14 August 2018

Monarch's Way, Nr Fonthill Bishop, Wiltshire - 13 August 2018

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The words Orions Belt, crossing, time codes, counting, timeline, come to mind.

More later.

** Updated **
I was supposed to also include Stargate and Portal.

For some strange reason, the rectangular formation reminds me of an abacus, I think that's why "counting" came to mind. It also looks to me like a window, or a scaled "corridor" of some sort, where you can go through a series of "steps" or "levels".

SkyWatch: Illinois ~ 7 August 2018

This video clip can be viewed here at Clima Extremo.

Shared by the Galactic Historian Team, who says:

Can be a big cloud Spaceship ,a Dragon elemental or an other dimensional realm visible to us!Amazing !?
-GH Team

Heart Light ~ Mooji

Your Heart
is the light of this world.
Don't cover it with your mind.

Three Eclipses & the Lion's Gate Portal ~ Nora Herold & the Pleiadian Collective ~ 11 August 2018

Thank you, Brenda Williams, for sharing this.

Source: Nora Herold

Thank you, Merry Jones, for transcribing this very timely piece from our transmission on Tuesday.

Nora Herold and the Pleiadian Collective—Excerpt from the -8-7-18 Teleconference

Three Eclipses and Lion’s Gate Portal

"Now you’re gearing up for another major timeline jump and as we said during the eclipse transmission, this timeline jump is going to take you to a version of your now moment that will look and feel like the moment you thought you were going to land on a couple of years ago, (but) with some adjustments. You’re going to go to the moment that is the closest approximation of that moment (when we jumped to an unexpected timeline 2 years ago) based on everything that has occurred for you all in the last 2 years.
 Everything! The last 2 years have given you all an opportunity to collectively and individually transmute trauma at a rate that we have not seen before on your world.

One of the things this (3rd) eclipse is going to give you is an upgrade in your power system which really goes in tandem with the Lion’s Gate Portal. And solar eclipses are almost always, for you all, a reset in your power structure.

So, you had the first solar eclipse that occurred back around July 12th and that reset your power systems. And then you had the lunar eclipse (on July 27) that was this massive emotional experience for you all. And now you’ve got this next solar eclipse on August 11th (from 1:02am to 4:30am PDT). And during that period of time (when a lot of you might be sleeping) you’re going to experience these upgrades to your power system, which means that for a moment you’ll experience the illusion of being disconnected or shut off from your sense of source.

And you’ll play some of that out this week. So there may be times this week where issues around feeling powerless, or incapable, or incapacitated, or disabled, or sometimes you might just find you feel really kind of stupid (chuckles) like you can’t line up your words or whatever it is, however you play it out for yourself. You might find yourself running into that experience and creating that experience for yourself this week as a part of preparing to run the illusion of being disconnected from source energy, your own source of power, so you can then reboot in a higher way.

So, you’re playing a lot right now with power in your own lives, and then as you’re witnessing and experiencing your collective reality."

#operatefromjoy #eclipse #pleiadians #FOAL

Full Recording Here

Christ Consciousness Existence ~ Marco Lopor ~ 13 August 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

Kundalini rising and Mass awakening are two faces of the same coin, what is happening around is that every human being focused on Spiritual Growth is facing the Shadow Self and the Ego Mind, releasing all lower Energies from the aura.

Like a cup that must be empty in order to be filled again, this releasing aspect allows the Higher Self to come in and take over.

This is the activation of the Light Body.

The reason is Simply technical. When we say let go what no longer serves your Higher purpose we mean, in a Multidimensional perspective, to literally let these lower Energies that were occupying your biological system before the inner work, to be released from your Energy Field.

During this purging process you May feel fear and anxiety, but it is really something temporary because you Will notice that, when these lower Energies leave your aura, if you keep an Higher vibrational frequency, they Will never come back again and you Will be free and perpetually fully connected to Source.

