03 January 2018

Fear and Truth ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 2 January 2018

Philosophy News
Source: Laura Eisenhower

Fear mongering really, is the attempt to steer people away from Truth... Truth is one of those words though. There is our own Truth, based in our personal journeys and revelations and what the physical is trying to reveal to us in our life experience -- to teach and show to us things, like that there are Cosmic and Natural laws. They hold the upper-hand always, our higher self understands it and is a part of it and our Ego is learning from it.

There are also hidden facts, that are Truths, with flexibility to our own level of awareness, because change and growth is built into us. We don't have to follow or lose our identity self. How we relate to our own inner Truth, relates to our capacity to actually really know ourselves and when we do, Unity is better understood ~ if we don't know how we tic and what we are made of and who we really are, we are vulnerable to deception in the outer World and a distorted version of our self and what we expect from ourselves and so we adhere to maybe false facts and projected types of Truth which has been externalized ~

If we love ourselves enough to embrace our wounds, processing's, passions and concerns, we are fine tuning not only our creative potential, but the ability to live a life that reflects it and we see the meaning of Truth and divinity, versus feeling lost and gravitating towards the things that give us a false sense of self, Truth and facts and how life should flow. These control energies exist in the media, medical, political and religious Worlds, but that doesn't mean that they don't serve us. We are in a lost and found sort of Soul journey.

When we can become fully real with ourselves, true reality shows up, it has many forms and our uniqueness is how we form a relationship to it. We benefit with the knowledge to be able to ground ourselves through connecting with Earth energies, like -- animals, herbs, stones, crystals, life and its cycles.

As long as Love is in our hearts, all our perspectives and communications assist us towards harmonizing diversity, seeing the Unity in it all, without having to fight to convert others! It helps us to manifest our deepest Soul longing, instead of a version of ourselves which doesn't help us to expand into the fullness of Nature and Spirit ~

Truth is based in our unique understanding of creation in general, within a greater guiding principle that brings us into Sovereign embodiments and Sacred Union, if we can just allow it to flow into us, through us and from us. That is creation and our co-creation with it, empowered and responsible to values like integrity, which is what really sets us free.

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