02 January 2018

Activation of the "Rainbow Serpent" in the Great Shift on Earth ~ Open ~ 27 December 2017

Wow, it's that Rainbow thing again.... What Open has to say about the Rainbow Serpent makes so much sense!

Source: Openhand

In November of 2017 whilst on Openhand's 5D Shift World Tour, Katie, one of the Openhand Facilitators experienced a deep internal process. We were in a very sacred area of Australia, near Byron Bay, close to the crystalline Mount Warning. In brief, she felt the activation of the "Rainbow Serpent" through her being. Intuitively, I instantly knew what that meant. To me, it represents the reactivation of all the colours of the human sister/brotherhood - the "Original" human soul energy - that has been so distorted and suppressed through history. The conditions are ripe, it's time to reactivate the Rainbow Serpent in all of us...

The Seeding of Original Humans

I recall a number of incarnations on 3D Earth as the "Originals" - the Original Humans - were seeded here. At that time, pre-humans had a collectivised soul, which had become evolved enough to seek out, to yearn for, individualised soul expression - it was time to sub divide into unique and separate, but connected, form. Through sound vibration and light, the hominoid vehicle was subtly adapted very slowly over millions of years so as to create the perfect 'grail' to hold the new "Rainbow Souls", which would not only be of this Earth, but also starsouls who came from across the galaxy to support the seeding - the Pleiadians, Arcturians and Andromedans for example.
It is essential to add, that those supporting Humanity's evolution were not 'playing God', they were simply catalysing - facilitating - what already wanted to happen.
Once the successful Originals had evolved forth, their DNA frequencies were replicated through different regions on Earth, five in all, hence the fossil evidence for a multi-regional emergence. But this was far from the end of the story. It was known by Benevolence that an Opposing Consciousness would likely intervene and try to usurp the Original Humans. And so they did: Human genetics were hybridised, so as to allow in Opposing Consciousness energies - like the raptor consciousness for example - which had already been on Earth many millions of years. So about 250,000 years ago, Homo Sapiens - the downgraded and controlled Human - walked out of Africa to take disrespectful dominion of the Earth and all sentient life - that was the Opposing Consciousness agenda.

I have shared my views on this from the human fossil record, human genetics and past life regression accounts in the book DIVINICUS: rise of the divine human.

The Wounded Dragon

Benevolence was not naive. It was known that a battle for the very soul of humanity, and for custodianship of the Earth, would ensue. This Opposing Consciousness - this "Fallen Angel" - is an ancient 'adversary'. How do you 'defeat' such intervention? The answer: by not fighting at all; by not using the terms of separation, of exclusion, of 'right' and 'wrong' of 'good' and 'evil'. For if you fight and 'win', you only castigate your enemy back into the darkness, there to lurk, so that the realigning work must begin all over again, in some other form, somewhere else down the flow.

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