21 December 2017

Solstice, Saturn, Success! ~ Tania Gabrielle ~ 20 December 2017

Source: Tania Gabrielle

The Solstice is upon us… and Saturn has chosen this moment to re-enter its home sign.

Capricorn is the sign Saturn rules. So Saturn is very happy in Capricorn!

Today Saturn starts a brand new journey through the twelve signs.

Saturn represents Time – and contracts. Since Saturn entered Sagittarius in June 2015 it has been time of divine contracts coming to an end.

NOW, we are rebirthing. It’s the first time Saturn has transited its own sign of Capricorn since February 1991, 27 years ago.

What makes this particular Saturn in Capricorn journey starting point so extraordinary is WHEN it happens. Saturn can enter Capricorn at any day of the year…

For example the last three times that Saturn re-entered Capricorn were…
  • Mar 15, 1929
  • Jan 5, 1959
  • Feb 13, 1988
The next time Saturn enters Capricorn will be on Jan 24, 2047.

None of those dates are anywhere CLOSE to the time when the Sun ALSO enters Capricorn… which always happens on the Winter Solstice, December 21.

But.. this time around, it is different. Because now is precisely the moment that Saturn is moving back into home territory – just hours before the Solstice!!

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