07 January 2018

The Enlightened Divine Self ~ Paul Selig ~ 6 January 2018

At the rate this is going, we'll get through all the relevant parts of "The Book of Truth" fairly soon. And it's a really good book, by the way :)

Source: Empath 1111

The small self, you see, perceives enlightenment as a goal, and the idea of a goal or place arrived to in destination is always some other time. enlightenment, you see, or the being what you are as realized in coherence with the divine Self as what you are, is in an infinite moment that exists outside of time.

"I was enlightened on Wednesday last," you would like to say, " and perhaps next Thursday I will be enlightened some more."

The Divine Self that you are is enlightened. The small self will never be. And your seeking to attribute your divinity to the small self, who operates through a system of time and is moored to the agreements of the flesh, is what you claim when you seek to know the small self as God, It is not.

The Divine as you is here, is here, is here as what you are and may only be. The Divine as what you are has been the teaching of this text, and the self that you know in agreement to truths is the one who by-passes the system of time as consciousness.

Paul Selig - The Book of Truth
A Channeled text

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