06 January 2018

Command PB Stardust Testimonies, Resources and Feedback to the Pleiadians ~ We Love Mass Meditations

Source: We Love Mass Meditations

Since Cobra brought the Command PB Stardust protocol to our attention, there are lots of amazing feedback on how this gift from the Pleiadians had help to reduce chronic pain suffered by the surface population.


Below are a few testimonies from various people who had got very positive results by using this protocol, which I had collected from Facebook before Christmas.

[P.S. I have changed some words to make it read better]
"I have an amazing and lovely testimony from my child. She was very ill with a virus in her digestive system. I taught her the PB command and the next day she was fine and told me she saw a blue doctor that looked "like a bird with sparkly feathers" and was healing her. She made this drawing and now everyday she talks to them and has visions of them. She says they always make that sign with their hand. I guess it is the Galactic Confederation way of greeting. Thanks to our star nations for your help and love! Victory of the light!"
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PS.  The drawing shows the "hand greeting", which is exactly the same as the Tear-Eir's greeting:
Sphere Being Alliance


  1. Intriguing ("blue bird doctor"). Wonder if the child ever saw the depiction of Ra-Tear-Eir before.

    .. and furthermore this points to that the blue avians are working along side with the Pleiadians?

    Well most important is that the kid is fine.

    1. Good questions, Lee....the answers to which I don't have :) I also wondered if the child saw any image of Tear-Eir. I'm thinking that most Races or Groups would in some way be connected with the Guardian Race, as this liberation process is a Cosmic effort. Blessings