29 December 2017

The Untold History of the World ~ Laura Eisenhower & Ethann Fox ~ 4 July 2015

This was from some time ago, so you may have already watched it. Since I wasn't feeling too well and needed to lie down, I thought I'd finally listen to this two-hour long interview.

Much of what Laura Eisenhower covers you will already know, but I still appreciated her interview because she speaks from the perspective of the Gaia energies, which usually makes perfect sense to me. I didn't take any notes except in the last 30 minutes, but I will add to it what I can recall. Laura covered a wide range of topics, and Ethann Fox asks really good questions, allowing her the opportunity to speak at length.

Please listen here.

The first thing that Laura talked about that made me take a mental note was the topic of Gnosticism. Although there are parts that I find resonance with, there are many others that I'm unable to agree with, for example the fall of Gaia-Sophia and her subsequent creation of the demiurge. Laura has explained that the Gnostic texts, like much of such sacred teachings, have been manipulated.

The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are now hosting the Ascension process. If I remember clearly from this interview, this role was previously the Melchizedeks.

The importance of "13" and how this has been perverted by the Illuminati ~ they have 13 bloodlines which to them represents their "creator" status. They have manipulated much to prevent us from aligning with the organic importance of this number eg. there are 13 zodiac signs, 13 moons/month in a year, 13 disciples with Mary Magdalene being the missing one, and Gaia's 13D inner core-Stargate.

They took advantage of the Kali Yuga to derail our organic Ascension process, which would have taken only a few generations. Instead, it's taken 26,000 years of control to prevent this from unfolding.

We were meant to fully integrate "missing" DNA strands from the other Root Races ~ this is the true meaning of Unity Consciousness. (Noel Huntley's "Fall of Man" describes this "collection" of DNA strands from the Root Races.)

Trauma disconnects us from Source.

Benevolents are like the immune system for the Planet and Humanity. They help and protect us in many ways, allowing us a chance to empower ourselves and exit the control system so that we can ascend. Our own consciousness is also our immune system.

Guardian Races from Andromeda have entered our Solar System to help with our Ascension process. Our two galaxies were one before, and they are also now helping to pull us back into wholeness (our two galaxies are merging).

Energetic maintenance is key ~ we don't need to "add" or take in more to raise our consciousness, we just need to keep our energetic fields clear.

"It's up to us as individuals to ascend."

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