No lack of Energy anymore. That is why you Need to eat less After the activation of the Light Body. That is why you Can live longer.

Your Energy System becomes efficient and autosustainable.

This is the Real Second Coming of Christ.

Natural Torsion Fields and Anti-Gravity ~ Wisdom Teachinds with David Wilcock ~ S30:Ep1

Thank you to Wes Tozer for sharing this.

Please view here.

As a new season begins, we explore the secret, hidden laws of nature that permit levitation in plants, insects and eventually, human beings. David Wilcock begins the exploration into naturally occurring torsion fields and their effects on gravity.

Energy Update 8/13 ~ Aluna Ash

Aluna Ash's energy update for the 13th is here. I find that I'm resonating very strongly with this update.  
  • The following are just very brief mentions of some of the topics Aluna brought up. Please listen to the video message for full details.
  • We will be able to access very advanced (Galactic) technology in the near future
  • New contracts with Galactic-level and beyond, this is dependant upon the individual's Star origin
  • Aluna's Galactic protection against Draconian influence, and some may be experiencing this negative interference over next few weeks, especially if you are doing public Lightwork
  • Beginning September, things will start moving forward, blockages removed
  • Purging/healing/release may complete for many by end of this week
  • Many forced into stillness during retrogrades for months
  • October ~ Oversoul/Monadic unions will occur for many
  • Physical changes for the better including in diet and energy
  • Telepathy is next stage in Human evolution
  • Starseeds are here to template this new crystalline construct and grid
  • Focus on our inner work, everything will unfold at exactly the right time
  • Accelerated progress will occur
  • Pay attention to people who come into our lives, there's no need to actively seek them out
  • "Petrified Wood" card ~ connection with Tree Spirits, Wisdom and guidance from ancestors (more from around the 34-minute mark).

Full DIsclosure Global Meditation on 18 August 2018

 "We Are Disclosure"

Another global meditation coming up ~ 11:11am MST and 11:11pm MST on 18 August 2018.

Source: Full Disclosure Project

"Dreams look real, but they're in your mind, so you realize that the physical world is also a construction, which shows that the mind can affect reality in more ways than you can imagine." - Stephen LaBerge

Join us in co-creating the optimal future for humanity. Global Mass Meditation @ 11:11 on 8.18.18. We are Disclosure. It is up to us.

The Final Battle IV 432 Hz ~ Jonathan Carty ~ 12 August 2018

Those Arachnid ships....! Clips from Battlestar Galactica ~ I think, because I've only watched half an episode but I recognise those hairstyles.... ~ and Monsters Inc.

Good job from Jonathan Carty from pulling out the Arachnid elements. They (like the Octopus or Cephalopods) are peppered all over our "culture" and depicted as evil ~ Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and even Little Miss Muffet.

Please view the video on Vimeo.

13 August 2018

Lesson in Stillness ~ Eckhart Tolle

Seek out a tree and let it teach you stillness.
Eckhart Tolle

SR Today

What We Need....

And let's not forget the recent Partial Solar Eclipse, and ALL the Planets ~ including Pluto ~ being on one side of our Sun....

Thanks for this, dear Waki 💜

PS....We should have used this for the meditation....

The Intuitive Mind ~ Marco Lopor ~ 12 August 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

The intuitive Mind is our real gift, if You learn how to follow more the Intuition than the Logic, You Will be able to connect with your Multidimensional Self and acces to the Infinite Love, Wisdom and Power that are carried in the expanded Energy Field.

Indeed every aspect of the Matrix has been designed to suppress the ability of the Human Being to follow the Intuitive Mind.

The Logical Mind has linear thought patterns, while the Intuitive Mind has Multidimensional thought patterns.

When You access to your Multidimensional Self You Can process your Emotions more simply, also more wisely and efficiently, Just because the linear thinking is limited and offers less perspectives.

In Truth we are One, if You connect to your purest part You Can absolutely have this confirmation.

