27 December 2017

The Calling - Alexandrian Kosmos - 26 November 2017

Source: Alexandrian Kosmos

Our entire world is now within a great period of Change and Transformation. Where a few years ago we could easily find reliable advice and guidance from “experts,” we cannot today, as their advice is hardly valid or even meaningful in Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimensional world. We must now transition towards trusting and learning to access our Soul’s Higher Self, our own intuitive guidance system leading to the promotion of our Soul’s Progress towards our Spiritual Purpose – the experience of connecting our Soul into the entirety of the Universe!

Without a defined Spiritual Purpose in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension we will not only remain susceptible to seeking and pursuing endeavors completely against our Soul’s Progress, but also, ignoring the sagely wisdom and advice of our own Soul’s Higher Self! 

These days will not be easy, for our world’s Change and Transformation is entirely due to Mother Earth exuding her transformational power into her evolving Fifth Dimensional world! All we can do as cohabitants upon her body is to Create Motion with her – to choose and decide to acknowledge and enact our Soul’s Spiritual Purpose through our power to express and enact our Spiritual Nature within our own reality! 

However involved and complicated this may now seem, dear Ones, will become relatively easy for everyone in the very near future! But for now, the loneliness we may have felt in our past in seeking our Spiritual Purpose will finally be esteemed in the Calling to our Society of Light!

The Calling to our Society of Light is a signal now being felt by our Hearts and Souls activating our preparation for our Society of Light’s advent. Our Society of Light will not begin to emerge upon Mother Earth until September 2019 to February 2020. 

It is not that our Society of Light could not reveal itself in its entirety now. Rather, it is that there are more than 7,000,000,000 Souls on Earth needing to decide which way they will go and what they will be doing within our Society of Light. If our human experience within Mother Earth’s physical world could move as rapidly as our thoughts, most of humanity would sadly not know what to do or what to Create beyond their basic needs of food, water, and shelter within our Society of Light. Then again there is the time factor involved for these 7,000,000,000 Souls to learn and prepare. But alas, Mother Earth’s Plan to evolve within the Fifth Dimension is already in motion and will continue doing so for a while! All we can do for now is to encourage and inspire the masses in the remaining Time of our present moments. 

But for you, dear Ones, you must finish your 
own transition FIRST! For without you in a state of readiness, everything in movement towards our emerging Society of Light would be for naught and largely serve to only reproduce our previous Third and Fourth Dimension experiences on Earth! We must ALL move on from the past and move on to assuming the new responsibilities of our Society of Light!

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