02 January 2018

Decree For The Highest Light ~ Tim Whild ~ 1 January 2017

Source: Tim Whild

As the birds, animals, insects and trees greet the sunrise they simply see the dawn of a new day. They assess the energy and instinctively go about their tasks as guided by their heart centre and the overall energy of their collective Soul groups. They search for food, reach for water and communicate with Gaia as she raises her vibration yet further. Everything is done by conscious instinct to perform an individual task as part of a collective whole.

For us it is the 1st January 2018, the start of the New Year. We have said our farewell to 2017 and have set our intentions and resolutions for the next twelve months regardless of where we are consciously on our spiritual paths. 

The difference between ourselves and the other inhabitants of planet Earth is our concept of time and the presence of the ego.

To humans, time became a method of control during the third dimension and many souls are now aware of how we control time with the process of our intention. With attention to the ‘now’ moment time simply flies compared to the state of ‘slowing’ that indicates our attention is outside of the now.

Regardless of our perception of hours, weeks and months another year has flowed through our conscious lives with incredible speed bringing us to a point of collective Human intention. As Human souls in Human bodies having a Human experience we have the perfect opportunity to guide our focus-intention-manifestation to create a springboard energy to launch us into the New Year.

One of the most powerful ways of creating a ‘wish list’ is by decree. In our dimension we can decree for almost anything and the Universe will respond unconditionally to our point of focus. A decree is a loving command from ourselves to the Universe to provide a set of energies or supportive circumstances that we require for our everyday lives.

This is a decree to set the year ahead to be held in the highest and purest Light at all times and to raise your vibration to the highest level. The words below are simply a guideline and you can add or remove anything depending on your wishes or circumstances.

Happy New Year!

Decree For The Highest Light

I (name) in the name of Love and under the Law of Grace call to the full presence of my Highest Self. I lovingly request that my highest point of consciousness integrates with me here on Earth….now.

I call forth the the Dragons of the Fire, Earth, Air, Water and of the Cosmic Rays to permanently clear my path of lower frequency obstacles from the second that I wake right through to my sleep-time duties.

I call forth to the Cosmic Godfire and the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame to wash through my bodies and fields daily to keep my chakras bright, pure and clear.

I call forth to Archangel Gabriel to place a Diamond of Purity around my living space at all times ensuring that I am held in a fifth-dimensional cocoon.

I call forth the Unicorns to flood through to planet Earth and touch the Hearts of those still sleeping.

And lastly, I (name), dedicate my heart and soul to the Path of Highest Service for myself and for Planet Earth.

As Within So Without
As Above So Below.

(Repeat the words above aloud and with authority to the rising or setting Sun three times)

It is so.

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