06 January 2018

Becoming Crystalline ~ Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi ~ 5 December 2017

As you begin to meld with your God WITHIN, your level of spiritual energy is augmented; the abundance of prana within your body gives rise to Kundalini along your spinal;
your vibrational frequency as well as Light quotient increases rapidly leading to your expanded consciousness;
your gene of compassion activates; 
the most important and divine portions of your body, your endrocronic system begins to crystallise; 
your DNA and RNA have long started to be realigned, recoded and activated; 
your double helix DNA system gradually give rise to a 12-helical strand of DNA and 6-strand RNA system; 
your entire body begins to change from a chaotic amorphous carbon-based system to a perfected crystalline silicate-based vehicle; 
your electromagnetic energetics is no longer capable of sustaining your complex crystalline system thus you switch into a Crysto-electric system that runs at considerably higher energies; 
your primary chakric system increase to 13 chakra and your aura expands tremendously to encompass your 7 bodies ~ 
the phyical, etheric, emotio, thought, causal, spiritual (Christ), and crystalline bodies.
Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, PhD


  1. Does this have something with this - i am or super extra fenomenal emotionaly and phisicly and in one second I am sick and stuff, and next day or few hours latter I am sick, and few days latter I am super!
    I dont understand what is going on with me?
    I am vegan, I do yoga and meditation every day, I do natural products and lifestyle

    1. Hi Inanna , while I'm not expert or "qualified" to give advice, I would say that what you're going through sounds very much like what many are experiencing during these intense energy blasts :) Our bodies are going through so much and assimilating Light energies!

      You're already vegan, meditate, do yoga and live consciousnly daily. I would certainly say you are helping yourself a great deal :) Just remember to be gentle with yourself, and continue to listen to what your body needs. Love and Blessings