06 January 2018

Planet Alert January 2018 ~ Mahala Gayle ~ 4 January 2018

I will admit that I'm not really an Astrology fan, but I like the perspective that Mahala Gayle has taken in this report.

Source: Mahala's Astrology
Happy New Year!

Here we are experiencing another new year. What will happen this year? I’m sure it will be a very interesting year with lots and lots of changes. We started this year with a Super Full Moon on January 1, 2018 at 6:24 PM PST. The next day Uranus went direct in conjunction with Eris the planet of chaos. This is a very big deal. Uranus has been spinning his wheels and now he is in direct motion and will cause a lot of chaotic energy and fast acting changes.

Uranus is the planet of light, electricity, new inventions, wind, demonstrations, and revolutions like Iran is experiencing right now. And there have been lots of demonstrations in various places all over the world in the past few years. During the past six and a half years Uranus has been in Aries which is ruled by Mars and this is what has been causing so much violence in the world. I’m looking forward to May when Uranus goes into Taurus which is ruled by Venus, the planet of love.

The sun is over Washington, D.C today which is January 3, 2018 and is activating energy in that city. Venus is almost conjunct the sun and Venus is in an exact 60 degree angle to Neptune, which rules dreams. Have you had any interesting dreams lately? Ones that seem like they are real? I sure have had them. The sun is activating the East Coast of the USA right now and there has been a lot of snow in that area. There are more storms to come with the conjunction of the sun and Pluto. Right now Saturn, Venus, sun, and Pluto are all in Capricorn which is the sign that rules snow.

Saturn is now in Capricorn and the emphasis will be on governments, leaders, corporations, and structures. Pluto is also in Capricorn and has been transforming governments and structures for several years now. Saturn will be in Capricorn for two and a half years. This means to look for changes in leaderships of many countries all over the world. The old is going out and the new will be coming in. I think January and February will be very chaotic with many changes.

Mars and Jupiter are both in Scorpio. Those two planets are conjunct over Iran right now and look at all the demonstrations that are going on in that country. The Mars energy is coming to the foreground along with Uranus which rules revolutions. At the same time Mars and Jupiter are making a 90 degree angle to North Korea and that country is again in the news. I don’t think there will be a major war although I think revolutions will continue to happen.

On January 26 Mars will move into Sagittarius and then the energy will shift to Afghanistan, Pakistan and the countries in that area. Jupiter will continue to be in Scorpio for several more months affecting mainly the Middle East, Korea, and the West Coast.
We have been in the Chinese year of the Rooster and that has been a very hard year. On the New Moon of February 15 at 1:05 PM PST we move into the sign of the Earth Dog. This should be the time when good things start to happen. Think of the energy of a dog. Most of them are known as “Man’s Best Friend”. There are some dogs that are fighters but most of them are very loving animals. It looks like this upcoming year will bring out the heart energy in a lot of people. Then it will be time to “Think with your Heart”. Manifest love energy.

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