26 December 2017

Some Serious Charging Up Going On....

Space Observing System
Prior to the spiking that started on the 24th, I constantly felt an unstable/unpleasant energy that even resulted in disturbed/interrupted sleep. As one dear friend puts it, there was "a great disturbance in the Force", to quote Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Once the SR started "snowing", it felt like so much Light was pouring in ~ I have felt so much better since then.

I feel that Cobra's status updates on the 25th ("CMoss" and "Csublunar in progress") may be indicative of that change in energy. Of course, I could be totally wrong :)

Also, a reminder of what the SR means from the Galactic Historian's point of view could be timely....so for those who are interested, please listen here. I have some notes for this, which you can read here.

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