06 January 2018

We Did Go to the Moon, but the Footage was Fake ~ Arjun Walia ~ 5 January 2018

Synchronicity ~ when it shows up, I pay attention :)  Some rambling personal preface follows, but for those who wish to skip it, please go right to the article from Collective Evolution here.

I had a VERY long and tiring day yesterday, running around "out there" in the insane world of even-more-insane parameters and conditions for "existence", helping some people with very 3D issues that required urgent resolution. Interestingly enough, they were all resolved from a 5D perspective, and thankfully by the almost-end of the long day, all loose ends were tied up. I may write a bit more about that aspect in a later post.

I finally watched the latest X-Files last night, because someone close to me (and currently going through her own awakening) had asked me about it. It was already late and I was tired, but since I had followed that series, I thought it would be good idea to watch it while gratefully having my tea and snacks. Spoilers follow for those who like the suspense....

Through visuals, it was implied that the Moon Landing was staged, and Cigarette Smoking Man aka Cancer-Man had significant influence over its filming. (And omigoddess that introduction, where he revealed his name to be Carl Gerhard BUSH....that itself opens up at least two cans of worms ~ the Bushes being linked to Nazis, and that Nasa and SSP are "Operation Paperclip" programs.)

I explained to my friend that Apollo 11 DID go to the Moon, but that they had to film parts of the landing as well because the real footage contained evidence of ET existence.

Then this morning I came across this article from Collective Evolution....whoa!! And it contains a whole bunch of references to people such as Dr Greer, Bob Dean (easily one of my favourites), Paul Hellyer, Edgar Mitchell, Neil Armstrong.

Please read the article at Collective Evolution.

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