21 December 2017

Silver Gate and Golden Gate ~ Untwine ~ 27 September 2017 (Re-post)

The December Solstice, Silver Gate, Golden Gate ~ with all these elements active, I thought it would be a good time to re-post this from Untwine.

Source: Recreating Balance

The story of these gates came to us through ancient Egyptian stories, probably inherited from Atlantis. It talks about two points in space situated at the meeting points of the ecliptic and the galactic midplane.

The ecliptic is the plane that is along the axis of Earth's rotation. The constellations it is pointing at are our zodiac constellations :

Our galaxy, if looked at from outside of it, looks like a flat disc. This is what we call the milky way, a concentration of stars along a flat axis, called the galactic mid-plane.
The earth ecliptic and the galactic midplane have a 120˚ tilt.

The golden gate situated near the Scorpio constellation, is in the direction towards the galactic central sun.

On the other side the silver gate, near the Taurus constellation, is in the opposite direction of the central sun.

Orion, masculine archetype, is nowadays usually depicted as a warrior/hunter, but this is an interpretation I don't agree with. I much prefer this version, Orion in ancient Egypt was Osiris :
Every month our sun and earth align with a different zodiac constellation on the ecliptic, for example in May, we align with the Taurus constellation. It is interesting to note that near the golden gate is the constellation Ophiucus, a constellation that isn't considered to be part of the zodiac by the main-stream, but that does touch the ecliptic, and is therefore considered by some to be the 13th sign in our zodiac. This makes sense since zodiac signs are connected to our months, which are connected to our lunar cycles, and the moon goes around the earth 13 times during the time it takes the earth to revolve around the sun once. Many ancient calendars had 13 months a year.

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