12 December 2018

Love’s Lens: An Interview with Melissa Peabody ~ Joanna Fay ~ 10 December 2018

The changes and expansion of my perceptions of the metaphysical reality around me have completely opened my mind to new possibilities of life itself.
Melissa Peabody, myfirstcontact.net

Amazing footage by Melissa Peabody, who states:
"....Galactic Federation Fleet, which right now has millions of starships stationed in our skies..."
Source: Heart Star

Dear All,
It’s a total joy to share an interview with Melissa Peabody, a lovely ‘star sister’ living in San Francisco in the USA, who has been taking wonderful video footage of lightships, orbs, energies and other multidimensional phenomena and posting them as short documentaries at her website, myfirstcontact.net. When Melissa contacted me in 2017, I felt a close affinity with many of the ships, beings and energies vibrating through her films, and deeply appreciate and enjoy her approach, her openness and courage, in what she is sharing with the world.
Melissa, welcome and thank you so much for joining us today. Would you like to share a bit about your background, and your inspiration for starting myfirstcontact.net?
Absolutely, Joanna! It is a joy for me to have the chance to describe my project to you, and its unusual roots. Thank you. First of all, I am a documentary filmmaker and journalist by trade, a storyteller by nature. Through my company, Living World Films, I mostly make films about the environment, nature, and wildlife. With myfirstcontact.net, I’m simply pointing my camera in a different direction, up at the skies, and documenting the riveting unfolding cosmic story I’m finding there. And in my view, what arrives in our skies also becomes a part of our “living world,” as seen from a greatly expanded perspective different to the norm.

I started myfirstcontact.net because I was invited to—by Ashtar, Commander of the Galactic Federation Fleet, which right now has millions of starships stationed in our skies, to assist us in any way that they can, as we attempt to restore the health of this planet.

How I found Ashtar is a bit humorous. In 2016, I began to experience the strongest urge to meditate, which I had never done, and with crystals! At the time, I knew no one who did this, but I did it anyway, and really enjoyed it. I believe it also started raising my vibrational frequency, and directly impacted my perceptions of light and energy. For instance, I started seeing long exquisite rays of light coming out of headlights and streetlamps, filtering through the leaves of trees, their long slender shafts banded with rainbow colors. I sometimes felt energy downloads into my crown chakra, into my heart chakra. So I began searching the internet in earnest for clues as to what this could possibly mean—and found Ashtar, who talked about light, energy, and raising our frequencies. I was able to have a channeled session with him through Susan Leland, of Ashtar On The Road. And the joy and relief of that call!  I asked him if he thought I might have eye damage, and he said no, that I was experiencing a “transformational transmutation”—that my third eye, or “wisdom eye,” had opened, and was translating what it perceived into my physical body and eyes.

Just 6 weeks later, I saw my first ships. In great synchronicity, I had another session with Ashtar the next day. He was very excited when I told him, because it reflected evolutionary progress on my part. But he also saw this as a wonderful new opportunity to create a service project, offering people everywhere the chance to see the lightships through my films, to hang out with them, and in his words, to “create heart connections” with them. Because they are presented without fear, just with the excitement and delight that I feel when I see them, film them, engage with them.

It is for this reason, that Ashtar encouraged me to make personal-style films of my experiences, like short journal entries, because people can connect with these more strongly, through the heart. It was also his idea that we have a SUBMISSIONS page on the website, to create a global community of “skywatchers” who explore together and support each other. (Thank you Joanna, for being an early submitter of ship photos to this page!!!). Ashtar continues to partner with me in this project to this day, giving me feedback and support. For my part, this film-journal format allows me to explore all kinds of fascinating metaphysical ideas that the ships and light beings give rise to in me.

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12:12 Portal ~ Celia Fenn ~ 12 December 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

So here we are at the 12:12 Portal.

Powerful Light Code energies are streaming through today to prepare us for the major shifts that are coming as we move towards the Solstice (21:12).

If you are experiencing Ascension symptoms such as dizziness and excess energy and exhaustion, just be aware that this is because right now our Light Bodies are all lit up like Xmas trees! We are streaming and transmitting the new Diamond Light Codes from the Galactic Center to encode the information of the New Earth into the Planetary grids. It looks absolutely marvelous and beautiful to the eyes of Spirit, but is a bit rough on the physical body that is not used to such intense flows of Divine Light.

Just remember that we are an essential part of the shifts and changes that are part of our Evolution, and take good care of yourself at this time.

