07 December 2017

The Naval Chakra ~ Tim Whild ~ 6 December 2017

There is certainly more than one "model" of our new Chakra system at the moment, and each of us will align with something, whether with the 12-Chakra or 13-Chakra, or "traditional" 7-Chakra model. I don't allow myself to get too hung up over these differences because there's no way I can prove a certain model over the other ~ I just generally go with what feels right for me.

Also, from what I can recall, even the 12-Chakra system has different "models". The one espoused by the Ps via Barbara Marciniak is different from the one upon which Tim Whild is basing.

So, this would be for those who resonate with this particular 12-Chakra System, with the new one that's come online, the Naval Chakra, which Tim explained in an earlier video that this is the first time since Atlantis that this chakra has become active.

Please listen to this short exercise here.

Note: I do acknowledge, and am always aware, that this is Summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

Ocean Fairy Goddess

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