01 January 2018

A Call to Action ~ Brenda Julian Williams ~ 31 December 2017

I've been looking forward to the launch of Brenda William's new site. I was so inspired by her work when I first heard about it on Regina Meredith's Gaia TV show, aired in 2013 (which I posted here, in 2017). Her message for us certainly sets the tone for 2018.

(There's also a more recent presentation by Brenda, in July 2017, posted here.)

Source: Brenda Williams 777 / Triad Wave


My “WHY” is to INSPIRE YOU to look deep within and REMEMBER what you already know…
“SO THAT” we might share our PUZZLE PIECES with one another and INSPIRE OTHERS to REMEMBER.

WE, AS A COLLECTIVE, ARE ONCE AGAIN IN SERVICE TO HUMANITY.  OUR ORIGINAL BLUEPRINT, THE WHOLLY HUMAN GENOME is emerging and we have come to assist in the full integration of our Original Blueprint Design.  We have an opportunity to experience how we will ride the wave of change in the months ahead for we are empirically positioned within “the space between, the Stillpoint, the sweet spot” to assure resonance.

I am inspired to issue this CALL TO ACTION by the continued responses to the 2013 interview with Regina Meredith on Gaiam.  During the interview, I simply stated that “my EarthProject777 directive is to have 100 people, around the globe, holding the resonant field by the end of the year.”  Within hours after the interview aired, I received emails asking to be “one of the 100.”  Emails and inquiries continue today even though the interview is buried in the archives and all website information has been taken down.  The common thread throughout the responses is about feeing a connection…the vibration of resonance and remembrance within our DNA/RNA. The goal of 100 was reached before the end of the 2013 year and those 100+ circled Gaia to hold the resonant field for what continues to unfold.  I would not be surprised if many of you reading this have had similar experiences.  As we bring our unique skill-sets and experience together, we open a loving, trusting, resonant field to inspire one another and the whole of humanity to live in respect and resonance with our beloved Gaia.


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