Divine Blessings are descending on us on this 12:12. The Angelic number frequencies suggest that the Great Mother is pouring out manifest blessings on us as we enter into the energy of the "6"..........Sacred Union or the merger between our Higher Self/Soul and our Physical Being.

I wish you a blessed and light filled day on this 12 : 12 Portal.

12:12 Light

I AM the LIGHT ~ D R Silva

I used to be afraid of the dark
Until I learnt that
And the dark is afraid of me
D R Silva

Students of Light ~ don Oscar Miro-Quesada

We are all students of Light.
And to make that Light a worthy form and value,
it must be exprssed and born from a place of Love.
don Ocar Miro-Quesada

We are all students of the light...
Quote via don Oscar Miro-Quesada, The Heart of The Healer

Learn more about don Oscar's upcoming course on Universal Shamanism 👉 http://bit.ly/2AVviAF

11 December 2018

12:12 Portal ~ Celia Fenn ~ 11 December 2018

Beginning to feel really disconnected, like trying to stay awake or conversely, trying to awaken from a dream.

Source: Celia Fenn

My body is feeling very "electric" at the moment, which is usually a sign of intense activity on the plasma wave level. 

I must say it is not a comfortable feeling at all, but we are building energy towards the Solstice on the 21st and our emergence into 2019 and the year of the Sun. 

It really is time for the Sun to start playing with us in this creative process as 2019 also is the year in which the Divine Masculine steps into its New Earth role. <

Core Shift in Gaia and Organic Timeline Restoration ~ Sandra Walter ~ 10 December 2018

Ascension reignites the freedom to express and create as a UNIQUE fractal of Source-as-Self.
It is not our destiny to imitate, but to design.

This is the follow-up to Sandra Walter's update of the 6th (here). It is a beautiful and much-appreciated message, offering guidance as we weave our New Reality moment by moment. As an aside, I am glad Sandra mentioned "Wayshowing", because of my dream (here).
Gaia is about to give us a major boost from her crystalline core. You may have seen/felt the unlocking of the Living Library during the SUNday Unity Meditations, as the 12-12 Gateways opened. In order to realign the past intent with the inevitable future outcome of Ascension, Gaia will make a shift in her magnetic flow with a cosmic alignment between 12-12 and 12-27.
Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
Our sacred transformational passage is upon us, when deep collective and personal shifts may occur. The embodiment phase is bolstered by the cosmic flows, and this year’s deep cleansing provides the Divine revelation of the True Self for many. This download is long; it summarizes timeline shifts, migrating realities, and a hearts-up for the birthing of a new energy.

We are preparing to migrate all realities to the organic Ascension timelines. It has been a slow migration, building the crystalline pathways which bridge the gap between distorted inorganic timelines and the Christed timelines of organic intent. The frequencies which trigger an accelerated migration occur between the 12-12 and 12-27. It unlocks magnetics within Gaia’s core, which shifts all energy flows to the crystalline grid system, causing expansion.

The shifts created by this energy release may accelerate earth-changes, which also accelerates unity. Let us recognize that deconstruction of the old includes physical changes in these realms. That should not be a surprise, nor an opportunity for sensationalism. The inorganic realities must collapse, just as the time structures must collapse, in order to reveal the new. It is an honor and a blessing to be here to experience both – simultaneously. Starseeds, guide those who forget their hyperdimensional existence.

As I mentioned in the last Gatekeeper’s journal, I have been seeing many departing souls, similar to the visions before 2016 began. Let us focus on the Now service of migrating realities with as much ease and grace as possible.
The energies of 2018 were intended to mature our hearts, reveal the organic Ascension experience and amplify emotional intelligence in the Ascending collective. The Unity in Unity Consciousness will be emphasized, by whatever means needed by the collective consciousness, in 2019. Wayshowing becomes a pure expression of love, compassion, integrity and embodiment as we go through this transformational passage.
Please read on....

Radiate Our Soul's Light ~ Steve Nobel ~ 10 December 2018

Starseed, you are here to radiate your Soul's Light

Nice segue....

Starseed, Lightworker, Lightwarrior, Earth Angel, Wayshower....doesn't matter what how we choose to identify ourselves (or not!).

Source: Steve Nobel

Return to the Light ~ Lee Harris ~ 10 December 2018

It is time to allow a return to the LIGHT
Source: Lee Harris

Long gone are the days where you will be held hostage to the comfort levels of others as to how much light you can emit in your daily life.

You are in the early stages of an energetic revolution and it is early for it is one that people are slowly waking up into and it hasn't yet reached a critical mass point. But that point is getting closer and closer all of the time.

