22 December 2017

Solstice: Birth of Diamond Consciousness ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 20 December 2017

Unfortunately, this free portion is very brief.

Source: Think With Your Heart

Happy solstice!  It’s hard to believe but here we are at the very end of an intense, but extremely transformational year in which we are being (re)born into Higher Light.

We are still deep in preparation for what awaits us in the new year and, while tumultuous and unruly in parts, what surrounds us both personally and collectively is also supremely confirming that we are at the true end of the lower self…and consequently the world we created around that (false) self.

For those prepared, this particular solstice marks the entrance to the gateway to the Higher (Diamond) Mind, but only if and after we complete the death process of the lower mind…of renouncing the lower self, of surrendering our lower will to our Higher Will.

After this comprehensive and demanding process completes, there is a new level of Self mastery that awaits us all…but first we are required to reconcile with our past and bring closure to all unfinished (inner) business so that we are free of karmic residue when we step into the new frequency of the new year.

It’s clear why the events of this year came at the end of our spiritual maturation…every month of 2017 has required that we put into practice our sacred arts in some way, integrated our divine nature into every aspect of our world thru many deeply difficult real life experiences.  But this month in particular has demanded that all our mastery be applied at once…that literally every tool in our arsenal be brought forth to weather the many sudden and unexpected storms that have surrounded each of us in our way, and the planet as a whole.

We are not all the way thru the storm yet, but we are starting to see glimpses of the (rainbow) light that is guiding us Home, waiting to greet us all on the other side.  Our job right now is to continue to stay focused on that light until we are fully within it.  Unwaveringly and without fail.

Because this month’s report is packed with so much important information for this very pivotal moment we all find ourselves in, I want to dive right in.

I will say this tho…life on the other side of this solstice season will be a very different one indeed.

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