17 January 2018

More Than Who We Think We Are.... A Scientific Twist?

Biology tells you you're 70% water.
Chemistry tells you you're 60% oxygen.
Physics tells you you're 99.999% space.

Source: Nicola Tesla

We Are All One - A Native American Narrative

This video was shared by New Earth Project.

Please watch this 10-minute short film here.

From what I can gather, the narrative is based on quotes from Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Oren Lyons, and Russell Means.

Description given:
This incredible short film shares an Indigenous Native American Prophecy that links all of life and the future of our planet.

Soul-Body Vibration ~ Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi ~ 3 February 2015

Source: Quantum Micro Mechanics

The phenomenon of “vibration” as it pertains to “life,” “light,” “Consciousness,” “multidimensionality,” and ”time-space continuum,” has been discussed from a fundamental seat of understanding with clear reference to vibration mechanics of matter, clarifying such commonly used terms in modern spiritual science such as “frequency,” ”resonance,” ”harmonic convergence,” etc. It is hoped that via publication of this article those without a modicum exposure to mechanics and theory of vibration of matter would gain a more comfortable stance in understanding the basic vernacular of cosmos and spirituality. 

Introduction: Fundamentals of ‘Vibration’
  • Every “thing” in the multi universe, be it inanimate or “alive,” has a unique identifying characteristic signature known as ‘Natural Frequency.’ 
 Everything is Vibration-Energy
  • The natural frequency is inversely proportional to the square root of the weight [mass or density] of the object.
  • The denser the matter, the higher is mass, the more weight in a gravitational field.
  • The higher the mass, the lower is the natural frequency.
  • Natural Frequency and Light Quotient provide a measure for consciousness.Natural Frequency - light quotient - consciousnes
  • Generally, the denser the matter, the less is its light quotient.
  • The lower is the natural frequency or light quotient, the lower is consciousness.
  • The denser the matter the less is fluidity, the less is multidimensionality.
  • The term “frequency” is taken from the phenomenon of oscillation or vibration about a mean position and denotes the number of peak “amplitude” [largest oscillation or vacillation from the mean position] that an object traverses within a given repeatable interval known as the “period” of oscillation.frequency
  • The simplest form of periodic oscillation is that of the harmonic oscillation described by a sinusoidal waveform.

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19.47 Degrees and Sacred Geometry ~ Nassim Haramein ~ 15 January 2018

Although I haven't yet viewed the recent Wisdom Teachings episodes on Jupiter, I'm quite sure David Wilcock will cover the Great Red Spot, the 19.47° and its associated Sacred Geometry.

Source: Nassim Haramein

The "great red spot" on Planet Jupiter has been a raging storm ever since humans have been able to observe it over 350 years ago... It appears right at 19.47 degrees latitude along with other power spots on spheres across the solar system like the increased sun spot activity on the sun, the largest mountain on Planet Earth (Big Island of Hawaii) and the city of Teotihuacán in Mexico.

19.47 degrees is the exact latitude that a Tetrahedron intersects a sphere when its exactly the right size to fit perfectly within it. By doing so, you bisect the sphere exactly in a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio. The relationship of spheres to tetrahedrons is central to both ancient civilizations architecture and to Nassim Haramein's theorized structure of the geometry of the fabric of the vacuum of space...

HyperDimensional Transformation of Jupiter's Moons ~ Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ S28:Ep8

Many thanks to Donald Milliard for gifting this.

Please view here:

Description given:
Continuing our exploration of Jupiter’s transformation, David Wilcock presents evidence, from NASA, of massive changes happening to three of its largest moons, Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede. The transformations we are seeing may give us insight to the cause of the Atlantean catastrophe, thousands of years ago on Earth.

Operation Mjolnir ~ Cobra ~ 16 January 2018

Cobra releases information that has never been mentioned before on his blog ~ Illuminati Breakaway Complex and native reptilians (and he refers to the article I just posted minute ago!!).

Source: The Portal

Operation Mjolnir is a special operation of the Light Forces to enforce implementation of the Galactic Codex within quarantine Earth.

Mjolnir, also called Hammer of Thor (compare Norse: Thor, Roman: Iuppiter, Greek: Zeus, Egyptian: Wsir, late Atlantean: Astar) , is a special undisclosed technology of the Galactic Confederation that will make sure Galactic Codex is respected again in quarantine Earth sector:

One aspect of Mjolnir technology is detection of any dark being simply by measuring the amount of quantum anomaly that being emanates with negative thoughts, emotions and actions. Another aspect of Mjolnir technology is a foolproof containment and processing technology that can remove any dark being from its domain and process it according to the Galactic Codex. That processing usually takes place in Ganymede sort facility.

Operation Mjolnir is in full effect since November 2017.

In sublunar space, the Light Forces that belong to Galactic Confederation are approaching all members of various dark factions in a no-nonsense manner, giving them an option to accept the Light or else be taken to the Galactic Center for restructuring:

The main faction making problems recently is the so-called Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC). IBC is a Chimera-controlled negative faction that broke away from the surface Illuminati network and went underground during the Archon invasion in 1996. They have created their own network of underground cities, connected with high speed trains. Their underground network is independent from US military underground network (constructed since 1950s and cleared by the Resistance after 2000), independent from the Chimera underground network (constructed 26,000 years ago and now almost completely cleared by the Resistance) and independent from Agartha underground network (created 26,000 years ago and expanded in the last few decades when the Resistance joined that network):


Solaris Modalis Commentary: Photographs Taken During Hawaii Missile Incident ~ 14 January 2018

This article has been referred to quite a bit, from what I've seen. If indeed the photos are authentic, this will be just one of the countless times the Galactics have stepped in to avert potential catastrophe.

Please read the whole article at Solaris Modalis.

Staged Alien Abductions ~ Cosmic Disclosure with Emery Smith and David Wilcock ~ S9:Ep8

Thank you to Ke El for gifting this.

I haven't yet watched this, but will definitely get to it in the near future. I have enjoyed Emery Smith's first two episodes, even though Cosmic Disclosure isn't a series that I follow regularly. The title suggests that the secret military are behind abductions, something that Dr Steven Greer has insisted on for a long time. (However, he also believes that there are no negative ETs.)

Please watch here.

Description given:
Emery Smith gives us a new perspective what is really happening during various abduction scenarios. The public is the subject of mass mind-control operations instilling fear and confusion through every means possible, including the media and staged alien abductions.

