31 January 2018

Helping (Without Being a Martyr) ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 30 january 2018

For those of you who’ve come from different galaxies and expressions to help humanity, what are the fine print and entry agreements on your soul mission and waking up?

It all depends on what galaxy you come from. If you come from a war galaxy you're here to resolve war, whether it's through the process of remedy and resolve or being a patriot to the end so that you can be the other end of that lesson. If you're in those beings of light in harmony and sovereignty, it'll come through a new area of expression, where the seven layers of expression, one for each color, red, orange, yellow, indigo, blue, green, and violet, so on and so forth, all those seven colors make up the spectrum and that spectrum represents all different experiences that the DNA can have.

Some galaxies have three rays. Some galaxies have all seven rays. Some planets in a galaxy that have two rays can have five rays. It all depends on the type of reality that you set up. Here on Earth we are a full seven rays, seven experiences, and nine experiential bodies and seven colors of expression. So no matter what universe you come from your experience can be achieved here. It's a matter of what you can manifest from the dream world, how you link to the mental mind of Earth, so that you can manifest matter in this dream world, whether it's food, whether it's a job, whether it's science, technology, whatever your experience is defined as.

As for helping humanity, contract revocations are the beginning so that you can say to the facade system that is running our planet "No, I do not consent to energy harvesting," and you can begin and co-create from there. I recommend that you use the spiritual court of equity. It brings all of your ancestors in. It makes everyone witness it. It makes everyone a part of your sovereign agreement. Why? Because this is the time where we claim our sovereignty, where we allow our true free will to be at a whole new layer of super expression, where we can do the things that are super human. Whether it's a fruit vendor in Tunisia who sets himself on fire or a blogger who gets 10 million views in a week. You don't need to be a martyr to do it. Okay? That's the new lesson here.
​​​​​​​As for ascending star seeds, galactic star seeds, again, it's the planet. If you're Pleiadian, Arcturian, there's different types of color technologies are more effective to you. The Pleiadian and Arcturians are very big on the blue ray technology and the Syrians and the Orions are very good on the red ray and the yellow ray technologies. And what are those? Those are things that affect your various energy centers during creation, inspiration, retrospection processes, so that your mind, which is using your programmed water, or crystallized waters which are in your brain, or pericardium, to filter the entire perception of the experience out, whether it's the couch that's over here or the blade of grass and the flies outside or my relations with people and email. Each is a separate layer of reality, just like I know where in my house to go get forks out of a drawer. They don't just manifest, they exist there. Information just manifests, or does it always exist and we simply open the door to it?

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