At the heart of this transformation are the light bringers, and it is time for light bringers to return to the light.

Big Love Lee x

From my MP3 Lightbringers: the light will find you always - exclusive to my new online course Rebirth 2019

Social Memory Complex ~ Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi

The term "social memory complex" can refer to a group of Souls with similar gestalt of consciousness who have a common connection within other parallel dimensions of "main" dimensions of consciousness (what may be referred to as the "past" or "future") that has left similar impressions upon the Souls as "memories".

Source: Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi

Sadhguru Describes Shiva as the Alien Being ~ Liberating Wisdom ~24 March 2018

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev explains why Shiva is not from Earth in this enlightening 20-minute video, which I saw in a headline from Collective Evolution.

Please listen here.

Ancient Hindu vedas clearly describe their gods and their vimanas, leaving no doubt in any sensible mind that they were referring to Extraterrestrials. Even images depict these Beings as having blue skin, which of course is happily (and absurdly) explained away by "scholars".

Perhaps that is why this religion has been so heavily perverted with sacrificial rituals and beliefs, to take away the truths that have been recorded in these texts.

Buddha Body Corner ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Don't worry if you feel you can only do one tine good thing in one small corner of the Cosmos.
Just be a Buddha body in that one place.
Thich Nhat Hanh

Thanks to Collective Evolution for sharing this.

I find this quote incredibly reassuring.

All Quiet on the Schumann Front....For Now

Energy Update ~ Aluna Ash ~ 8 December 2018

Source: Aluna Ash ~ Patreon

We have an energy wave moving through that is a little different. We also have a New Moon. This wave is going to triggered activations in a positive way for many soul groups of the collective.

More people will be feeling empathy & compassion and experiencing synchronicities. Pay attention to whatever ideas, thoughts, insights, signs, etc.. you get right now- its guidance. Especially about your future & manifestations.. if you listen to the guidance you will be happy you did months from now when the thought takes physical form.

I'm unable to make a video energy update today for the channel at the moment. I keep being shown water & references to water and it seems very important. Something is happening behind the scenes w the vatican as well...

Message about the vatican was: "everything is in place. It is just a matter of another shift in the collective awareness to bring it into visible light frequency. Which is coming"

The Pope may be exiting is some way, not sure if its symbolic or literal.

Stability in energy is coming its just alot is changing and coming up due to the next eclipse getting closer, in Jan 2019.

We are purging the emotional body & the 3 lower chakras.

Energy Update ~ Aluna Ash ~ 10 December 2018

Aluna Ash sees a huge Collective shift in Consciousness taking place in the energy wave around the January 2019 Partial Solar Eclipse on the 5th/6th ~ this wave will be a lot more powerful and coming in faster, supercharged by the eclipse.

There will be Planetary physical changes as well, related to releasing in order to facilitate energy flow.

Please listen to the full update here.

There is Only Energy ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 10 December 2018

You are the Universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while.
Eckhart Tolle

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Is the world we see really here?

Physics has proven that the physical world is one big ocean of energy that materializes and dematerializes in a split second, over and over again. Nothing is solid. This is quantum physics. https://www.one-mind-one-energy.com/energy.html.... But the ancient ones always knew this.

The Star Elders share over and over that there is only energy and nothing is solid. The walls that stop us are no more resistant to us passing through them than the air that we breathe. Universal energy can not be used up or can it run out. It can only re-purposed, redirected or recycled.

And here is the really fun bit .... the Star elders share, if all of humanity meditated together and entered the void at the same time, the material world would just simply disappear.

No wonder then why we feel soul tired much of the time. We are created in God’s image, and we are creating an entire new world with each heart beat! So pollution could simply be re-purposed into clean air and water. Hate and anger could be recycled into love and acceptance. The idea of lack and limitation could be flipped around so no one would be hungry, thirsty or cold ... and right now. So when we work to clean our energy, our thoughts, our deeds and our core motivations for creating anything ... we are cleaning up humanity and the world. Simple!

Let that sink in awhile. 💕🙏🏼💕
With love.
Aluna Joy

We capture energy of the worlds sacred sites on auspicious & powerful days in our Sacred Site Essences. They are homeopathic inoculations of higher frequencies. We have recommend a few that are helping with current energies here. See if any call to you. https://www.facebook.com/223934614292972/posts/2254763144543432/
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10 December 2018

Galactic Portal 12 December 2018 ~ Aluna Ash ~ 9 December 2018

Aluna Ash's message is here (screenshots above and below). This, below, from Aluna, is significant.
I choose not to have empathy for the darkness... but empathy for the souls the darkness has attached itself to.