Aluna Ash Updates ~ 12 August 2018

Energy pulse (the last of three Pre-Event pulses) now activating acupuncture/energy points. These three pulses carry consciousness, activations and information.

Aluna Ash also reiterated that there's been a Galactic Intervention ~ we'll be receiving more support and things will start changing, heading towards the more multidimensional nature that we truly are, with emphasis on telepathy and manifestation.

Beginning October, there'll be mass waves of physical union of Twin Flames as well as Awakening among the Collective, allowing for a merge into the Higher Vibrational Timeline.

Heart Chakra activations can cause anxiety ~ grounding and meditation help. Time to focus on our inner work because things are going to move very fast after August, and even more so in October. "Get ready".

Please listen to the Energy Update for more details.

There's also another video update on Purging and Manifestation. The Kundalini energy is pushing through upwards as it activates the chakras, and purging occurs. Also sexual energies are amplified, and creativity can be used to assist its processing.

Same Boat Now ~ Martin Luther King Jr

We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now.
Martin Luther King Jr

As shared on Wisdom From Our Elders group, thank you.

Aluna Ash Updates ~ 12 August 2018

The above screenshot is from here (this is the last of three Pre-Event waves that Aluna Ash had talked about earlier):
Energy Wave / Pulse 3 of 3

This is perhaps totally unrelated, but I feel I need to mention it ~ my glasses "disappeared" this afternoon. One moment I was holding it, and next moment it was gone. Maybe I dropped it, or misplaced it absent-mindedly. I've looked everywhere I can think of, and it's not to be found.

The other video message is Grounding Tips to help us during these even-more-heightened-than-ever energy waves.

12 August 2018

Defining Dimensions ~ Nassim Haramein

"It's never going to be flat....NEVER!!!"

The one posted on Nassim Haramein's fb page is here, but there's a more detailed explanation from Nassim on yt here.

The Energies of Recreation ~ Judy Satori ~ 11 August 2018

On this New Moon I am writing to you from Thicksey monastery in Ladakh.

This is the message I have for you now from Spirit and when I say Spirit
I mean the Source of all that is ...

“You would have felt the energy getting stronger in recent weeks and those of you who are energetically sensitive would have felt this intensifying energy even more. This energy is not cathartic. It is not designed to clear energy distortion.

It is designed to prepare you for upgraded energies of recreation that will begin to come into the planet at the Full Moon on the 26th of August.

"This energy is to do with the recreation of YOU in a more expanded way.

"You see, the energies of RECREATION that are coming to Earth from this more expanded God or Source creation energy matrix at the heart center of 22 galaxies is beginning to amplify in tonal resonance. It is a bit like when you throw a stone into a pond and the ripples spread out. The force or size of the stone, and in this case it is the energy force, creates an expanding ripple effect.”

Preliminary Key to Freedom Meditation Report ~ Cobra ~ 12 August 2018

Hmm. I read a couple of non-confirmed reports in Cyberspace after the meditation that said we breached critical mass. I was happy to see those claims, because I truly did not feel that "explosion" during the meditation. I'm very relieved to read that Cobra has confirmed some important transformations, nevertheless.

Source: The Portal

Although we have not reached the critical mass, important breakthroughs have been achieved. Full report will be posted next week.

Aluna Ash Updates ~ 11 August 2018

Quite a number of predictions and dates here, so do set your Higher Guidance at an adequate level. Having said that, I do recommend listening to the Energy Update.

I'm tempted to say....our Key to Freedom Meditation did some serious transmuting....

Tip from Aluna Ash to override and change our reality:
I release (whatever you wish to release) and I AM now (whatever you wish to create).
Eg. I release financial lack and I AM now financially abundant.

Please listen/read:
Energy Update 11 August
Arcturus Transmission

Description given (I've highlighted crucial points):
Mass waves of Twinsoul unions WILL begin October 2018. Oversoul groups will be coming together each day. Even if you are feeling intense energy right now, just know that YOU MADE IT! 

