31 December 2017

Stepping Into Empowerment and Creating the New ~ Rick Jewers ~ 31 December 2017

Whisperers of Light
Very good, very timely.

Source: Rick Jewers

The most Amazing times yet, are upon You. You are beginning to witness Your own Truths in conjunction with Your very own Prowess. Nothing controls nor stops You when aligned with All that is Good, Just and Truth, and absent of the control of the fear spectrum.

As more let go of the fear and its control over them, they as well, will propel forward, changing their whole existence and experience here.Again, any act that perpetrates harm against another is fear-based, and it disempowers You proportionately until it is understood by You, and rectified by You. (this does not apply to every Human/Soul, for some have initiated severe complicated karmic implosions that cannot be rectified on these Timelines, some of their self inflicted punishment can be appeased, but not to the level where their gifts will be as powerful as most. They chose this though, and All must understand them without judgment, for they chose to separate from You, not You from them, let it be.)

This Timeline, as well as many future Timelines, have been enhanced tremendously for the better. This was/is a direct result of so many of You stepping into Your Prowess and accepting a Higher Level of You, over the past several days. You asked to be empowered, to change the world, Your wish has been granted.

As You Now Know, with this Prowess, comes great discipline and responsibility. You may not act out of ill intent, You may not act in vengeance. You act and seed from the root of the problems facing Humanity, You do not confront the results of the problems, this is fruitless and futile and would take precious years. You correct the systematic source of all problematic creations. Many of the ill intent Ones that were in power of governmental structure, have been taken out of the picture for You, with many more set up for their demise.

You are the Light, You begin to seed the top with good intent, and watch how it trickles down, changing everything. You are in control of this world Now, in every aspect of a good way. Continue the cleanup and Create THE NEW. Teach Your children the same.

Much is outdated with this world, much Truth was manipulated, this has to, and will, change very quickly. Some of You are Ones to assure that this is so, others may be leaving well before the incredible change is fully apparent to All.You outgrow this place once Your Divine Knowledge and Prowess reaches a certain level.

The recent and ongoing Portal work is a success beyond anticipation at this very time. It was/is required, to take Gaia through an opened dimensional window, that would have closed on Dec 31/2017, She is on Her Way!

Teach Your Children their Divine Gifts at the youngest age possible, this assures their empowerment to keep these 5D Timelines intact and aligned. The present schools will not contain these Children, for they are above the lower density and conditioning of these establishments.

Love and Light

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