Additional information provided by Aluna via the video description section:
Dissolving karmic imprints is very important. Projections become karmic energies.

"Anything sent out, comes back to sender"

We can eliminate karmic patterns through triggers by seeing the triggered reaction as a program of the 3D matrix thought construct. By knowing that at our core essence we are uncondtional love and one, it releases the duality within then the duality externally will not affect our peace of mind... becoming trigger-less.

We wouldn't be able to experience peace without going through instability. Or happiness without experiencing sadness, love without experiencing hate.

Now with the 5D Upliftment, we are experiencing a remembering of who we truly are.

Not everyone in our experience will be able to see things in this way, but the more we stay living in our heart in a place of unity, compassion and empathy, it won't matter.

Everyone is going through their own soul lessons & growth. I choose not to have empathy for the darkness... but empathy for the souls the darkness has attached itself to. But in order to starve them out- we must stay in unity, love, compassion fully. You can starve the darkness in your haters this way too- by being love, being happy, content and fully followimg your path.... while they watch 😁

 **If you're dealing with alot of projections, attacks, hate, etc... the darkness ALWAYS scrambles during big shifts, and this ones a big one. Not the person as dark but the darkness attached to them or working through them.

Those fully in their heart in 5D embodiment dont attack others- they wouldnt be able to.

Darkness will be coming to the surface in everyone to be purged at some point- so really its a positive thing. Its just the 3D programs, archons, entities, etc.. they are being starved out with this shift so they will be working extra hard to create triggers so you stay in a lower frequencies so they can survive.

This is due to the upcoming changes with the collective and individuals following their heart.

This is prep and merging for March/April 2019.

California Wildfires: David Wilcock & Edge of Wonder ~ Part 1 of 3 ~ 7 December 2018

Teasers, dramatic headlines/titles, clickbaits. I really detest them. OK got that out of my system :)

In this interview with Edge of Wonder, David Wilcock reveals that Paradise was home to Centaurians, who were allowed to live there under a secret treaty. This was largely based on what Henry Deacon had shared with David several years ago. David speculates that there are about 500 to few thousand Centaurians living there.

He also believes that the Centaurians were ready to reveal themselves to the public as part of Disclosure, and that the dark eliminated them to prevent this from taking place.

He also echoes what Cobra has reported in his 30 November Short Situation Report ~ the fires were a satanic sacrificial ritual. From The Portal:
Their occult purpose behind this mass murder was to create a fire sacrifice to create a negative anomaly vortex to attract more of the cosmic primary anomaly to planet Earth to prolong their control of the planet.
Here for the interview. Please be guided by your own inner compass.

09 December 2018

Decree to Remove Contracts with the Dark ~ Cobra

Shared by Hoshino, thank you! This was the decree that Cobra used in his conference.

In the name of my I AM Presence
In the name of my Soul
In the name of Source
In the name of all Beings of Light

I cancel and nullify
all my primary contracts
with the Forces of Darkness!

All my primary contracts with the Forces of Darkness
are now cancelled, nullified and voided.

All the consequences of these contracts,
past, present and future,
are now nullified & voided.

So be it, and so it is.



Merging of Selves and Soul Contract Renegotiation ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 8 December 2018

"What it came down to it was what I wanted is to be able to assist people in transforming their lives, their world, and the earth while being authentic, having integrity, living my purest joy and being connected to the highest aspect of Source. No more sacrifice nor obligation. No more dogma or belief systems that keep us looping and always searching. It was incredibly freeing."  Jenny Schiltz
This is also in Jenny's message:
"...my higher-self grabbed my hand and told me that I simply needed to speak from the heart."
Heart 💛

Source: Jenny Schiltz

I am in awe of the speed at which things have picked up. We have reached a tipping point where the ascension of the planet cannot be stopped and if we choose, we move right along with her.
I’m going to do my best to make sense of all that has been happening through my personal experiences and by what I am seeing “out there”.

This is most certainly the time of disclosure, the time of unveiling. We can look at it from an outward expression by what is taking place in the world, but more importantly, we can look at what is being exposed in our own lives. We had a very long year of many planets in retrograde, pulling back their energy to show us what is needed to be seen underneath.

While it has left many of us feeling raw and vulnerable, it has shown us what is no longer working in our lives… what must change. None of this is comfortable in the form and often what lies underneath is a deep, deep grief and anger.

