30 December 2017

Waiting Upon Deliverance Rick Jewers ~ 25 December 2017

This gives some validation for what I felt on the 24th, and wrote about (here). I resonate very strongly with this message from Rick Jewers....it's time for us to "Grow up and put on our big girl/boy pants."  :)

Source: Rick Jewers

Message received about two hours ago; "waiting upon deliverance".

Last night PST Time in North America, a Shift was recorded here at approximately 830 PM. This Shift carried the highest frequency indicator as of yet and may be compared to a "jump" instead of the gradual slide usually indicative of a Shift in progress.

The Ascension has just become more complex for You, yes, more work to do, BUT, not within anymore. You are NOW at the stage to begin the "OUTER WORK" of this Ascension. 

For most of You, Your tests on strength, belief, and Trust, to name a few, are OVER. Any little "inner work" will swiftly come to the surface for You to blatantly see and address, for example; if You MUST stop eating meat, YOU WILL become violently sick where there will no mistaking for You that it MUST go. 

(Again, each of You are different in some ways, and it may be unharmful to You to eat meat while carrying on Your Divine Service at this Time) 

You NOW will begin to be embraced by Your efforts and intent of "Good Will" in the forms of gratification and satisfaction, with each use of YOUR DIVINE PROWESS You will be Gifted a confirmation, an energy Gift of feeling. With each act of Divine Service ALSO COMES a Higher Knowing attributed to the Divine Act You initiated. YOU MAY NOW PROCEED WITH PUTTING YOUR DIVINE GIFTS INTO FULL PRACTICE.REMEMBER, no VENGEANCE, for if it is included in Your intent, it will set You on Your butt in less than a blink of the eye.

More Prophetics will be revealed to each, as WE advance swiftly., You are to place the Prophetics BEFORE You, for those are Your VALIDATION features. These validation features ARE precursors for You, should validation; (seeing is believing) is required, then it is ALREADY IN PLACE, because You publicised it beforehand, have NO reserves.

You are here to quickly grow, on Your way back to Source.

Love and Light

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