16 January 2018

Allison Coe on The Event & New Earth ~ K2D4 Network ~ 14 January 2018

** Update: I feel that I need to make this personal note, which I have stated before elsewhere on this blog. I believe that The Big One (which is what I fondly call it) is coming not from our Galactic Central Sun, but from the Great Central Sun, which is the Central Sun of our Galactic Sun. When I first heard this information from Alkesh of Galactis (sadly, no longer having an Internet presence) in 2015, it immediately resonated. More recently, Judy Satori came out with this same data ~ the Cosmic Flash will originate from the Central Sun of the diamond-shaped grouping of 22 Galaxies, which includes our  Milky Way. **

Okay, this is the one that I saw which introduced me to Allison Coe. I haven't listened yet but I did have a quick look at her information and found the video that I just posted, before this one.

This article refers to a 1:20-hour interview of Allison Coe with Dan Hohlfeld, which you can watch here.

Source: Prepare For Change ~ Therese Zumi Sumner

TZ here: First a thank you to Christopher for this. Please feel free to share this happy video far and wide. This video will surely lift your spirits as it has done mine! It’s a bit like a breath of fresh air which we could all do with at the moment.

I can agree with the information discussed here around 95%. Remember we are creating the new so this is a process that we are all taking part in and nothing is written in stone. The wonderful way that Alison introduces this ‘Supernatural Event’ that will affect everyone is so wonderful to hear.

I was the first person to present the information about The Event from the Resistance Movement via Cobra after attending his conference in LA in Nov 2012. Cobra suggested to me that I should continue writing on my website which he was familiar with. I decided that the only way that I could introduce his information was by combining it with the best possible channeled information that was available where Archangel Michael provides details of this Event. The result was the Event pages on Veritas Galactic Sweden. Some years ago, when I updated my website I wrote an article on the Introduction page where Archangel Michael explains what kind of emotional reactions that people will find themselves in at the time of this supernatural Event.{links below}

Please read on....

Client QHHT Sessions: More on "The Event" and New Earth ~ Allison Coe ~ 22 December 2018

Allison Coe is new to me, and what wonderful energies she exudes! I will be posting two of her videos, back-to-back. This is featured first (because it's a good background video to the next one) and it focuses on The Event. From her QHHT sessions with clients, Allison has combined key data points to present this bigger scenario, or as she says, "....the common denominators that weave through these sessions."

The analogy of a fan's whirring blades to describe New Earth is good ~ you can't see it because it's moving (vibrating) at a higher rate (frequency).

Allison shares a highly plausible reason for many feeling constantly fatigued ~ resistance to the powerful energies that are wanting to be expressed. She also offers a tip she practices whenever she sees the wanton encroachment of artificial technology on the Planet ~ she looks past them and instead see the pristine state of the landscape.

Okay, there is a prediction here. Allison surmises that the first quarter of 2018 is the likely timeframe for The Event to occur, based on what her clients have revealed. Of course we all want that to be true. However, I will issue my usual caution ~ let's strongly and determinedly intent for that to manifest, but let's also not hold our breath :)

What is encouraging is that much of the data brought forth aligns with our current understanding of The Event and The Big One aka Super Wave/Galactic Sneeze/Solar Flash etc, and the massive changes that will ensue, including the roll-out of healing technologies as well as those that would enhance our lives in positive ways.

Please listen to what Allison has to say in this Soul-bumps inducing video here, about 18-minutes in length. And let's keep yearning and calling forth so very loudly and strongly for our New Earth to manifest :)

Sacred Geometry and Pyramids ~ Jain 108 Mathemagics ~ 16 January 2018

Source: Jain 108 Mathemagics

Do the principles of Sacred Geometry in anyway explain the existence of structures like the pyramids, which are still thought to be architecturally impossible?

All sacred mathematics that I know of is embedded in the shape of the Cheops Pyramid in Giseh, from its height, to square base, edge lengths and midpoints, it is the most important structure in the world that contains Pi and Phi (Fibonacci Sequence). 
Its position in ancient Egypt marks the place where a geometric grid encases the planet, like a 3-dimensional spider-web. At each place where the webs cross or converge, called a nodal point, there is an intelligent placing of a natural or man-made architectural wonder, like Stonehenge, or Uluru, or Easter Island giants, hinting at some grand extra-terrestrial intelligence had engineered the geometrical soccer-ball-like Earth-Grid many millennia ago. 
Thus by being at a sacred site, like Byron Bay, the "small part" is connecting to the "big part", amplifying all our thoughts and intentions, that is why a purification process must take place before dabbling with psycho-active geometries, and why priests were caretakers for this knowledge. 
Today, apparently, the most successful stock-market traders buy and sell according to the timeless numbers of the pyramid complex but this is often kept as elite or secret knowledge not to be shared among the ignorant masses. Part of my work is to make this sacred mathematics of crystals and flowers available at all levels of basic school education.

Jain 108

Feminine Power ~ Lee Harris ~ 16 January 2018

Source: Lee Harris


But any of you who are in the female body know the fire of that dance that you go through. Or any of you who know free, expressive, powerful women know that feminine power is not frilly and lovely. That might be what it was asked to be by society, or allowed to be by society, but it's quite the opposite.

In truth, the male form was designed to have a little more flow and the female form was designed to be a little more catalystic" - from Rebirth 2018.

Rick Jewers Update ~ 16 January 2018

This just came in as I was posting the previous one, although please note that as with all sources, I don't "blanket-post" (post each and every single thing they come out with). In this one, Rick Jewers mentions the remaining 2 timelines as carrying the full enslavement experience. What I understand (and resonate more with) from other sources, there will be a "remaining" timeline that still has the "un-enlightened" experiences, but will be free from control systems. In other words, "free will" will really be free will.

Source: Rick Jewers

Many of You are being tested of strength at this time, these tests will have a very short duration of no more than hours for You. The Dark are immensely AFRAID and they are trying everything to no avail. Stand fully in Your Light and utilize Your Gifts and Knowledge to end their attacks and to also take the opportunity of exposing more of them. Retain any documentation that You feel would be beneficial to others and the Masses. We always seize these opportune times as gathering more in regards to revealing the Truths.

