03 January 2018

How Will Ascension Affect Our Current Family Structures? ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 1 January 2018

"Rainbow experiences"....

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Everyone will be trying to find their soul families. And that's the crux of those that are trying to help us awaken, to help us go through this birthing process, rebirthing process, whatever you want to call it, to save the culture, to save those family bonds, because we were more than just soldiers sharing a foxhole on planet Earth.

We have been lovers. We have been mothers. We have been fathers. We have been children. What haven’t we been?

We have been all of the rainbow experiences and we must be able to preserve them. Some will not be able to preserve it because some people had to play parts, such as members of government or different teachers and historians or scientists, had to play parts and wear costumes.

And as they no longer had to play the part and no longer wear the costume and their signature frequency returns they will reemerge into society's new consciousness explorers that are healers that have learned from the different mistakes we've made from the past and have accepted the compassion and forgiveness it takes for all beings and all sentient kinds here on Earth to have.

Andrew Bartzis

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