05 December 2017

The Master ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath1111

Now if you can imagine a child who can only see the truth because she does not know a lie, and you put that child upon a mountain, she would describe very accurately all that she sees. "I see a woman wearing a hat," the child would say, not a queen with a crown. She has not invested the crown in meaning. She knows an old lady with a hat, and that is her truth. She is bypassing rules and not reclaiming history, in her innocence.

You do not have the innocence. You know what a hat is, you know what a crown is, and that is why you unlearn here only to the extent that the vibration as truth that you have aligned to can be as you in expression. That you are not the child on the hill, you are the master, the one who knows who she is and can claim a world in accordance with this.

Paul Selig - The Book of Truth
A Channeled text

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