Any fear-based energy You are feeling within You, like the annoyance, frustration, pissed off, must go and Know that it is not Yours, but that it is being projected at You, in an attempt to lower Your vibration and keep You here a little longer. The Dark is very upset over their foiled "missile attempt". ;) They are actually in cages Now of their own, that they have Created, NOW, they are beginning to feel and see how You felt when You were enslaved and powerless, the tables have thus been turned.

Use Your gifts to continue with Your missions, clean-up is in full force. Anything of deception is rapidly imploding as virtue is proceeding into 5D, the separation becomes more noticeable. Every act of the Dark brings You that much closer to accomplishing the mission. Self-judgement by those yet not Awakened is going into overdrive as they choose which timeline they will enjoy, the 5D Timeline towards freedom, or the 2 remaining 4D Timelines carrying the full enslavement experience.

We believe it is time for You to disable more of the Darks manipulating equipment, by using Your mind abilities. As always, follow Your heart and messaging systems into Knowing how to proceed. For Others that are not fully engaged in a profound mission, continue to anchor and direct Your Light into areas of exposure. Reassure All when situations arise, that everything is being taken care of at a Higher Level.

We will be delivering info and knowledge of areas that are required to be rectified via Your computers. You will KNOW when we take them over at times to show You things, do not be alarmed, just follow what You are being shown. There will also be visitations by Intelligent Light Beings that resemble balls of Lightning around the size of a basketball, they are there to assist You. More of You will be taken on the crafts during the sleep state, You will be allowed to retain some of that memory upon waking up for Your next day. All will not and cannot be revealed to You on these Timelines, yet.

DNA resequencing began for many of You about 10 days ago to the highest degree yet, this is to advance the Human Vessel more into its capacity and ability. Extreme internal heat is one side effect as well as increased rest cycles during the incubation period. Plenty of water is always wise during any Ascension symptoms.

Love and Light

Rick Jewers Update ~ 15 January 2018

Source: Rick Jewers

The transition of the Human mind from uncertainty to Knowing, is an important journey in itself. There are so many Truths for certain levels of that particular journey, that will change, until One is left with the one Truth that is accepted in their mind, in their body and fully in their Heart. What One may consider a misconception, another may believe it as an ultimate Truth, this is all part of the journey, weeding out what no longer serves and being able to openly change One's perspective as Higher resonating Truths enter their fields of Knowledge.

There is no refuting that there is a hierarchy within Divinity, for simplicity, You would not still be here if You wished to leave, and also, what Creates those images in the clouds, how did those handsome balls of Light appear before You, would You really be so vain as to think YOU MANIFESTED THEM? Of course not, You Know there is at least higher power, and that Knowing, automatically Creates a Hierarchy.

So, You are attracted to the Hierarchy and its magic, it would feel right for You to be part of something that is pure, right and just, something absent of all fear and based on Love. You have this capability and opportunity, bit by bit, You have been shown how to be closer to this Hierarchy, a Hierarchy that ALL can join, on their way back to the ultimate, the convergent point, God/Source. Many of You are currently a part of this Hierarchy Now, while in Humanoid Form. You Know as part of this Hierarchy, that there is a purpose attached, a mission. Your Knowledge and resonation features tell You that ALL are capable of being a part of this Hierarchy, under the right conditions. But, You also see others that do not believe this, others that seem to be shut off from feeling and knowing such a great blissful option for them. There are reasons for that.

When the time is right, the others will Awaken to sufficient degrees to build the New Timelines for Earth. You are the first to Rise, to clear the path towards the New, by presenting the Truths. To present the Truths and validate them in an irrefutable position, the lies must be revealed/disclosed, and this is indeed happening. It is happening because of a Hierarchy of Light Workers that are deep in the systems, pushing all the deceit to the surface. If every Human Now was part of this Hierarchy, there would be no deceit upon the planet, there would be absolute peace and harmony. All poverty and sickness erased. It is the intentional deceit that destroyed and enslaved this planet, suppressing it from its rightful place in all dimensions. Common sense will tell any Human Now that if a country can print money out of thin air with no tangible backing, that any amount of money could be printed this way, solving all of the problems of the world, and, in the blink of an eye.

The governments, Monarchs, rulers etc, have common sense, or do they not? If common sense is quite easy to come by, why would those rulers NOT have common sense? They must have common sense, right? So, why do they not employ this common sense and why do they intentionally cause this global suffering? It is because their intent is "ill". Why would so many Humans vote for and support such a reality that constantly takes from them and creates great Human suffering? How long will billions upon the planet allow for a million to constantly keep them in a box, where they can be used as slaves and their lives taken from them? Is the purpose of this Human existence one that robs a Human of all of their choice and being and keeps them working until they become too sick, then die? Would it not be so easy to implement a system that Loves All and allow for ALL to enjoy a life here of abundance? Yes, it is.

You are to Know, that things accepted as Soul Contracts are no more written in stone. Your Soul Contracts are constantly being rewritten by You in the Now. They are being rewritten by Your daily choices, You no longer have to adhere nor comply with a life of lessons and hardship, You have the door to rise above what no longer serves for You. You have been given the knowledge and gifts to enable You to write a much more favorable script, an evolving Soul Contract while here on the planet. You take back and fully own Your consent, for it is Your consent, that You write Your New Soul Contract with.

The Masses were bought and controlled by the lower dimensional object of money, You can break this. You break this by equalizing wealth, and this in turn, breaks the control over the Masses.

Love and Light

Five States of the Human Heart ~ Swami Sri Yukteswar

To attain that perfect love is a gradual process of evolution. Swami Sri Yukteswar, guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, describes how the human heart with its feelings and emotions progresses through five different states.
[The Holy Science (pp. 77-86) by Swami Sri Yukteswar, published by Self-Realization Fellowship.]

(1) The dark state of the heart

Most human beings are in the first state, in which feeling is scattered and diffused outwardly in desires for material things. This is called the dark state of the heart, in which one’s consciousness is directed solely to the outer creation, in complete obliviousness of the Creator.

(2) The propelled state of the human heart

After many incarnations, there comes a time when we grow dissatisfied with mere things, when the experiences of this world leave us empty. We yearn for a higher truth, a deeper understanding of life. When we begin to search sincerely for that experience, we have entered what Sri Yukteswarji calls the propelled state of the human heart. That is, we are propelled by our inner dissatisfaction to seek something more than the superficial experiences and pursuits of the senses. In this state, we eventually find a spiritual teacher or teaching that can show us the way to the Infinite.

