19 February 2018

"504" in X-Files

Someone else may already have written about this, or many may already have noticed it. I just saw it less than a couple of hours ago.

In episode 6 of this current season of X-Files ("Kittens"), there's a scene where Mulder is picking the lock on Skinner's apartment door. The unit number is "504".

Just as there's much that is unknown (at least to me) about this critical "504", there was much mystery surrounding Skinner's disappearance (the reason for Mulder and Scully breaking into his apartment). Somehow I find the analogy interesting and at the same time, ironic ~ the agents had to break into 504 in an attempt to obtain leads for their investigation, which uncovered a diabolical experiment by the Government to control the minds of the masses using an unknown gas (which looks a bit orangey, reminding me of Agent Orange).


  1. Hi Grace (back I am). Yes indeed as "trippy" as Mulder talking about a Secret Space Program, regardless of acting in a mocking way..

    Here's where my detective sniffing about Cobra 504 lead to .. ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkAZhtM_qvw

    1. Glad to have you back, Lee! :D And thanks for the lead...hahahahh!!

      What are the odds, though? A "Cobra 504"....