The anger is being expressed in so many ways from random violence to people just seem to lose it on one another. Anger is an emotion that is easier to emote and to find a reason why it is there. Grief is not so easy. I have spent a few days in the past few weeks just simply crying. I am comfortable with expressing my emotions, but not when I don’t have the words for why I feel the way that I do. I could not explain why I had this black pit of sorrow in my body, especially held in my lungs. I went into meditation to get answers and pulled oracle cards to only be given the same information: simply let it go, don’t attach to it, just let it out and through. 

Though I had allowed myself the space to release the grief, it was still held in my body. It was like this block in my lungs. I had planned to work out the next day, to see if movement would get it to finally release from my body. Spirit had other ideas. I fell down the stairs, slamming my middle back on the steps, knocking the wind out of me and effectively dislodging that block. It was so scary but miraculously I didn’t get physically hurt, only my pride as my husband stood over me as I sounded like I was dying while trying to catch my breath.

A subsequent visit with the chiropractor proved to me how effective the fall was. My upper spine and neck adjusted with such ease that even the doctor was shocked. The mountain of grief had gotten out of the way.

What I came to realize is that sometimes knowing the WHY behind something only attaches us to it further. I don’t need to understand what this grief stands for, particularly when it can be the pain held from a thousand lifetimes. It is better to simply let it go. After I was able to release the giant block of sadness I was told that it was not all from this lifetime, but from many and it part of the integration process we are on as we becoming one within ourselves.

Every person who has chosen to continue on this journey is going through this to some degree. We are merging with our shadow, all our aspects, our past lives, and galactic lives. This is not anything new as it is simply a process, but it does feel to have been sped up.  As we merge with these parts we can feel the deep emotions that were experienced in those lives. It is often the lungs that take the hit as just as the trees are the filters for carbon dioxide in the world, our lungs are the filters for our body and its unique expression.

The integration of all of these aspects even the ones deemed positive bring about many physical and emotional responses. If we merge with an aspect of ourselves that has a lower vibration, we must transmute the lower and raise it to our highest held vibration.

The same goes for physical ailments. It can leave you feeling like you are on a yo-yo, mentally, physically and emotionally.

While it can feel like being in a torture chamber it is vital to the process to bring all that we are into alignment and heal any of the distortion, pain, and grief that is held.

Understand that there is always a balance, a yin and yang. You are also merging with the aspects of you that hold incredible gifts and soul empowerment.

Another reason it has sped up is that we now are able to renegotiate our soul contract.

Please read on....

A Good Scientist ~ Nassim Haramein

HeartMath Institute
Oooh, there it is again! Heart 💝  Honestly, I don't go looking for these posts, they were in my feed today. Screenshot below....

Source: Nassim Haramein

To be a good scientist, you have to use your Heart because that's where the information comes first.   Nassim Haramein

Tune Into Your Heart ~ Steve Nobel ~ 8 December 2018

Tune into your Heart.
Then take the next step.
Steve Nobel

Heart....yet again....

12:12 Stargate Infusion ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 8 December 2018

Image as is
It's the Heart thing again....

Source: New Earth Central

We are still integrating the recent 11:11 Gateway Ascension upgrades into our personal lives and into the planetary collective. As the global Matrix control program unlocks, more and more layers of oppressive patterns and trauma release from your energy field. It is a gradual unveiling of your authentic divine self. It is centuries of enslavement code releasing from your bio-energetics. As the waves of control consciousness dissolve and erase, your body, heart and mind are liberated to explore the vastness of the universe.

This is the Awakening so many have been waiting for, the true unveiling of all mind control and emotional manipulation. This is the moment of freedom for humanity and Gaia that the prophets predicted. It is such a shift in consciousness so grand, so monumental, so immersive it will reshape our world for years to come.

Not only did the 11:11 activations peel away more layers of entrapment, but it also ignited more of the merkabic light body. The heart center is morphing into a cosmic stargate of alchemical co-creation. The Soul Star is shimmering in the inner mind/3rd Eye.
The physical body is untethered from time and accessing multiple timeline opportunities.

The Soul Family is preparing all of the Light Bearers, Earth Keepers and Wayshowers for the coming bifurcation of the earth plane in 2020-21. We are the stabilizers, the balancers, and the keepers of the ley lines/sacred sites. It is our role to smooth the way as Gaia shifts into higher dimensional frequency planes. We are the midwives of the New Earth.