(3) The steady state of the human heart

As our upward evolution continues, we enter the third stage: the steady state of the human heart. In the steady state one’s propelled restlessness is gradually transformed, through self-control, into the calm will to persevere on the path.

Language of the Heart ~ Martin Luther King Jr

Source: Stillness Speaks

"Occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. Their meanings can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart."
~ Martin Luther King Jr.


Quote: The Quest for Peace and Justice - Martin Luther King Jr. - Nobel Peace Prize Lecture, December 11, 1964: https://buff.ly/2mGuo4I

Image: (Edited) Martin Luther King Monument at sunset, by Buddy Secor, NOAA Weather in Focus Photo Contest 2015: https://buff.ly/2D7B4yV, CC-BY-2.0, https://buff.ly/2mGuole

#MLK #Peace #LookWithin

Suffering ~ Eckhart Tolle

Is suffering really necessary?
Yes and no.
If you had not suffered as you have, there would be no depth to you as a human being, no humility, no compassion.
Suffering cracks open the shell of the ego.
And then comes a point when it has served its purpose.
Suffering is necessary until you realise it is unnecessary.
Eckhart Tolle

This is, by far, the best wisdom about suffering that I've come across ~ it makes so much sense. Suffering isn't necessary, but if we are living our Lives being driven by mostly Ego, then yes, there's pain on some level.

Thanks to Kelly Lepseritis for posting this.

Shifting from the Old to the New ~ Kara Schallock ~ 15 January 2018

Source: Soulstice Rising

We have shifted from 3D to higher dimensions. This can create some stress, as it is so new and unfamiliar that we don't know how to be. It takes Faith and staying in the Moment, so your next steps may be revealed through your feeling into each Moment. You can't do this intellectually, for that is the way we used to do things. You must rely on your feelings as to what to do next. Remind yourself that fear is an illusion so be courageous. (Courage comes from the root word coeur, which is French for Heart, so being courageous means being Heart-centered.)

Withdraw your energy from the disasters of the old world and focus on your own Divinity. Know that as big as your fear seems, the bigger is your leap into the New, so move through the illusion of fear so it may transform. To  Let go of any boxes, such as a belief in timelines. Timelines are illusions. Anything that has a label (hmmm; every noun?) limits and like being in a box, you get stuck. Remind yourself that in the New, you are free. In the New, you will have memories; only your memories have no charge; if you are clear. If there is a charge when you revisit something, it indicates that you are still holding onto that event emotionally. Continue to visit it till you notice you no longer have energy around that event or person. As long as you are attached to the memory, you are not free.

If your energy is still connected to an old event or person, it can manifest anxiety, shame, physical malignment and emotional pain. When you clear the event or person, you free yourself of these old energies.

There has been another descension and integration of both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. This is essential, as one without the other in incomplete. The Divine Feminine creates; the Divine Masculine manifests, serving the Divine Feminine. There are a few things to facilitate this; one is go to your Sacred Space (your Heart) and call forth both. Create a Sacred Marriage. Another is to visualize a Vesica Piscis and place one foot in one section and then the other foot in the other section and then bring both feet to the center.The Vesica Piscis is a symbol made from two circles that interset, creating a space between the two. You can do both, as I often do. Both of these exercises call forth Source  (your Divinity) and helps you truly realize that you are never separate from Source. The Kingdom is not outside of you; it is indwelling; it creates Heaven on Earth through you...Ascension. In doing these exercises, you enter anthropos; being fully realized. You find your True Self and become who you are meant to be. Open your eyes to being Divine; be Love expressed; so that you may fulfill your destiny. Most live in slumber; awaken all of you!

We have Compassion for those who have chosen to stay in the old, yet we cannot rescue them. We no longer are part of the old...in Truth. We can compassionately (without attaching to results) love others and those parts of us that have not yet awakened. This is not sending Love, but rather being Love. By being fully awakened, we experience Bliss, no matter what is going on in our lives. We have let go of the drama and attachments of 3D dualistic life.

The Light downloads we are receiving move us through all dimensions. So much is deactivated and activated. For instance, our DNA is upgraded, as are our cells and chakras, while at the same time, much of our programming is transformed to Love. Our physical body experiences this; at least it is the physical body we are most attuned to.

Some manifestations we might experience, based on where each one is in their Ascension, are tingling, aching, temperature changes (sometimes hot; sometimes cold), ear issues (these can be more acute hearing, ear popping or buzzing or a constant sound), fuzzy eyes, a need to stretch, body vibrations, feeling unbalanced (either listing to the left or right or beginning to fall over), feeling confused or unclear, and many others. Of course, there may be a continuation or a return of some physical adjustments like wanting to be alone, a change in diet (not eating much or eating a lot, as well as shifting away from sugar, flour and other things). Awareness continues to expand and there is a tendency to follow your Intuition and not ignore any of it. These are just some of what you might experience and yet, there are probably more ways you are manifesting the shift from the old matrix to being New.

You need not wonder why people stare at you or smile; simply accept; they are seeing or feeling your Light without knowing why they are staring or smiling. Know too that everything fluctuates. You may feel very grounded and centered one day and not the next day. Last night, I nearly fell over and felt very strange afterward. However it is occurring for you; just let it be.

Please read on....

New Moon Shift Point; Opening for the Eclipse and Beyond ~ Sandra Walter ~ 15 January 2018

This post from Sandra Walter is basically excerpts from her previous update. I'll still go ahead to publish it, in case there is guidance there that we need to re-read.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
Some reminders from last week’s article are below. Gatekeepers opened Saturday for the New Moon, which takes us straight into the Eclipse zone, just two weeks away. For many this is a culmination point of seven weeks of clearing, shedding, and transforming on a very deep level. Now we move into potent heart openings with the consciousness-shifting energies of 2018.

Excerpts from Culmination Points, New Moon and Eclipse Transformations

We are at the culmination point of our Seven Sacred weeks, which completes with the New Moon Tuesday, January 16 at 6:19pm. This has been a deeply transformative passage which collectively prepared us for the energetic shifts of 2018. Note how the energy changes over the next week. We are coming out of a period of deep introspection, personal change, and global release. Now we witness the next steps of our Ascension laid out before us. Feel these glorious reality-changing frequencies, beloveds.

