26 December 2017

The Universal Christ Consciousness ~ Sri Mrinalinit Mata

Source: Art of the Initiate

"The supreme blessing of Christmas will come as you make time amidst the activities of this festive season to invite the Universal Christ Consciousness into the cathedral of silence within your soul. In the sanctuary of deepest meditation, you can touch the “peace that surpasseth all understanding” and begin to experience the all-encompassing love and strength that Jesus emanated in the face of all obstacles... As that meditation-born consciousness suffuses your being, you will realize, as he did, that maya cannot intimidate or balk you. You will find yourself emerging from the tiny cocoon of the ego into the native vastness and freedom of your soul — shining with the all-pervading Light of God. I pray you may receive this Christmas the life-changing gift of that inner awakening."

~Sri Mrinalini Mata~

Merry Christmas From Art of the initiate

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