Your paradigm will begin to shift in an amazing way after August. It brought me to tears when my guidance showed me what is on the way, what is already here and manifest. We are completely merging to our souls destined reality.

Watch how things unfold through synchronicity and be amazed in the magic of it all. Stay in that energy of seeing the magic and gratitude. 

SOOO many of you are about rise up to your highest potential very fast...ive been telling you in the past to think of this time as a vacation to work on you because when these new programs are locked in, the old is removed and timelines merge instantly- this causing your life to shift so quickly in the physical.

There has been a recent Galactic intervention- new programs are locked into this system & the old information is removed- now this will take on physical form. Its almost like a collective program memory swipe. Draco reptilian control is no longer in the new system- it has been removed. 

Anyone that has ordered a reading and would like a refund due to the wait, email alunaash9@gmail.com with refund in subject title, if for whatever reason you are unable to get intouch with me you can issue a claim through paypal and I immediately get an alert to settle the claim- either way is fine with me. I dont want anyone to wait longer then they already have to, but the ones still waiting- i am still doing the readings.

**anyone interested in learning their star lineage- Cosmic Christi does starseed natal charts and she knows her stuff. Sun Soul Astrology- is another starseed teacher and guided that may be very helpful along your path of remembering your galactic self.

Anyone inquiring about a personal reading-- im not sure when im opening back up for personals, i am doing shaktipat events/retreats/conferences starting in a few months so i dont know how my schedule will be during that time. i may do a very limited amount of readings again in the future and continue with the channel of course.

11 August 2018

Leo Solar Eclipse Energies ~ Celia Fenn ~ 11 August 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo.
Activate the Lion Heart and Inner Lion.
Love, Compassion and Power.
Enter the New Earth with the Grace and Power of a Lion King or Queen.
Escorted by the Royal Lions of Sirius and Alpha Leonis.
This is the moment.

Explosive Light Remedies are Presented and Applied to All Gaia Conflicts ~ Gaia Portal ~ 11 August 2018

Source: Gaia Portal

Explosive Light remedies are presented and applied to all Gaia conflicts.
Happenings of “entertainments” are recognized for the “entrainment” intentions.
Humility is requested. No one is denied.
Planetary healing to follow.
Missions change as of this moment.

Before & (Possibly) During Meditation

Space Observing System
Spikes before the Key to Freedom Meditation, and possibly during the Meditation, based on the time in the chart.

Pre-Meditation Preparation....

As Synchronicity would have it, I just posted Lisa Transcendence Brown's update, and briefly mentioned "revoke".

In just a short while, I will be declaring out loud a Soul Contract Revocation, (probably this one from Cobra ~ short and elegant) and doing a guided meditation with Steve Nobel for clearing and disconnecting from lower vibrations (either this or this, maybe both).

Someone wished me "Happy Ascension" this morning (thank you, Lee 💜) ~ what a beautiful greeting! So....HAPPY ASCENSION to all 💖

Accelerated Death Cycles for the Human Body (3D/4D) as "Body-Aging Death" Increases: 5D (Light) Bodies are the Opposite ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 10 August 2018

Karma....not a Universal system, but an artificial control system. Release, revoke.

Source: Awakening to Remembering

I write this to assist with those preparing to transition "out of body", or those "still here", as well as having loved ones transition out. This is a "Cosmic/Quantum HOW" all now accelerates and some "why's".... for this now.

There are infinite truths.... each "believes" according to their own conditioning, programming and truth. This is different. This is not "human truth". This is Universal/Cosmic "truth". This is our MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EARTH Existences..... now.

Flow with me, as there are many pieces and parts of the "puzzle"/bigger picture, many fractals to unite, in order to provide "new" (higher dimensional) understanding for the acceleration processes we have now entered into with the integration of 9D Earth Templates, and progressing now to integrate 12D Earth on the Vibrational TimeTables we all set forth for "this now".

