19 December 2017

The Microcosm of the Macrocosm - Personal Responsibility and Self Mastery ~ James Gilliland ~ 13 December 2017

There's a protocol for healing negative energies at the end of James Gilliland's update.

Source: ECETI

I began to write this newsletter as a letter to the ranch while away in Mexico, but I realized it is the microcosm of the macrocosm. It has to do with dealing with the consciousness and energies pressing hard on the Earth and personal responsibility or what we call Self Mastery. This is coming up in almost every aspect of society, individual and collective consciousness. There is no running away from ourselves and we no longer can blame outside sources for our own personal wellbeing, peace, and happiness. The entire planet is in process. Power spots or vortex energy amplifies all of this. What is done in a vortex or contemplated will manifest almost instantly. In social consciousness it takes a bit longer due to the vibratory frequency. In a power spot or vortex, the veils between worlds are very thin, the manifestation time between consciousness and manifestation speeds up. Whatever is of a lower frequency, the wounds, traumas, and wrong conclusions from past experiences cannot be ignored or suppressed in a vortex. Now they cannot be avoided globally. Everyone is processing. We cannot take away their process or act as if the wound is not there. We cannot avoid the process no matter what we do to numb ourselves. We can however choose how we react to it.

A wounded ego has to be right even though on a deeper level it knows the truth. It also will project its demons, unhealed wounds, traumas, and wrong conclusions from past experiences on others rather than take personal responsibility for their own attitudes and emotions. Despite the obvious these attitudes and emotions have absolutely nothing to do with maintaining a frequency, cooperation and finding a loving if not rational solution. In the interest of peace, harmony, and cooperation we must become the observer of self. This means suspending the egos need to be right along with defending, blaming, and projecting. Self-righteous ego is still ego. We cannot claim to be masters or superior if we have not mastered ourselves and still living in the false belief in separation. Are we at peace, calm rational, open to seeing things differently or are we embroiled in chaos, confrontation, and separation? We have to become self-analytical, brutally honest with ourselves especially if we are not at peace practicing loving detachment. The attachment is where we give our power away and there is a little child in all of us with an agenda. That agenda is to fulfill what it didn’t get as a child and defend against what happened to it as a child. These are very powerful yet simple words.

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