I was somewhat familiar with his work prior to that, his latest book took me by surprise. The scope and context of the teachings differed in many ways from his previous work, and in my opinion, took a direction that I felt was a welcome development.

Source: Empath 1111

Now we will not tell you the religious teaching is always productive. But we understand the merit that may lie at the heart of it all. And at the heart of all true religion is one simple idea, that you are not separate from your Source, and the systems of behavior that have been aligned in doctrine in all religions throughout time were perhaps initially presented as ways for you to learn to stay on the narrow road to the summit of truth that the religion said it would grant you.

But here is what happened. In all religion, the personal investments, the ones who decided what books should stay in, what teachings should be left out, where you should pray, and when you do it, were deciding either in self-interest or out of the fear that if the religion was not protected in a certain way it would not survive. So there were practices born out of necessity at different times in history of a religion that may no longer be true to the requirements of man today.

But we will promise you this. In the teaching of truth that we are granting you now, even your relationship to religion may be understood in a truthful way. We do not damn them, nor do we sing their praises. We comprehend them as ways of learning to a known system of ideals that were prescribed by men- some highly inspired perhaps- at different times on the history of this plane. But as we have said, truth is always true, and the particle of truth that is inherent in a religion may be discovered and the whole system may in fact be understood in a new way.

Paul Selig - The Book of Truth
A Channeled text


  1. I was looking for a text version of this teaching (I have the audiobook) to reference so thank you for this!