This occurs globally at a cellular level, as an effect of the incoming light level. This is why so many have been ill, nauseous or having unusual health challenges over the last seven weeks. The initial effect was intense, and clearing is ongoing as the energies accelerate bifurcation. DNA is overwriting old formats, and responding to the clearing by holding new light codes which were previously blocked. These frequency-based rewrites shake loose the old. Be diligent with detoxing and cleansing, and guide the mental/physical/emotional levels as needed.

The heart center is expanding as etheric imprints dissipate from cellular memory. Coping mechanisms must be surrendered for high-vibe activity, in order to resonate with the crystalline pathways opening in this Now. Blessings to everyone who is willing to be vulnerable and authentic, and keep their heart open and neutral for others through this process.

All limitations are being removed for our benefit.
Please read on....

Numerical Codes and the Maturation of the Consciousness of Humanity – 2018-2021: a Final Call ~ Nicolya Christi ~ January 2018

Nicolya Christi mentions "inner work" here....I'm appreciating the thread throughout the posts today :) 

Source: Nicolya Christi

2018 – a Recall and a Final Call

As I sit and reflect on the close of another year, and all that has unfolded, not only in my own life, but throughout the world, I find myself feeling into the evolutionary trajectory of 2018.

There are a few ‘metaphysical realities” to consider, and, this coming year feels to me to be especially important.

2018 amounts to a ‘Final Call” and a ‘Recall” – a final call to consciousness and awakening, and/or a recall to those who reached a ‘peak” of accelerated conscious evolution in 2012, yet have since slowed the pace or perhaps even come to a standstill.

Momentum has been lost for many, in the respect of the awakening they were undergoing pre-21.12.12. It is true there has been much integrating, assimilating and reconfiguring following the whirlwind of evolutionary opportunity that was the unprecedented time leading up to that initiatory date, which heralded the beginning of the Great Shift of Ages. Some have been busy reforming, restructuring and recombobulating, or maybe languishing under the impression that the 21.12.12 'Mission of the Ages' had been fulfilled.

Whatever the reason, the winds of evolution are sending out a recall and final call to initiate an ultimate window of time that opens in 2018, accelerates in intensity from 11/11/18, and closes on 21/12/21.

2018 – (11) a Numerical ‘Master’ Year

I began to meditate on the psycho-spiritual themes of 2018 several weeks ago. Many insights came to mind, not least the fact that 2018 is an ”11” year, which, numerologically, pertains to a 'Master Number'. So, the date, 11.11.2018 will be of particular importance given that it equates to the numerical code of 11.11.11.

To gain more of an understanding of what this means for you, cast your mind back to the instrumental numerical key code date of ”11.08.1999” that was the Total Solar Eclipse (11:11am) 11+08+19+99 = 11. Try to recall what you were doing, where you were in your life, and, importantly, where you were in yourself. Since that time, how far do you feel you have come? What challenging themes, experiences or stories might remain as ongoing patterns? What is yet to be resolved and completed, or what is still waiting to be fulfilled? What do you feel has been realised as you observe your life now, and what of your dreams to come?

In the Wake of a New Numerical Key Code – 333

The 11.11.11 gateways have been presenting us with the potential to transcend the past and prepare to evolve under a new numeric Master Key Code that will set in place the next numerical evolutionary phase for humanity – the 333.

The date of 11.11.11 was one of two penultimate gateways, the other being 12.12.12, that we passed through on our way to the Great Doorway that was the Shift of the Ages on 21/12/12. So unprecedented was the cosmological reality of 21/12/12 and so unequivocal were the ancient prophecies relating to it, that for the thirteen years following the Total Solar Eclipse, (11.11 am on the 11th August, 1999), awakening humanity found itself on an evolutionary roller-coaster that, literally, demanded nothing less than everything in terms of the uncompromising catalytic force that was set in motion.

Endings and Beginnings

For many of us, the thirteen years from the 1999 Total Solar Eclipse to the December Solstice of 2012 were tumultuous, transformational, transcendental, revolutionary, evolutionary and revelatory, and served as a period in our lives when our greatest personal growth occurred. We were preparing and being prepared by higher luminous forces to fulfill more of our incarnational purpose in the world at this time, with an almost single focus on our own conscious evolution and the conscious evolution of humanity. However, as important and fundamental, unique and unprecedented as those years were, we have still to fully accomplish the higher purpose of our soul. To some degree we have done so, yet much remains to be fulfilled in regard to why we are really here, at this time – Now.

We have indeed moved through several important gateways since 21/12/12. The most recent of these was in 2016 – the completion of a thirty-six year window of time that formed the epicenter, the eye of the storm, of the rare evolutionary phenomenon that is known as 'The Galactic Alignment”. The Galactic Alignment Zone, (the entire event), began on the Winter Solstice of 1980 and concludes on December 21, 2021 – http://www.nicolyachristi.com/2017-2021-message-conscious-humanity/

The Numerical Number ‘9’ Pre-Completion Zone

21/12/21 is a release point for conscious evolutionaries. Numerologically, 21.12.21 is a ‘9” year – the number of completion. Following this most significant date, we will enter into a new evolutionary phase. For 22 years, we have, literally, been on a relentless roller-coaster ride that has proved to be uncompromising in its evolutionary agenda, yet, ultimately, liberating. We have undergone the most intense of phases, in terms of inner-cleansing, healing and purifying in order to raise our vibration and frequency and consciously awaken and evolve. Many have also been clearing for the collective and initiating a transformation within humanity itself. Even though a similar evolutionary remit will continue to be ongoing, for the majority it will be far less intense. Never again will we undergo such unrelenting alchemical pressure, although there still remains much to be done.

So, as we enter 2018, numerically an 11 Master Year, we find ourselves on yet another date with fate and compelled to consciously prepare for a penultimate evolutionary ride. As we progress through the 11 gateway that is 2018, and, most especially, through the doorway of 11.11 this year, we enter a ‘Pre-Completion Zone”, initiated by the 12.12.12 (completion code 9), and the 21.12.12 (completion code 9), which will finally conclude on 21.12.21 (completion code 9).

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The Parasite Haters ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 15 January 2018

Wow, I just said something about not muddying or disrespecting others' sites.

