23 January 2018


You can tell how creative I'm feeling right now by that title :)

There's "something" going on today. I don't know what it is, but it feels like moving through tar. Going through a few alternative/truther sites to check the "news" made me feel queasy. So much negativity and loud "noise". So much polarisation.

This could just be my personal experience only, so if you don't feel this "something", then please just disregard this short sharing :)

Namaste and Blessings


  1. We just had an 8.2 earthquake up here in AK. Tsunami warning for the coast. I am hoping all is well everywhere. Maybe you felt this coming. <3

    1. Thank you for this news ~ I just checked and thankfully the tsunami warning has been lifted. Perhaps we received assistance to stabilise the shockwaves? I see that Java was hit with a 6.1 quake around the same time, too.
      Blessings <3