02 January 2018

Happy Awakening 2018 from Avalon ~ Andrea Foulkes ~ 1 January 2018


In 2018.....We enter another cycle, another opportunity to reflect inward, to take responsibility for our lives and actions.

We might not be, directly responsible for many of the things that happened to us or injustices, hurts and judgements that we feel. Often a newly Awakening Soul cannot see the way to Forgiveness is healing or liberating, yet retribution never is, and ties us into Karma Drama, by our own judgement, no one elses.

Why, should I forgive them? When we forgive another's conscious or unconscious actions.. it always Liberates us. We are also Worthy of Forgiveness in ourselves as the gateway to access our conscious and unconcious Guilts and Shames. The burden of carrying those for generations and lifetimes serves no one. Once we bear witness to the errors of our ways
( cause and effect) or have compassion for the Afflictions of others and self, we enter a new paradigm of Soul Freedom.

In Forgiveness it does not mean we validate or Forgive their Actions. Many...many actions on this planet will never be right, but we can Choose to "Forgive the Soul" of the person behind them. Often it is not a individual, it is a organisation, corporation, government, institution, church...we are unforgiving of. Many of their actions are morally bankrupt, dishonest, deceitful and against the humane law of nature, animals and humans.

We do not change the world with our Rage and Anger. We also don't change the world, whilst being passive, silent and in denial. We change the world by how we choose to live, walk and breathe. Where we shop, whom we do business with, whom we work for, what we choose to eat, how we socialise. What we choose.... is our Power, Liberation and Freedom.

Many times our Fears of peer pressure, family pressure, society conformity cloud our" Heart" discernments. Pressure is often the dark side of Fear and a facet of Tradition... Tradition is only a belief repeated enough times it becomes a normal facet of a society and we then call it a " Tradition".

Once when we study the dark history of humanity and our own Souls through emotional inner work, we find times where we have been the oppressor, victim, martyr. We also find times where we had great vision, wisdom, love, kindness, compassion....We may find times where people in a community Feared our Love and Kindness and were suspicious of such a beautiful kind open soul...We in many ways are living in those times again, where paranoid suspicion is high.

Rather than enquire into our own our emotional reactions, some souls Troll and Attack, because they Fear change. Many Fear they are not worthy of Soul Forgiveness. We " think" from the mind that means we have to hang out with that soul, live in a house with them be in contact with them.

In truth it does not mean we have to suffer, it means we forgive to liberate ourselves and let go of Responsiblity for their Awareness or Awakening. We walk away in Love. Love does not always mean we can tolerate the personality of a soul on a daily level or live with them or socialise with them...Love does not mean we condone their actions, but it does set us free.

The mind wants Tradition, but Tradition not based on Love and Honesty is dying a death...The history books were written by the winners or the wars, to suit the narrative of their Agendas. The True His/Her Story has always been written in our Hearts, Land and the Stars, this is the Soul Story of our place in the Cosmos and Universe on a Galactic level, and through our weaving inward and liberating our own beliefs ( Fears, Anxieties) from Womb, Inner Child, Past Lives, Ancestors....

We will Return to Self and crown ourselves Kings and Queens of our own Hearts....

Now is the time of this Awakening to Self Love.....

We are Worthy.....

Happy New year 2018.....

Andrea Foulkes - Intuitive Visionary

In Love,Light and Twinkles
Andrea xxxx


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