In just a few days the 12:12 – 12:21 Gateway will open to the Great Central Sun at the Galactic Core, which is located at 26-27 degrees Sagittarius. 12:12 is the sacred day of attunement with all 12 dimensions of our Universe….and ignites the sacred geometry of Union! 12:12 is a universal ascension code that signifies attainment of 12th dimensional divinity. On this day the cosmic portal opens throughout the galaxy for access to higher dimensional realms of consciousness and the activation of all 12 strands of DNA.

When you step into this magical Gateway, you are blessed with the bounty of the divine Christed Consciousness. As you breathe in the Light codes of 12:12, more dormant crystalline DNA will ignite and activate within the merkabic light body. The 12:12 – 12:21 Gateway is aligned with pure creative force at the Galactic Center – it is source manifestation. This is a power moment of infinite possibilities.

By spinning zero-point balance in the Quantum Vortex, all negative and positive forces interact, blend, unite and amplify to eliminate Polarity and create Light Presence in the mind/brain. When LIGHT is alive and activated in the holographic mind, our visualizations are projected into the quantum field, carrying the light with them. Photon light is the carrier of consciousness, the intelligent information that particulates into physical matter.

Human DNA uses photon light as a feedback system of communication through energy waves which encode and transfer information. During 12:12 through 12:21 Stargate infusion, the zero point field at the Galactic Center enables molecules to speak to each other non-locally and virtually instantaneously, in oscillating frequencies through entanglement. Don’t miss this extraordinary moment to crystalize your Soul’s Life Plan.

On Wednesday, December 12th the sacred day of 12:12 provides a rare opportunity to receive a continual stream of Crystalline Photon Light into your energy field…transferring divine intelligence into your brain, into the micro-crystals in the pineal, into your blood and genetic code, and into your heart!

Working with Archangel Metatron and Michael, we will travel to the Great Central Sun to accelerate and activate the crystallization of our human self, so that we can become Divine Humans. We will join together on Wednesday, December 12th at 12pm PT in a global activation broadcast and ignite the sacred geometry of Metatron, as we advance into becoming Light. Join other Earth Keepers and Star Beings from all around the world, as we form a ‘group mind’ and receive the divine 12 strand DNA activations.

The show is recorded for replay.  If you would like to participate, register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=207269

Lovingly, Meg

Copyright (c) 2018 Meg Benedicte
 * All Rights Reserved * 
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08 December 2018

It's All About Heart 💖

Buddha Doodles
Deep within each of us is a magical jewel that cannot be scratched, no matter the difficulties.
It is the source of Healing, Joy and Wisdom.

Be warned....this is just me, rambling. There is no real point to this post :)

Recent research that I've come across has revealed a couple of interesting things to me about our Heart, which I'll summarise below:
  • The Heart cannot get cancer
  • Energy meridians, especially the Spleen, can sometimes draw energy from other meridians, but never from the Heart meridian.
At the same time as I was accessing the information, Aluna Ash came out with her message about Humanity ascending into a Heart Chakra Race. (I've not heard it being called that before ~ others have called it the Sixth Root Race, Homo Luminous, Homo Spiritus, Lumen Beings, Trivian/Astral Race.)

Just before all of this, I had that "green door" dream, where I didn't equate that with the Heart until later on.

And we've been told repeatedly that we need to activate our Heart Chakra and be (High) Heart-Centred in order to go through our Ascension process as smoothly (!) as possible.

Successful meditation is from the Heart, not the head.

We connect with our Divinity through our Heart.

The Heart is the only organ "saved" by the Egyptians before mummification. The rest are removed.

The Heart is the first organ to form in a foetus.

The Heart is said to be the Seat of the Soul.

"At 11.11 on 21st December (2012) Source energy touched the hearts of every being on this planet, in this universe and beings in every single universe. It marked the start of the ascension of the entire cosmos to a dimension higher...."  Diana Cooper

Tim Whild has mentioned that the Collective Heart Chakra was activated in 2017. 

And let's not forget all the things that HeartMath Insititute have taught us about the Heart being way more powerful than the mind.

Unlike the brain ~ which can be easily compromised, implanted, programmed and manipulated ~ the Heart is the unhackable force within us. It can only be hijacked if we consent, either consciously or otherwise, especially if we are living mostly from the ego.

What about a broken Heart? Isn't that a weakness of the Heart? Well, I actually believe that it isn't the Heart that's "broken", but more of the mind that allows itself to sink into that state known as a "broken heart". Once the mind gets over it, we are able to move on, Heart intact. Like everything else negative that is attributed to the Heart ~ eg. being hard-hearted, heartless, incapable of Love ~ it really stems from the mind and being disconnected with the Heart.

