11 January 2018

The Golden Sword / Pink Rose Activation: A Healing Gift of Magic from Holy Waters ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, Archangel Michael, The Order of the Marys, and a Huge Etheric Healing Team

Chalice Well, Glastonbury, England

Received on 9/6/16 - asked to release this message after New Year's 2018

This is a powerful activation. I suggest creating a sacred space for yourself while going through it. This message and its simple but profound activation left me energised.

Source: Aluna Joy

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(For maximum download, please read this slowly and in a quiet and meditative space. We are told that those who need to hear this message and receive this healing will do so. I am told that we are ready for this message now.)

We are inviting the Spirit of all that is, the great matrix of creation, to be with us here and now. We are calling on Mother Mary, Jeshua, Joseph of Arimathea, and all the sacred pilgrims that have come here in the past, and those that are still here in the present. We humbly ask that we might time travel back in time, with our spirits and our souls, to a place in ethereal memory where this land was pure and simple, with a holy spring bubbling up out of the ground. We ask that these holy waters and this healing land erase the sounds of the modern world out of our minds. Let us only hear the wind in the trees, the birds singing, and the sweet smell of the garden, so we can go back to a time when life was peaceful and uncluttered; a place where holy pilgrimage was a focus for life, not just a for a moment, an hour or a day. We are being asked to feel the loving presence of the three Marys, the Order of the Marys. Feel the protective presence Archangel Michael. Feel the spirit of the sacred Tor and its spiraling energy lines.

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We ask to enter this place, before it was beautiful modern garden, when it was just a spring in the middle of a field on the side of an ancient sacred hill. Humbly, we ask for blessings and deep healing for all the things that ail us, all the things that are weighing heavily upon us and all the places where we have not cleared out past programming. We have come to this moment today to heal all the places where we were deeply wounded, and all the places where we have doubted ourselves. We ask that this holy place help us return to being clean, pure and crystal clear to remember who we are and why we came here. We ask the Holy Mothers, Holy Fathers and Great Spirit for these blessings not for our own personal gain. We ask for these blessings because we know that what we do for ourselves, we do for all beings and for every person on this Earth. We come here this day as servants of the divine plan with a burning desire to take our path yet another step forward.

We call on all the Ancient Ones from all the religions of the world, and all the Ancient Ones from all the sacred sites around the world. We call on the presence of the Holy Dove that is not only anchored here at this sacred well, but is also anchored on the Plumed Serpent ley line in Palenque, Mexico. We, as living conduits, link together these grid lines through our bodies. We are remembering that which has always been true. We remember the holy pilgrimages that have gone from here to the Maya World and Palenque. We have felt Jeshua and Merlin travel these ley lines. And now, just by saying their names, they have showed up for this blessing as well. 

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