06 January 2018

Twin Souls & Heiros Gamos ~ Philip Coppens

You may already have known about this, but I only found out today, and yes....lightbulb moment :)  I could never feel easy whenever I read about sibling pairs such as Isis/Osiris and the description that they were brother and sister. To me, it was incestuous, and no matter how I try to explain it to myself, I could never quite look at it as acceptable, especially if they are supposed to be of the Light.

However, when I read this account from the late Philip Coppens, everything makes so much sense. Such couplings are obviously normal, and something Divine to strive for. The "sibling" aspect was a way of describing Twin Flames, or Twin Souls.

Just to add, Heiros Gamos is also what each individual goes through as he or she merges the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within.

Thanks to IA𝛀 for highlighting this excerpt.

Source: Philip Coppens

The concept of twin souls – more popularly known as soulmates – is as old as civilisation itself. Isis and Osiris were both sister and brother and husband and wife: twins. Rather than seeing this as an incestuous relationship, the ancient Egyptians were using this imagery to portray a complex metaphysical framework.

They – like so many other religions – believed that each human being possessed a soul. That soul was half of one unit, which consisted out of one male and one female half. This meant that for every human being alive, there was a perfect twin soul. The quest in this lifetime was to find that twin soul, and be reunited with it. This was the truest of loves; the greatest quest. If not the Great Work of Alchemy. The alchemist Nicolas Flamel stated that he was only able to accomplish the Great Work while in the presence of his wife Perenelle, but it was equally accepted that the majority of marriages here on earth, was not between twin souls.

Once the twin souls had found themselves, apart from understanding the true depths of love and kinship they shared throughout their many lifetimes together, the hieros gamos would be completed at some point. What was it? It was seen as God personally “attending” a sexual activity, in which the human beings – male and female – each get “infused” by the divine essence of the male and female component of God.

The best-known historical example of such a sacred marriage is between King Solomon and Queen Sheba. The story relates how the Queen of Sheba travelled from her homeland to meet Solomon, to perform the hieros gamos with him.

This story is discussed by Kathleen McGowan in her fact-based novel “Book of Love”. She relates that ancient traditions stipulate God had both a male and female aspect: El and Asherah. Tradition relates that they desired “to experience their great and divine love in a physical form and to share such blessedness with the children they would create. Each soul who was formed was perfectly matched, given a twin made from the same essence.

[…] Thus the hieros-gamos was created, the sacred marriage of trust and consciousness that unites the beloveds into one flesh.”

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