Physical body death occurs where the Light of each's SOUL is unable to fully integrate within the body, for the whole BEing-Body to transition over to 5D intact.

Life and death cycles are different in 3D/4D ... and 5D and what all means/how all occurs is very different too.

The human body has what we call a "Body Clock", which operates differently in each dimension occupied. These increased timelines dissolving, increase the body's "aging" process substantially too. In 3D/4D, the human & body operate at a different oscillation rate than the 5D+ body templates do.

Therefore the aging/regeneration process is very different as well. In "the old days", when the Earth operated at a lower frequency bandwidth, then aging "seemed" normal too. Yet, as the Earth awoke, as it became conscious, our bodies awoke/awaken too. Our "body-clocks" accelerate our aging process when it's time to transition out of 3D/4D fully, either with or without our bodies.

Human body death occurs for the human body that is not able to transition over to 5D. The determining factor? How awake each's SOUL is and able to integrate into the body fully, before the body shuts completely down, from being DEPRIVED of the breath of Life/Light.

The carbon-based body was able to sustain before, partly because it used "other things" to keep the body going, for fuel, for energy, that fed the body's fuel cells differently and temporarily, for that day or those hours or few days. Yet, now the body can't sustain as it did before, because those things "won't work" like they did before.

With the vibration of our Earth raising SO high now, the physical body has to raise it's vibration in order to stay alive and "come along". Those of us who have already transitioned over, have gone through this immense "death cycle" already, many times... with the amount of density/separation determining "how harsh" the journey/ride/experience is/was.

With the increased oscillation rates of our now Vibratory Earth/Atmospheres, physical body density is "more affected" than before. Accelerated Aging Processes increase for 3D/4D bodies. This will apply to organs, cellularly, skin, body systems, bones, eyes, brain, heart... all. The body will "age" and "seem to be dying", without out any "plausible" explanation for what it going on. It's kind of like an energetic "death", because it is.

This process "reverses" once the 5D body template has fully "installed" and the 3D/4D Body templates are completely re-worked. Then one enters "different" aging/death/rebirth cycles that are energetic, instead of as physical, like before.

Please read on....

Vibrate Higher

There's a sacred energy guiding you.
That's why lately you've been distancing yourself from who and what no longer serves you and/or lowers your vibration.
Instead, you've now begun attracting and manifesting who and what does serve you, elevate you, nourish you and inspire you to Vibrate Higher daily.
Thanks to Andrew Bartzis for this.

The Key....

Crop Circle Connector
Remember this Crop Circle from 23 July 2018? Gurston Ashes, Nr Fovant, Wiltshire.

Someone left a comment somewhere (probably Cobra's blog), suggesting that this Crop Circle is related to the Phoenix Keyhole message from Cobra, and the Key to Freedom Meditation. Thank you to that Someone, whose comment I'm currently unable to locate.

Laura Eisenhower Updates ~ 10 August 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Other people are more our blocks, than we are really blocked within ourselves ~ people pleasing, buying into projections, feeling conditioned by outer authority structures, is the block most of the time.... We have a choice to be a vampire or a healer, based on the things that we have experienced that have harmed us....

We can stay the victim or become the liberator for others, because of what we have been able to overcome. The impact and detriment to our physicality is based on our Ego identity thoughts and belief systems, which is secondary to our Soul progress...
But our recognition of the glitches in our Consiousness is what sets us Free (meaning we live from that Soul awareness instead of unconsciousness)... it is sometimes the last thing we catch up with in our human experience, but it is our purpose behind our reason for even living and going through all the trials and tribulations that we do!


The body is often our unconscious self, projected holographic realities that aren't always jiving with our organic connection with Source ~ it can produce physical symptoms and ailments that first impact our spiritual, emotional or mental bodies -- which then ends up in our physical as a challenge, if we were not able to process it, clear it or sort it out...

Let the physical be your guide, let the symptoms be the messengers, it can unlock your healing power, but you may not know it, so it is trying to get your attention...

