07 January 2018

New Evidences Showing that Black Holes are Controlling Star Formation ~ Resonance Science Foundation ~ 6 January 2018

"Black" Holes ~ the well-spring and potentiality of Creation. Always good to see mainstream "Science" catch up with Nassim Haramein ~ "....eventually they'll get there."

Source: Resonance Science Foundation (including short video of Nassim Haramein)

At first, black holes were only a theoretical solution to Einstein's theory of gravity. They were inevitable under some circumstances. It is in the early 1960s with the discovery of quasars in 1963 that black holes became a reality for astrophysicist. Nowadays it is taken for granted that black holes do exist in at least two different forms. Scientists think stellar mass black holes are the endpoint of the death of some stars, and supermassive black holes are the result of coalescences in the centers of most galaxies, including our own.

However, as Nassim Haramein showed in his theory black holes are far more than just large vacuum in space sucking all their surroundings. In fact, the equations from the Haramein-Rauscher solution for the Einstein equation are showing that these astrophysical objects are producing more matter than they absorb. And interestingly, a recent article published in Nature on the 1st of January 2018 is pushing the idea that black holes are the main actor in the formation of the galaxies.

Nassim Haramein speech on black holes at the last delegate gathering in December 2017:

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