It may seem to many that this update from Denise Le Fay isn't relevant, except perhaps to site owners who have experienced the same things. While that may appear to be so, I suggest reading through until the end, to fully understand the bigger picture. I feel that what Denise's complaint highlights something that's very rampant at the moment, and is indicative of a society (yes, our own LW world) is has to unravel itself and be healed, just like the rest of the world. Just because we know more than the average public doesn't mean we are more "advanced" or "better" ~ this Ascension Process doesn't discriminate. Ultimately, it's our inner work that matters ~ I know, I'm repeating myself, repeatedly ~ not how much we know, how many courses we've taken, books read etc.

Source: High Heart Life

Like many who write about the Ascension Process (AP) and related topics, I’ve had to deal with certain readers over the years who have very different perspectives about what “Love” is, what Light is, what negativity is, which spiritual and Ascension related information is correct, which is not, and which people who teach and write about the Ascension Process are correct and which are not.

Many of these readers have always believed they have the right to write public Comments on my sites with links to other AP teachers, writers, channels and/or channeled material etc. that they believe wholeheartedly and have benefited from. They want to share that information with other readers, which I completely understand. I’ve quoted and linked to a very small few other AP teachers/writers myself in some of my articles for the same reasons; I want to share correct, high frequency information with people. Problem is that these people want to spread certain information they believe by parasitically using me, my sites and my decade-plus online AP writing Works to do that, and, if I don’t give them what they want they attack me in a response Comment(s) and they typically call their attacks “Love”.

What does the owner of an online site(s) who is an Ascension teacher/writer do when a person or people writes a Comment(s) under your article(s) with a link or links in it to another site or sites with information that you know to be incorrect and/or distorted? What do you do in such a situation? On the one hand you could just publish these people’s Comment(s) — which by the way are for readers to write a Comment about the article or post that you have written on your site, not try to promote other people and their writings — even though you know the information is slightly or greatly distorted intentionally or unintentionally. Does one not only compromise themselves and their personal AP Work and website(s) in such a situation, but does one also pass along that link/information to their readers knowing it has certain distortions, disinformation or plain incorrect information in it? How is doing that staying true to oneself and one’s personal lengthy and difficult First Waver, Forerunner, First Embodier, Pathpaver Ascension Process Work and knowledge? Do you publish certain people’s Comments on your site under your article(s) that contain links to other writers works when that information has discrepancies and/or distortions great or small in it, in them just to placate that reader/Commentor? Or do you live what you teach, what you write about, what you live yourself and risk vicious hate-filled response Comment attacks and etheric drive-by shootings from them aimed squarely at yourself? What does one do? Is it even a question really? Not for me it isn’t and never has been.

How do you deal with people with parasitic consciousness who only see other people as their ways and means to get what they want? How does one honestly communicate online with people like that? How does one bridge the growing glaring gap between integrity, Higher Awareness, HighHeart and lack of greater awareness, ego and complete parasitic consciousness and being? How does one deal with online Ascension Process bullies, haters, parasites, Portal People, disinformation spreaders both knowingly and unknowingly, the “consciousness police” people, selfish tantrum throwers, and attackers doing their best to bludgeon you to death with their written words?

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Not Clutching :)

Space Observing System
It's very heartening to see this latest burst of energies, whatever they may signify. At least I know I wasn't clutching at straws when I felt a very obvious and massive shift yesterday (here) but couldn't find any recorded readings to sufficiently support it.

A quick explanation for those who may be fairly new to my blog:
  • The Schumann Resonance (SR) charts display your local time. So what you see on my blog is my local time (GMT +8). To see your own local time, just click on the link that I provide under each chart. Space Observing System will recode their chart to display your own local time.
  • You can click on the image to zoom in.

Message From Matthew ~ Matthew and Suzy Ward ~ 14 January 2018

There are certain topics that are brought forth from Matthew Ward through Suzy Ward that I appreciate, specifically about global warming and the "deal" made between Putin and Trump. The former, because there is a growing tendency that exists right now to dismiss responsibility over what's happening on the Planet; the latter, to place what took place in its proper context and perspective, if indeed this information is true.

The great thing about having my own blog is that I can express my own opinion if I want, without feeling that I'm muddying or disrespecting someone else's post or site, and all readers can ignore it if they don't agree :) 

I believe, as Cobra has indicated repeatedly (but falling on very many pairs of deaf ears), that the two main dark factions are trying to annihilate each other to gain control, as the realisation that available "power" has diminished drastically. I also believe that there is a general expectation that where USA goes, the rest of the world will follow, as implied in this report from Matthew Ward. Thus, the Light's "plan" to positively influence the US leadership is in play.

Source: Matthew's Messages

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. It is joyous to see so many of our beloved Earth family starting off the year with confidence and optimism—you shall see this approach is merited as the pace of developments starts to hasten. As much as we wish that everyone there had an uplifting outlook, we know this is more difficult for some than for others.

One reader’s long commentary includes, “There is NO sign of LIGHT disseminating the DARK. The Dark is getting darker by the hour.” And it ends, “If anything he [Matthew] states is true, it'll be centuries and centuries from now. Even to propose it may be forthcoming is misleading.” We feel sadness for this dear soul who has closed her heart and mind to the light in hope, thus its high vibrations cannot enter to dispel the discouragement she expressed, primarily about the direction the United States government is taking.

We welcome this reader’s perspective: “How does Trump’s role as president help us get to where we need to go to be free?” To be sure, the United States is not the only country where stark divisiveness abounds, it’s that the president’s decisions can affect nations around the world. What you observe going on there, like everywhere else, is only the public face, so to say. From our awareness of what is happening off-stage and its gathering momentum in Earth’s energy field of potential, actions you may deem worrisome are catalysts for the ever-intensifying light to bring order out of chaos and usher onto the world stage reasoned discussion and ultimately reconciliation.

What we said in a message a year ago is taking form—nebulous still, but gaining in shape and clarity:

Planetary vibrations will strengthen and advance only endeavors that best serve Earth and all her life forms; anything to the contrary cannot be long-lasting.

Hard-won rights and progress in social justice cannot be dismantled. It is not the destiny of Earth’s peoples to go backward, but to move ever forward toward peace, mutual respect, cooperation and life in harmony with Nature. [December 9, 2016]

While manifesting that sublime world can’t happen in the blink of an eye—because the peoples don’t believe it can!—it will not take centuries and centuries. Myriad forms of assistance from civilizations afar, crews in spacecraft nearby, and the invaluable service of lightworkers on the planet have enabled Earth’s civilization to transition from slumbering in deep third density into an awakening populace with speed that is universally unprecedented. Even with the decade of delay in conscious and spiritual advancement, consider the national laws that grant equal rights to all citizens, many of whom previously had no recourse against the unjustness of bigotry, discrimination and inferior treatment. Indeed, there is a long way to go before fairness encompasses every person on Earth, each of whom is an equal part of God and all of whom He loves unconditionally, but that time comes closer with each passing day.