So give it a voice, unconditional love and your focus ~ it is not trying to crush you or create fear, it needs you as much as you need it, to have an open dialogue and healthy relationship with self.

Aluna Ash Updates ~ 10 August 2018

Just Hours Till the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 10 August 2018

Source: New Earth Central

In just a few hours we will experience the final of three eclipses since mid-July. It has been an intense month of shifting patterns, upending emotional trauma, clearing outdated limitations and opening to new opportunities. The final eclipse consolidates all the positive changes into a new path forward.

Arriving this Saturday, August 11th is the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 18° Leo.  The partial solar eclipse starts at 1:02am PT and will be visible in the Northern Hemisphere in most of Europe, Greenland, Asia and Russia. Adding to the complexity of this powerful eclipse series is a grand total of six planets, plus Chiron, still in retrograde status.

With so many planets retrograde at this time our attention is being directed inward and exploring the past. We cannot move forward without resolving lingering karma that locks our energy in past timelines. It is time for closure! The eclipse cycle on North/South Nodes enhances healing untransmuted past trauma so we are free to grow and expand into living our true Soul’s life.

By taking the time to do internal house-cleaning you are opening the mind, heart and body to embrace deeper Soul Presence. When building more Soul Presence inside, you achieve a deeper inner sense of empowerment. Any insecurities surfacing during the eclipses will highlight past trauma needing attention. The Lions Gate and Leo Solar Eclipse enhance attributes of self-love and personal power.  Soul embodiment increases inner strength, courage and confidence in your daily life.

Saturday’s Solar Eclipse occurs on the 19th anniversary of the life-altering August 11, 1999 grand cross and total solar eclipse. That colossal event shifted humanity into a new timeline ushering in a global leap in evolutionary consciousness. Get ready for another life-changing timeline jump this August 11th, as a new cycle begins. Energy flows forward as Mercury stations direct on August 19th and Mars stations direct on August 26th.

Tie up loose ends, heal unresolved wounding and get ready for another powerful shift into higher consciousness. You are leveling-up into the next phase of your Soul’s mission. All the inner work is preparing you for a more active role in creating the New Earth.

Join Light Bearers from around the world on Saturday, August 11th for the extraordinary Leo New Moon Eclipse Global Activations. The recording is accessible within minutes upon completion of the show broadcast. 

If you are called to participate, you can register for the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse Activations here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=206209

Lovingly, Meg

Key to Freedom Meditation Final Update ~ Cobra ~ 10 August 2018

Let's take this all the way to the Galactic Centre 💜💖 FREEDOM!!

Source: The Portal

Time is approaching for our Key to Freedom Meditation and the energies are rising as more and more people has made a decision to join us and we are gaining momentum. We have a real possibility of reaching the critical mass.

Next 12 hours will be decisive for how many people join us and how much impact or meditation will have on the planetary situation. Therefore I would ask all of you to spread the news about this meditation far and wide. Youtube videos are the easiest way to make this viral and many short version promotional videos and longer guided meditation videos have been created in 31 languages:

There are many thousands of people visiting this blog daily and most have facebook profiles, averaging a few hundred friends. Therefore many thousands of people can be invited to the facebook event for our meditation:

Or join the main facebook group for our meditation:

Please read on....

Crop Circle: Mixon, Nr Etchilhampton, Wiltshire - 10 August 2018

This is mesmerising.... Makes me think of some kind of merging, transformation, or cross-over.

Please visit Crop Circle Connector for more. Also check the Ground Shots page for close-up views.

PS. I'm sure the formation is related to the Partial Solar Eclipse.....

