02 January 2018

2018 Message to Lightwokers: “Group Avatar Crystalline Amplification” ~ Tiara Kumara ~ 1 January 2018

A letter from Tiara Kumara is copied in full below; you can listen to the podcast that she refers to and/or download the transcript at I Am Avatar. (And the Rainbow theme continues as she uses the term rainbow warrior...)

There is incredibly exciting developments reported by Tiara! I had to take a long while to just sit with what she revealed....the implications are truly Reality-changing!

From Tiara Kumara:


I am receiving constant messaging from Spirit regarding our group work going forward and am quite inspired to share this vision and message about the incoming "Group Avatar Crystalline Amplification."

It has everything to do with all that we are accomplishing as lightworkers and all that we are assisting to unlock and open for humanity's rise into the golden ascension spiral of the zero point field.

With all of the great work we have done in the preceding years, and then with last year being like a capstone to all of our hard, dedicated work, something very pivotal has happened. This occurrence is now initiating "change" on a level and pace that we have never experienced.

I am sharing about the full and complete opening of the encoded "time capsules", located at all of the nodal points of the planetary Crystalline Grid. This is of unparalleled significance because this stellar grid of light is now releasing the new creation templates... in full amplitude.

This triggers immediate and monumental upshift to all of the Earth grids, dissolves time, releases traumatic memory fields and neutralizes polarity extremes. The idea of karma goes away as well.

Once again beloved rainbow warriors, we truly have done something quite extraordinary because it was only through the raising of our collective vibration that these time capsules could be opened and their codes released. (It was how we programmed it to happen!)

This achievement is of great humanitarian significance and a game changer for the entire Earth existence. It has already started. Big YAHOO!

Please listen to the podcast for these details and more, from my heart to yours.

There is much more to come, but I leave it to this for now.
May this new year be one that reflects an abundant crystalline harvest upon your altar of goodwill.

From the heart of the One,
Tiara Kumara

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