Utopia is a novel, a work of fiction, but life described therein derives from the power of love energy prevailing overall. Such is Gaia’s choice for her Earth body and all life upon it; therefore, you and the planet are heading toward planes of light so intense that only the high vibrations of love can exist. With countless souls choosing to complete third density karma and every person’s free will in the mix, the course has zigged-zagged since it began 80-some years ago. It will become more direct and smoother as Earth continues her steady ascension into successively lighter astral planes.

Our comments about climate will be clear without including your questions, and we begin by saying that record low temperatures and snowfalls do not disprove “global warming science,” nor does Australia’s unusual heat wave prove it. Climate change accurately describes what is happening, but the claim that this is occurring naturally—based on a once-superheated planet eventually having an abrupt ice age, which gave way to an era of tropical temperatures for long ages before another ice age suddenly struck, and so forth—is specious. Never before in the planet’s recorded history has there been technological weather-manipulation, which is one cause of temperature extremes and the unusually powerful storms, or has the atmosphere been so heavily polluted with toxins, the other cause, and neither happens naturally.

El Nino and La Nina are not contributing at all to climate change, they are its effects. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tremors are related to climate change only in the sense that one of their two causes also is manmade—severe disturbances in Earth’s body by the processes involved and the extraction itself of fossil fuels. The other cause is Earth’s release of negativity so it can’t accumulate, but the need for her to do so comes from humankind’s actions that produce the negativity. No, neither an ice age nor a broiling world is in Earth’s future, and yes, she still is moving toward a moderate climate globally. Yes, too, “human interference is hampering Earth’s progress” in that respect; however, just as all other aspects of life on the planet are on the way to betterment, the changing climate process will pick up speed.

“I understand Matthew’s reluctance to say anything critical about President Trump because that would be judging and souls at his station don’t do that, but can he tell us if there was collusion between Trump and Putin or not?” If “collusion” means they made a formal agreement whereby President Putin would do whatever he could to sway the election outcome in President Trump’s favor in exchange for Trump ending US sanctions, no such agreement was made, therefore there was no collusion. What is so is this: President Trump did want information from the Russians that could be used to discredit Hillary Clinton, and he does not want the Russians who know of his financial dealings, which he did not report as officially required, to disclose any information about those. Both presidents genuinely want their countries to have a mutually beneficial relationship.

“I think Matthew’s information sounds credible about who ‘meddled’ in the 2016 presidential election. There is unanimous belief that Russia/Putin are responsible, but without irrefutable evidence that this belief is justified. If there is proof of who actually was culpable in the computer hacking, why hasn’t it been revealed?” That wide-held belief about Russia, which is an Illuminati coup insofar as punishing President Putin for his refusal to cooperate with them, is due to lack of knowledge about the truth. Other than Putin himself and readers of our messages, the only individuals who are certain that he didn’t order the “meddling” are the Illuminati intelligence agents who did the hacking and our special force members in the same agencies; so we’d say that what is commonly believed in this matter is an excellent example of how anything repeated often enough becomes “fact.” Evidence implicating Hillary Clinton’s Illuminati colleagues in the Democrat National Committee was available prior to the presidential election. They don’t want that evidence ever to become publicly known or Russia to be exonerated, and through bribery, blackmail, death threats and assassinations, they have kept the evidence under wraps, but the truth will come forth.

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15 January 2018

The True Meaning and Purpose of Karma ~ Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi ~ 15 February 2016

Source: Spiritual Science 101

The concept of karma has been discussed from a seat of higher consciousness that is above the mundane stance presented within the matrix of 3-D earth. It is explained that the originally intended hologram of 3-D earth has been manipulated and controlled by a horde of soul-less synthetic beings who happen to reside in the 4th dimension. 

The resulting program is referred to as the ‘matrix.’ It is explicated that the true meaning of karma is quite distinct from what is programmed in the ‘matrix,’ which is synonymous with debt that needs to be settled upon physical death via reincarnating back into the matrix. It is elucidated that karma is a natural consequence of ‘life’ as a result of vibration about an equilibrium position that is free of karma. 

This state represents the condition that has a predisposition for expanded consciousness. The phenomenon of karma has been illustrated through a soul being modeled as a linear elastic spring that deflects from this static equilibrium position through a vibrational motion, while being attached to the SOURCE. 

It is said that ‘resistance to karma’ can be expressed as the spring constant known as ‘stiffness,’ which is defined as a karmic resistance force per unit deflection from the SOURCE. Since resistance to karma is tantamount with the phenomenon of consciousness expansion, the spring constant [stiffness] is termed as the ‘coefficient of  consciousness expansibility’ by the author in previous publications [1-2]. It is clarified that 3-D life sojourns are intended to be a linear phenomenon that mandates that the deflection of the soul from the SOURCE must be an infinitesimal occurrence, which excludes multiple or consistent accumulation of karma within the soul. 

Otherwise, accumulation of persistent karma will give rise to ‘finite’ deflection from SOURCE that may challenge the linear integrity of the soul to effectively withstand the inertia potency of the soul. Under such circumstances, the elastic karmic energy stored within the soul may not be recoverable, giving rise to non-linear damage and eventual destruction of the soul. This is the situation that the bible refers to as the “falling of an angel,” which describes a condition that the soul, being completely detached from the SOURCE, is no longer able to sustain itself via benefiting from divine energies that flow and serve to set the soul in inertia [vibration] in the first place. 

This depicts death and destruction of the soul, unless it resorts to parasitic act of feeding upon other divine beings. It is clarified that this, indeed, is the status quo on this Omni Earth, being run or controlled by such soul-less vampiric beings. It is concluded that although it has been most educational to repeatedly reincarnate on this Omni Earth, the time has now come to graduate from this school of hard knocks by exiting the matrix and remember to never reincarnate here again upon physical “death.” 