10 August 2018

A Pleiadian Message about Saturday 11th August 2018 ~ Ananja Michell ~ 10 August 2018

Source: Pleiadian Healing Centre

A couple of days ago, I felt my Pleiadian soul family contacting me strongly again. It had the familiar feeling to it - a kind of heaviness coming over my body and a desire to stop whatever I'm doing and lie down. They first approached me earlier in the day, with a clear message, but it wasn’t until the evening when I received a full attunement. Usually I am so ‘busy’ I ask them to hold off, until it gets to the point in the day where dinner’s on the table and then I can’t hold it back any longer! So in the evening, I lay down on the sofa and drifted off in a blissful state while they gave me all the downloads and activations I need for the coming weeks.

I am writing this because I have been guided to share the message they passed on to me. Now it’s really important here that you use your full discernment in what I’m saying. I fully believe in my contact with my Pleiadian family and the messages they deliver me, however this is through telepathic contact and so I don’t want us to pin all our hopes on it. Instead, we can see it as a morale boost!

The message is as follows (translated from my memory of what they shared):
The coming meditation on Saturday 11th August will create a tremendous breakthrough. Currently, the energies and efforts of all the light forces, including the Resistance Movement, have been on this meditation and the operations that will take place at the same time. Therefore, inviting people down to join the Resistance Movement has not been a priority in the lead up to the day of the meditation.
Please read on....


Thanks, Waki 😄

Time ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 9 August 2018

Source: Galactic Historian

Long before we began experiencing timeline genocide, time was originally studied as the nature of space and reality, but we are going to have a whole new different experience of time. We will be able to be in multiple time, planets, galaxies and universes simultaneously while we’re here, because the technology that is here upon earth is spiritual technology. It allows us to project to other places, times and events and actually work with their causality and effect so that remedy and resolve ultimately becomes a universal expression. So justice and judgment are no longer going to be used in the framework of our shared reality.

“It’s a time for awakening.
Unify your souls.
Go through those soul chards.
Find what is to be here and in the now, the now of the end, the end of casualty and effect.”
- Andrew Bartzis

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 9 August 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

We are not the Matrix or 3-D humans, the programing is, the dark agendas want this for us.

We are Multi-dimensional and Divine beings, able to create and manifest away from these limitations and controls ~ We have it within us to heal, regenerate, expand, manifest our dreams and be on the Timeline that is suitable for our journey ~ The original Ascension timeline that all Artificial Timelines mimic and distort.

That is why we don't have to fight over disagreements -- just think to yourself, hey enjoy that reality you are creating and I will enjoy mine! It is hard to witness people going so astray though, so hopefully we can plant seeds and inspire others to think again.

WE are lucid dreamers of this reality in many ways, but then there are things that we all experience as a collective dilemma, and what we choose to do about it and how we perceive it, also plays a part in where we are heading and what further lessons we may need -- but the most important thing is that we carry Love in our hearts and devote to taking the higher road in how we relate to each other.

I have blocked a lot of people and I like to give people a chance, even if conversations go South. I am trying to not be reactive, but I will have to keep things clean, so that peoples energy doesn't drop when they go to the threads. If it gets out of hand, I will have to let you go.

Respectful debating is fine though. We are still in a powerful window where our creativity is highly fertile and there are many diversions and distractions that can cause us to enable something less than favorable to our progress, so we all need to unite together, so the greatest threat and heavy density infections and infiltrations can be removed.


That's what we need to do, if we haven't yet done so.... Key to Freedom Meditation?....

Thanks to Jain 108 Mathemagics for posting this image.

Sacred Heart Space ~ Marco Lopor ~ 9 August 2018

"The Key...."  Synchronicity!

Source: Marco Lopor

There is a Sacred Heart Space in Every Human Being, where everything can be forgiven and transmuted, with no fears involved.
When you face your fears, indeed, you are facing your Shadow Self, that has the Control of your Consciousness until your Higher Self steps in. Only when you face your Shadows you can forgive and release, moving forward in your soul's journey.

In order to connect to this Heart Sacred Space you have to live in Integrity, Sovereignty and Unconditional Love.

This Heart Space is a Multidimensional Door that unlocks your divine gifts if you find the right Key.

