04 January 2018

Sirians ~ Ascension Glossary ~ Lisa Renee

While searching for something unrelated, this article popped up. Sirius ~ this same topic was mentioned in an earlier communication with a dear Soul earlier today.

This is from the perspective of Lisa Renee, and certain parts may not necessarily agree with some. As always, go with your Higher Guidance.

**Note: Laura Eisenhower has said that hosting of the Ascension Timeline is now by the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

Source: Ascension Glossary

The Sirians are the original builders of planetary architecture, and this is why some higher factions of the Sirian races (the Lyran-Sirian Councils) that live in the Law of One are also called Guardians or the Guardian Host. The Sirius Star in the Canis Major constellation acts as the transmission agent and higher self principle for the planet earth in Universal Time Matrix.

The Sirians have both positive and negative impacts to the earth evolution, as the Star Sirius is a planet in higher dimensions and portions of the timelines of Sirius B planet were corrupted though Orion Group and Reptilian invasion. During the second seeding phase of planet earth, renegades from Sirius that were influenced by the Luciferian Marduk races decided they wanted to create their own host bodies, and get away from the administrative structure of many ambassador bases that exist in the Sirius Star system.

Sirius B in the highest dimension (24th) acts as a Cosmic Outpost for multiple federation bases in the Interdimensional Free Worlds Systems. It is through these corridors that representatives from the Free Worlds, such as the Krystic human races of the Oraphim communicate or return to the humans on planet and those existing on parallel earths.

Thus, through the anti-human agenda on earth, these communication links and portals have been attempted to be shut down and terminated from use as entry points into the lower dimensional timelines of earth.

To destroy the higher dimensional timeline access between Sirius in the lower density of the 6th dimension that had access to the conglomerate of Interdimensional Free World Systems, the Dracs invaded sections of the stellar body to destroy communications and install artificial intelligence to take control their technology and data systems.

These factions of Sirian rebels used advanced technology to change the orbit of their planet, and to catch a ride on the trajectory of our Sun, this planet is known today as Nibiru. They decided to strike out on their own and dominate and rule other cultures, other planets, adopting the war like behaviors and attitude of their previous Reptilian overlords. They created a new race of bodies which is called Nephilim with the support of some factions of the Elohim and reptilians supporting this race of giants.

The Sirians (Sirius B) were hosting the second cycle of seeding the Human Race on the earth, and in retaliation to their power and control over the earth evolution, the ancient Annunaki adopted their new relatives from Niburu. They demanded from the Sirians that their races have place to evolve on the earth as equal placement to the human beings, because they did not have the ability to evolve with source creator. This was a hidden deception as they were not interested in equality or evolution on the earth, but that the giant Nephilim could be controlled easily and directly by them off planet. Thus, they would get more power and control on the surface over the planet earth resources (such as mining for gold and minerals), as well as make humans the slave race to serve the reptilian genetic based races and their projects and agendas.

During the end of 2nd Seeding the Annunaki started breeding with Humans and a race called NEPHILIM was created. This was not agreed upon to genetically tamper with the human race and the Higher factions of the Lyran-Elohim council would not continue to let this race walk on or be on the Earth. They considered it violation which angered the Annunaki because other extraterrestrial races were being allowed to introduce genetic material into the earth, as the "grand experiment". This created a Conflict and another War broke out. This created the war with the Annunaki and other Annunaki sympathizers,such as the Dracs and Sirian Annunaki Hybrids. The War ended this seeding attempt and we reorganized for the next Evolutionary Round. Since then, the planet endured the Luciferian Rebellion 22,000 years ago and Luciferian Covenant which was organized by these rebel faction offshoots and their reptilian hybrids to have full control over the earth and program humans to be their slaves.

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