The Heart is so powerful and such an integral part of our Ascension that the dark have deemed it necessary to steer us away from functioning from our Heart Centre, conditioning us instead to only focus on the brain and logic.

Namaste and Blessings!

Spiritual Acceleration ~ Diana Cooper ~ 8 December 2018

I'm not too sure about the Harry and Meghan part though....

Source: Diana Cooper

⚡️How the rise in spiritual frequencies is accelerating⚡️

10,000 years ago Atlantis fell and the planet was in great darkness for 8000 years.

The Intergalactic Council was getting concerned and concocted a plan to try to return the Christ light to Earth.

2000 years ago the plan to bring back the Christ light came to fruition. Incredible preparations were made for the birth and life of the great master Jesus, the great Illumined One chosen to embody the Christ light on Earth. His mother Mary was Ma-Ra in the golden age of Mu, and Isis in Atlantis as well as Egypt, where she gave virgin birth to Horus. His father Joseph was St. Germain, now the Lord of Civilization. The Wise Man, Casper was Dwjhal Kuhl. Balthazar was Lord Kuthumi, now the World Teacher. Melchior was El Morya. These and other high frequency beings schooled and trained him throughout his childhood and travels. There was huge resistance on Earth to the Christ light but the flame held. It pours in each year at the winter solstice, peaking at the sacred time from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day.

1300 to 1600 The Renaissance. The Intergalactic Council decided to try once more to bring the Christ light back to Earth through art. Mighty beings like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci incarnated to illuminate the world through colour and creativity. All the painters during this era, like Van Gogh, were bringing the Christ light through their creations and it slowly lifted the vibration on the planet. Then there was a long period of decline.

1987 An extraordinary astrological alignment occurred called the Harmonic Convergence. This date was noted in the Mayan calendar as the start of the 25 year purification period before the Cosmic Moment in 2012. On that day people all over the world prayed for assistance for the planet. As a result St. Germain petitioned Source for the Violet Flame to be returned for the use of humanity. This had been withdrawn at the Fall of Atlantis. The Mahatma energy was also returned and many dragons started to come back to assist us. The Stargate of Lyra opened a crack and 7D unicorns started to slip in. They looked for people who had lights on over their heads to show that they were ready for service.

2012. The Cosmic Moment. At 11.11 on 21st December Source energy touched the hearts of every being on this planet, in this universe and beings in every single universe. It marked the start of the ascension of the entire cosmos to a dimension higher. On that day cosmic portals carrying the Christ Light started to open. The cosmic dragon portals of Lemuria, Andorra and Honolulu opened and a vast amount dragon light return to the planet.
2015 The Stargate of Lyra opened fully and 9D unicorns started to come to Earth. Archangel Christiel stepped through the Stargate into this universe to help us. He is currently working with everyone on Earth to expand their causal chakras. This is your peace chamber, your own personal moon above your head, and is where you access the angelic realms. Massive progress is being made.

The Great Crystal of Atlantis which fell into the centre of the Bermuda Triangle rose again etherically. It came into alignment with Helios, the Great Central Sun and is pouring light over the planet, dramatically accelerating the ascension of the planet.

Supermoons started to pour divine feminine energy onto us to bring the masculine and feminine energies into balance on Earth.

2017 started the 8 year period (from 2017 to 2025) when stuff on Earth and for individuals comes to surface to be examined and new higher decisions taken. After 2025 until the start of the new Golden Age in 2032 things will settle.

2018. 7 planets came in retrograde to force us to slow down and consider everything carefully. It offered a massive opportunity for spiritual growth and the lunar eclipse in July started a quantum leap forward. There is the probability now of huge changes, technological advances and revelation of secrets that will expand the consciousness of humanity.
Archangel Metatron confirmed that a huge number of people watching the re-patterning Zoom moved into 6D, even if it was only for a moment, as they participated. Furthermore, their light ignited others without them realising it. When you enter the 6th dimension you allow tenth dimensional unicorns to touch you.

Harry and Megan’s wedding raised a vast light for over 2 billion people watched it and rejoiced.

Huge numbers of new portals opened.

Just look how quickly things are progressing. Everything starts in the spiritual and works down into the mental, then emotional and finally the physical. Incredible spiritual progress is now being made. This is now filtering into the physical. I can’t wait for the new future!!!

Stereotypes of Harmonics are Cleared ~ Gaia Portal ~ 8 December 2018

If the "calcified" refer to the Pineal Gland, then we can look forward to mass awakenings.