The Key, you know, is always the same and has always been the same: Be Pure like a Child.

You Will connect to the frequency of the Infinite Mind that overrules everything, that is Unconditional Love for All.

This frequency opens your Sacred Space.

If you master this space within you, then you Will become a conscious co-creator with Source of the New Paradigm for Gaia.

This is the Lion's Gate effect for me.

The Goddess Isis/Sirius Star Transmission: Clearing Ancient 3D Patriarchal Sexual Abuse/Trauma ~ Steve Nobel ~ 9 August 2018

Source: The Soul Matrix (including meditation video)

The fulfillment of a Starseed journey into the 3D Matrix is achieved through a lowering of density. This occurs over a number of lifetimes where the conscious connection to the higher dimensions is broken.

Such lifetimes involve some form of trauma and often this will include pushing through sexual boundaries/limits to the more severe trauma of rape. Within patriarchal systems/structures feminine attributes/energies are deemed to be less powerful or valuable than masculine attributes/energies. This is part of the great schism that is created in 3D between the masculine/feminine attributes/energies. Within dark 3D bloodlines sexual trauma also increases the disconnection to the higher realms of light.

Within patriarchal systems/structures it is not only women that suffer, men have also suffered sexual abuse as prisoners of war or as slaves. The descent from 5D to 3D is metaphorically described in the story of the Garden of Eden. This story depicts the collective fall from grace, where humanity was ejected from Paradise into the wilderness after eating from the Tree of Knowledge.

Now the time of separation and schisms and growth through suffering is over. It is time to clear and heal all sexual trauma and reclaim your true inheritance of 5D light and power.

In this transmission we call your team in Spirit of the Highest Light. We also call your I Am Presence and all angels around you to hold the four directions and two grids of light.

Michael opens a portal to Temple of Isis on the earth-plane and here we meet the Great Goddess Isis who takes us to a healing temple of light on the star Sirius. There Isis with angels and masters of light work to clear sexual abuse/trauma in this lifetime and in one very significant lifetime where sexual abuse/trauma began the journey into 3D separation consciousness. In this transmission the masters and angels of light work to clear and heal all trauma held within the sacral centre. Then you will be reconnected to another 5D lifetime where sexual energy was deemed to be sacred.

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Shekina Rose/Sedona AZ Close Encounters/Shamballa's Appear with a Message ~ 4 August 2018

I've only seen the first couple of minutes will only continue much later, but I'm happy to hear Shekina Rose remind us that ALL the Planets, including beloved Pluto, are on one side of our Sun at the moment.

Please watch the video here (youtube).

Here's the description from her fb page:
Shekina Rose/Sedona AZ Close Encounters Group/ Shamballa's appear with a Message Shekina shares the first time since it happened in 2016, what is really happening in the earth and in the skies, the City of Lights crystals from Atlantis manifesting that is bringing a home frequency for the New Earth.

The frequencies are the key to ascension and revelations of the Language of light mathematical equation of Creation, pure tones of the ancient solfeggio scale that were found in Shekina's vocals after she went to the Light and back in a NDE.

with some incredible light language singing with Kymberley Griffin playing the crystal singing bowls

Now is time for this information to be revealed

~Shekina Rose Angelic Blue Ray Star Seed, Language of Light Harmonic Vocalist 528 Hz LOVE, MIRACLE ancient Solfeggio frequency, Peace Emissary of the Blue Ray, Creator of the Pleiadain stargate Pendant & Devices technologies ~ Divine frequency of Home ~ Ambassador of Sedona Vortex Universal City of lights ~

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Key to Freedom Meditation Reminder

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The Phoenix Keyhole is ready, and we will be the Key to Freedom!

The time has come to liberate ourselves and for the  Phoenix to be re-birthed anew!

Time for us all to take action and be a crucial part of this mission ~ see you at the Meditation!!

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11 August 2018
💜  Time: 9:11am UTC    *Check local time here*
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