06 January 2018

Rick Jewers Updates ~ 5 January 2018

Couple of updates from Rick Jewers:

No more holding space for others at this Time, Proceed ahead, they will follow.
Over the last several days there have been test runs of Your physical bodies for compatibility with the Higher Dimensions. Physical symptoms and sensations varied from non-existent to extreme for some. Again, We emphasize the importance of Your diets in this physical body Ascension.

You must realize that if You are to exist comfortably in Higher Dimensional Timelines, Your physical body must be able to maintain a frequency/vibration to match that Higher Timeline. What stands in the way for most, and makes it very uncomfortable, is the accumulation of chemicals in the body as a result of diet and drink, environment atmosphere and any other physical contact with chemicals that are not natural to the Human body.

Your physical bodies are taking in higher and higher quality and quantity of Light Energy.

This Energy is being supplied to the surface of Gaia and no one escapes the effects of that powerful energy. You are also beginning to take more Light into Your physical bodies intentionally to assist with Your Divine Purpose here.The Light Community gets affected the most by this, Because You are the peers, the way showers and Your energetic fields are constantly being empowered with Higher Sources of Pure Divine Light. This will happen to more and more of the Masses as well, as they begin a Higher Awakening and their physical bodies begin to show many Ascension symptoms.

You are an electric/energetic Being, many chemicals not natural to the Human Body WILL cause discomfort, and it has to. These chemicals have electric charges and fields of their own, and while in a Human Vessel that is being bombarded by electric energy, it causes body chaos and confusion. Your energetic fields have a tough time with trying to stabilize You Bodily Energy Vortex, and these chemicals because of their reactive properties, cause the disarray and chaotic energy flows. If a physical body is overly saturated with these accumulated chemicals, it will almost shut down completely, for it cannot withstand the immense chaotic energy field that was created within the Human vessel, due to TOO MANY chemicals.

Things like sulfates, aluminum, soda acids, copper are conductors of energy as well as energy banks, these chemicals in the body above the natural level, causes distortions in the electric field of Your Bodies, which transitions into the discomforts, the physical symptoms of Ascension.

It is important to keep Your blood flow as strong as possible in the Human Vessel also, and raw celery (organic is best) assists with this by keeping the arteries open to their maximum. When arteries are opened to their maximum, they are more efficient at contributing to the cleansing process of the physical vessel. Water is the other most valuable cleansing and energizing agent for the physical body.

So, to assist with any discomforts at this time, take another look at Your diet and environment, there may be things there You can change, that will assist with Your physical body's Ascension.

Love and Light

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