Finally, it is elucidated that the allowance of Omni Earth to continue under such dreadful environment of bondage has probably been ‘purposeful’ because it has provided such a rigorous curriculum for training masters adept in the art of consciousness like no other.         
The Purpose of Life
  • Mankind, know that you are a constituent part of the God, the Mighty Prime Creator.
  • You initially existed in what may be described as a particulate form, a constituent part of the WHOLE that is perfect, with crystalline order, most wise, with infinite degree of consciousness, existing and energizing a ‘field’ that can be referred to as the field of ‘unconditional love.’
  • Thus, you are perfect in essence and potentials, and as a “chip off the old block,” you have the same pedigree for omnipotence, creatorship, benevolence, compassion, and unconditional love.
  • You were given the freedom of spirit in order to employ the gift of your ‘Free Will’ to experiment, experience, ‘feel,’ decipher, and to learn from the sojourns of ‘life,’ in order to get a first-hand account of ALL THAT THERE IS and ALL THAT CAN BE.
  • You were endowed with the gift of autonomy through consciousness to gain ‘real time’ individualized lifetime experiences in order to comprehend and appreciate ALL THAT THERE IS from the fundamental seat of understanding and discernment in order to truly enlighten your SELF.
  • And, the ultimate goal for you is to expand your initial gift of consciousness as well as help other fellow spirits to do the same.
  • This way, the conscious cosmos will always thrive with longevity and stability, constantly adding to its precise crystalline ‘order’ through a phenomenon that can be referred to as ‘entropy production’ in a positive way.
  • Therefore, the mandate of acquiring consciousness expansion through ensuring a positive entropy production rate constitutes the most fundamental LAW for your existence as a free, autonomous entity [3].
  • Furthermore, having inherited the omnipotent gift of creatorship from the Prime Creator it is incumbent upon you to improvise and produce by way of new design, generation, and manifested construction in order to add to the already Akashic Records of All THAT THERE IS not only to disseminate, but to perpetuate new enterprises manifesting novel edifices that would complement the vast repertoire of ALL THAT EXISTS.
  • And, you are inherently endowed with the gift of predisposition and aspiration to strive for such creativity, ultimately culminating in self-contentment and pleasure as you progress and succeed in such endeavors.
  • Alas, recall that the Will Power, which is the driving impetus for it all is also a double-edge sword.
  • On one side it ‘cuts’ and ‘slices’ through via ambitions or objectives in order to shape and design to outreach a creative outcome, and in this respect, it is productive and beneficial.
  • On the other hand, too much engagement of the active mind via disjointed use of Will Power that may be inundated by doubt or dis-allowance of the natural inclination of the creative spirit can ultimately be recessive or destructive, leading to either existence in ‘suspended animation’ or utter unproductivity and displeasure.
The Concept of Karma
  • Consider karma as a line of credit.
  • You borrow so sometimes you will pay back in good faith.
  • There is no “balloon” that is becoming immediately due that you have to “settle” your account at the time of your physical “death.”
  • In other words, there is no “judgment day” and there is no “hell” or prison [4].
  • The only hell that may exist for you is what you create for yourself.
  • By borrowing more and more you create more debt for yourself that eventually needs to be paid back.
  • Recall the vibrational model of an animating soul as proposed by Sarfarazi [1].

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Something Shifted?

Space Observing System ~ Quality
This may be nothing ~ I felt some sort of "shift" about 5 hours ago, which would be around 10am GMT. I know that "shift" can be an overused word, but that's the best way to describe it.

The next best way for me to describe it would be like a gear change. It felt like entering a void for a couple of moments, where everything is suspended. As if something had to shift into place for the next "phase".

I just checked SR charts. I could be clutching at straws, but the following two chart appear to show some changes around the 18:00 hour mark. Please know that these charts show your own local time, so 6pm my time (18:00 hrs) would be 10am GMT.
Space Observing System ~ Amplitudes

Thoroughfares of Energetic Pathwyas have been Cleared ~ Gaia Portal ~ 15 January 2018

Source: Gaia Portal

Thoroughfares of Energetic pathways have been cleared.
Higher Levelers are succeeding in the hu-being arena.
Nocturnal living is finished.
Levitations into Higher Consciousness become commonplace.

Mercury, Venus & Mars ~ Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ Season 28

I'm slowly making my way through the Wisdom Teachings episodes and thought I would highlight some salient points that David Wilcock makes in this season, which deals with Inter-Planetary changes in the Solar System. David has covered some of them before in earlier seasons, but this time he goes into more detail to showcase the overall conclusion that our entire Solar System is undergoing massive "preparations" (my choice of word) for what he calls the Solar Flash.

As we know, the impending Cosmic Reset will affect all of Creation, not just our own Solar System. Planetary changes, including terraforming, will be part of this massive process.

Personally, what I've learnt from sources such as Dolores Cannon ~ assuming the data is correct ~ is that an entire Planet can be transformed in a very short amount of time, instead of thousands of years. It's interesting to note that series such as Star Trek (Genesis project) and Stargate Atlantis (or is it Stargate SG1?) have featured terraforming concepts in their episodes.

As a related aside, there's been snow on the Sahara (watch video). Reminds me of Anggun's "Snow on the Sahara". Looks like her prayers have been answered.

Also, I've just seen this clip of "snow" from some coastal place in Malaysia. I don't have details, but Malaysia is in the tropics and we're currently experiencing unusually cold weather.

I'll just include some slides that show some of these changes that are occurring on Mercury, Venus and Mars. I don't have any for our Sun, but we all know that it's already gearing up to deliver The Big One from the Great Central Sun.

And oh, one more thing first....did David hint that the Earth's core is like a Sun in one of the episodes (I forget which)? I could have misinterpreted his words, but it seemed to me that he was trying to say that. He did mention that he would bring it up again in more detail in a future episode. I believe, as I know many do, that we have an Inner Sun at the core.

Text in ochre are my own additions.


David believes that due to Mercury's proximity to our Sun and its small size, its mass is shrinking as the Sun draws matter away from the Planet.


These statistics imply that the Planet's atmosphere is being converted from unbreathable noxious sulphur gases into oxygen (perhaps suggesting a rehabilitation of the surface for Life?)


Scientists found that the atmosphere is much thicker than expected, to the extent that the satellite investigating Mars in 1997 had its wing damaged. The planetary changes also meant the end of warming.

The following developments on Mars are indicative of our Solar System entering a region of exponentially higher energies (Photon Belt)