05 January 2018

Becoming the Divine Architect of YOUR Life ~ Open ~ 1 January 2018

Source: Openhand

It's a new day, a new moment, a new year. What will you create and how will you create it? If we can find the most aligned way of living and being, then we'll progressively surrender into the divine flow, which will speak majestically through us. You'll get the most sublime reflections that will sing you alive. From the most miniscule opening of a petal, to the spectacular majesty of the sunrise. All will speak to you of the greater YOU. And as you step into that reflection, taking full ownership of it, you'll become the architect of the most miraculous masterpiece...

Interplay of Surrender and Willpower

I believe that in the Spiritual Mainstream, the concept of "Surrender" is much misunderstood, and sadly, all too often, used as an excuse not to commit to anything at all. If there's one apparent blocking synchronicity on the path, they plenty stop or turn back without fully exploring. Maybe it's an invitation instead to push through, to discover divine will?

(In the Video there's an understanding of the interplay between willpower and surrender)

I witness a highly intelligent flow, that has the best interests of all life at heart. When you surrender into it, the ego will get battered by it for sure; you'll encounter plenty of obstacles for certain. But that doesn't necessarily mean to stop. Check the synchronicities again - truly understand what they are telling you. Is the pattern of life's events bringing to the surface an old blockage, like non-commitment for example?

(This video explores the three types of synchronicity and what they point to)

"Not Efforting" - Embracing Your True Reflection

The Universe is not there to spoon feed us. It's there to challenge us to be all that we can be. Take a pause for a moment and contemplate the majesty of the sunrise, the wind through the trees or a rolling wave crashing onto the shoreline. Look out into the wider cosmos and witness shooting stars, comets and super novas. Are they not expressing themselves in the most elegant of ways? Are they not butting up against resistance and yet breaking through?

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