Source: Gaia Portal

Stereotypes of harmonics are cleared.
Clarities are accepted by all hu-manity.
Calcifieds are deconstructed and realigned.
Fears are confronted and held by the Light BEings.
Release comes with Opened Eyes.

Gigantic 'object' spotted towering over Earth from ISS – before NASA live feed is CUT ~ Daily Star

Nasa cutting off their live feeds whenever "objects" come into obvious view is their regular practice, so I can only assume that this one is new and not re-hashed.

The article ~ with video ~ appeared at the Daily Star.
A BIZARRE blue object has been spotted hovering over Earth on a NASA live feed from the International Space Station – before the footage was mysteriously cut.

Timeline/Energetic Thing: Quick Follow-Up

Jeanne Rhea
A BIG THANK YOU to all who wrote in when I asked for responses (here) 💜  Thank you for taking the time and effort to do this.

All of the responses agreed that there was certainly "something" that occurred around that time, something energy-wise and most likely timeline-related.

I wish to make a clarification before I proceed. The confirmation that there was an energy or timeline thing that occurred isn't in itself that big of a deal. We are getting massive waves of energies coming in all the time, and they are coming in in faster cycles than ever before. So generally speaking, I can just come out and say at any time, "There's been an energy/timeline thing!" and I would be mostly correct.

However, that energy/timeline thing that we felt around the 3rd December was very unusual. Yes, unusual is the new normal now, I am aware ~ but that occurrence was more unusual than the new normal, and this has also been confirmed in the responses I received.

Here's my experience:
I first felt a sort of inner shift. This has happened before several times previously, so I didn't really pay too much attention to it. It felt like I was going through an inner transition of some sort, and since this has been on-going for a long time, I just acknowledged it, breathed it in, and moved on.

But then, it didn't stop there. It continued "waving" inside, and then I felt a energy ripples externally. I could almost see it with my eyes ~ it was like reality shifted in stages, a ripple that went through the fabric of the lower realm, transitioning it in stages. That's the best way I can explain it.

I had never experienced that before, so I will admit that I had a mini-panic. The first thing I did when I was able to function was to write that post, asking for responses. It's something that I don't normally do, yet I didn't think twice about requesting feedback.

We don't really know for sure what actually happened, but the general consensus was that it was a pretty strange occurrence. What we know with all certainty is that something most definitely happened.

Welcome to Life-In-Transition! Namaste and Blessings, and here's to loads more strange and wonderful stuff :)

Brazil Ascension Conference Report and Situation Update ~ Cobra ~ 7 December 2018

"...this occurrence is an indication that after the departure of George Bush Sr. the dark forces feel weakened and those offers are first signs of their coming surrender."

"Also, the day after the conference, a huge metallic Maman spider sculpture was removed from a park in Sao Paulo...."
Source: The Portal

The weekend of our Ascension conference in Sao Paulo was full of monumental changes for the planet.

It is not a coincidence that just a few hours before the start of the conference, the leader of the unholy four, George Bush Sr. has been put to death:

A mass meditation was immediately issued to ensure his capture by the Light forces to prevent his reincarnation into a new cloned body:

The meditation and the operation of the Light Forces were successful, he was captured by the Light and escorted into the Galactic Central Sun, where he is going through a disintegration process right now.

The energy at the conference itself was amazing, around 400 people created a huge resonance field of Light.

On the second day of the conference, a huge breakthrough happened. We managed to anchor the Goddess energy as never before:

Please read on....

07 December 2018

URGENT! Peace Meditations for Paris at 11:11 & 16:16 UTC on Saturday, December 8th

A call for an urgent meditation for France, as requested by Light Forces via Cobra.

11:11 & 16:16 UTC  Saturday 8 December 2018

Time #1
Time #2
Time zone
Sat Dec 8
Sat Dec 8

01:11 am
06:16 am
03:11 am
08:16 am
Los Angeles
04:11 am
09:16 am
05:11 am
10:16 am
06:11 am
11:16 am
New York
09:11 am
02:16 pm
Rio de Janeiro
11:11 am
04:16 pm
11:11 am
04:16 pm
12:11 pm
05:16 pm
01:11 pm
06:16 pm
02:11 pm
07:16 pm
06:11 pm
11:16 pm

Sun Dec 9

07:11 pm
12:16 am
08:11 pm
01:16 am
10:11 pm
03:16 am
Sun Dec 9

12:11 am
05:16 am

The Buddhic Column meditation will be used.

Audio playlist here.

Full details at We Love Mass Meditations.