08 January 2018

Mooji ~ "Don't Be Afraid of Emptiness, Get Used To It" & "You Have to Be a Little Bit Mad to Be Free"

Your Heart is the Light of this world.
Don't cover it with your mind.

It's been a very long while since I posted a Satsang from Mooji (only Spiritual Snapshots recently), which surprised me, since I do watch one every once in a while.

So I guess to make up for it, I'll post....two?

The first one is "Don't Be Afraid of Emptiness, Get Used to it". This is the place where we can feel totally safe, free, and truly our Selves. And in so doing, we find that we'll fill ourselves up again.

"Don't seek validation from others" ~ paraphrase.

Next is "You have to be a little bit mad to be free...God has a sense of humour". I remember being told early on in my journey that I would have to be out of my mind, so that I could then access my True Self. Mooji says the same, with lots of laughs!

"Burn the University (with all the teachings) and release the Universe."

Thanks so much for these, T 💜


  1. "You have to be a little bit mad to be free" then Im free but where`s my ascension?

    1. :D :D Very good question, Sword! I think this level of "free" pertains to freedom from the Matrix and control system. Ascension is then the next step ;) Blessings