04 January 2018

7 Suppressed Technologies That Could Have Changed the World ~ Paul A Philips ~ 10 September 2017

Without taking anything away from the rest of these courageous inventors, I believe that Tesla's free energy project would have also paved the way for more than just "fuel".

Source: Wake Up World

By Paul A. Philips

Guest writer for Wake Up World

The world is steeped in poverty with precious little achieved in the way of real humanitarian advancement. While there are a number of technologies that could have changed the world and helped humanity create a living utopia, the brilliant inventors of these technologies were given a hard time by the ‘big boys’ of the establishment when they attempted to bring their game-changing innovations to the world at large. Some were even murdered for their efforts — all for profit and control.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 7 suppressed technological developments that could have changed the world, as well as the circumstances that befell them and their inventors.

1. Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) – Wardenclyffe Tower Project – Free Energy.

“Electric power is everywhere, present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas or any other fuels.” — Nikola Tesla

Multi-talented Tesla cut across many disciplinary boundaries. His genius gave rise to a number of world-changing inventions. One of his most famous experiments/inventions was the Wardenclyffe Tower Project. It was Tesla’s attempt to provide everyone on the globe with free energy through harnessing electricity from the Earth’s ionosphere, by means of the towers. Without wires the towers could transmit the harnessed electricity to ground-level areas requiring it.

However, Tesla’s funding was stopped. His equipment and lab was burned down together with the related intellectual property because it posed a threat to undercutting the cost of the conventional electricity grid system. If Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower Project had been allowed to flourish and not be destroyed then today we could well be living in a utopia. Tesla died a poverty-stricken lonely and forgotten man in New York City.

2. Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971) – the Universal High-Magnification Time-Lapse Microscope (also known as “The Rife Machine”) for curing cancer and other diseases.

The Rife Machine was developed by an American scientist and inventor Royal Raymond Rife, in the 1920s. The machine is also called a Rife Frequency Generator. Rife and his supporters say that each disease or condition has its own electromagnetic frequency, and by finding that exact frequency and producing an impulse of the same frequency, it is possible to kill or disable diseased cells.

After successfully curing a number of cancer patients using his ‘Rife Technology’, the Rockefeller owned American Medical Association (AMA) successfully laid this technology to rest permanently, by closing down his laboratory set ups and seizing his equipment. Essentially Rife refused to hand over the rights of his work to the AMA because he saw powerful ‘money interests’ as hidden ulterior motives for obtaining his technology.

Rife’s ‘cancer curing machine’ would not be on offer to the world at large because the AMA and the medical/pharmaceutical establishment to this very day, don’t want patients’ cured – that would mean customers lost and no more revenue. So they keep promising cures that never come, as they continue coming up with toxic treatments that only treat symptoms (while ignoring cause and safe natural treatments that heal), virtually guaranteeing the cancer will return and thus repeat business for the cancer industry.

After years of ensuing court cases with the big boys of the cancer establishment, having little money at his disposal for fighting back, Rife exiled in Mexico to avoid imprisonment in the USA – the pressures of harassment related to the legal battles and constant threat of imprisonment had been too much for him – Rife died of alcoholism a broken man.
3. Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) – Orgone Energy, Cloud Busting and Weather Control.

Wilhelm Reich built an instrument he called The Cloudbuster, which successfully induced weather change. It has been used to break many droughts by producing clouds that make rain.

This workable mechanism for making rain-clouds for crop irrigation in drought areas was stopped by those ever watchful lackeys for the ruling elite.

Allowing something like this could lead to food abundance and greatly contribute to ending world hunger. However, the controllers don’t want world hunger to end. If this happened it would make it more difficult to control people in what would no longer be third world countries. Don’t forget, their hidden enslavement agenda.!

Consequentially Reich was hounded by the likes of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) having accused him of fraud and deception with his cloudbuster instrument. His equipment was seized and destroyed. His last days were spent in prison where it was claimed that he died of a heart attack.

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