14 January 2018



  1. I think the time difference on this graph is 12 hours. So when it shows, for example, a white line at 1 am on Jan. 15th, that is 1 pm on the 14th for those of us in the Eastern US time zone. (10 am on the West coast, etc.)

    1. These graphs are coded to show your local time. When I post them, the times shown are for my timezone. They are live readings.

      The best thing for you to do is to click on the link I provide under each graph so you can see what time it was for you. The graphs will recalibrate to show you your own local time :)

      Hope this helps. Blessings :)

    2. Thanks for your reply. When I click on the link right now (8 am on 2/8), it shows the graph up to between 19 and 20. It's my understanding that that's between 7 and 8 pm. Or am I reading it wrong?

    3. 19-20 is between 7 and 8pm, you are right. I can't confirm what you are seeing, unfortunately, since I don't see the same thing. I do know that they show the live reading. so perhaps it's best you manually check your time that way if the times shown are not what you expect.

      Sorry, this is the best I can do, ie confirm that the data is live.