20 February 2018

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 19 February 2018

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

New clues hint at a huge leap we just completed!

I am recovering from the mid-December to now 🤯 energy wave. I am still asking what was THAT? I am feeling that I have, just now, emerged from the tomb that we entered in December. A holy moly, chaotic void. (Some of you reading this will know what I mean by that, but I can’t say more.) I feel that the grueling, stalled, yet over the top, transformational, processing energy has lifted considerably, and we are able to start moving forward again. Yahoo! That was one big LEAP!

I am really feeling positive to what I am seeing emerge in the ethers. This is just the beginning. It feels like a new world has landed and that all we need to do is plug it in. My dreams are already shifting, and they have become light-filled again. I am asking for deeper understanding. I find myself asking questions with a different perspective than before. I can see that what worked before is not working now. It is time to really think outside the box. If you think you were already thinking outside the box, go further!

I feel that there is some energy healing that is still needed ahead before we reach the point on fulling landing in this new world. Our nervous systems are scrambling to catch up, and the road is still a bit bumpy as we heal. Anxiety and digestive issues are still common right now, among a long list of other symptoms. Physical ascension is an unknown process that we decided to take on in this new cycle. It is a huge learning curve. It involves us letting go and leaping forward all at once. If you feel overloaded, this is why.

What helps...

Get out in NATURE, hot baths, deep cleaning your home and don’t forget the windows, as this helps unblock energy. Clear you home inside and out. We like using sacred oils like Egyptian Golden Oil in an oil burner (We will bring back more in October, after our next Egypt pilgrimage for you), frankincense, myrrh, sage, etc.... Prayer, meditation, and simple deep breathing helps a lot. Several times a day, stop for a moment and take three deep breaths while using the inner mantra “clean and clear ... clean and clear ... clean and clear”. Also Archangel Michael loves to use a soft, pink energy we like to call the soft, pink, baby blanket. It is a high vibratory energy protection cloak! How do you get this cloak? Just ask! Simple.

Here at home, we are seeing big clues. We are in an insane, but happy, process of rebooting our little sanctuary. We have become painfully aware of stuck, yucky energy in our home/work place. This is a huge clue as to what a big leap we have just made. It is massive! We are impelled to clean and clear everything, physically and energetically, all over the house, leaving no corner untouched. Our medicine circle is getting a fine tuning as well. We will not accept anything that is out of alignment, and we are clearing and healing everything with unbending tenacity to the truth, like the passion of Mother Sekhmet. After obsessive cleaning and clearing, we are finding that we need to rest and reboot just as deeply and passionately. We are recovering from the non-stop, transformational energy that we just leaped through. I hope this reprieve lasts a while so we can re-calibrate. Fingers crossed.

I am resisting the pull to toss everything out and live in an empty house. The trick is not to toss the baby out with the bath water, and to know where and what that new baby is! This feeling is also a huge clue that we have either emptied out our sacred Chalice, or received a new, upgraded one ready to be filled with new and great things. We are also pulling up our overgrown, tangled garden. It is already feeling lighter and better, like a clean slate. We are starting to see things sprout already. Is this spring 2 months early? A clue that maybe we have entered a new world on a different timeline.

There will be lots of surprises to what we thought was true. Many things may not be true now. Be flexible and open to new, incoming manifestations. It may not look like what you expected. I hear that this is the start of a higher level of a revolution of consciousness.

Expect the unexpected, because that is where the magic is. You have been looking for the magic yes? A year or two from now, we will look back at this time as if it was the dark ages. In the mean time, remember to surf it out, allow the disintegration of the old, and focus on the new.

The paradigm is shifting for the better even if we feel like we are on quicksand right now. We are the rocks of this new world. Remember this. Once again, good work everyone!

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Our sacred Avalon / England pilgrimage is in the first two weeks of July (Registration closing soon. So don’t hesitate to sign up).
We are already starting to feel a fine tuning and deep polishing of the new, empowered Goddess, merged with the true awakened man. We can also feel a deep, soul healing laced with joyful and blissful experiences that bond our group in ways that only sacred pilgrimage can.

We wind up in October in powerful Egypt
We can already feel the final touches of authentic empowerment, new world alchemy and refined wisdom coming to our group to seal in decades of sacred pilgrimage (ask to be on our Egypt cancellation list if you can see yourself with us. Anything is possible).

We are blessed. Over the years, our pilgrimages have become deep, blessed portals in which many people have found many members of their true soul family. This can help ease deep loneliness and isolation which many of service, to Earth and humanity, tend to feel sometimes. It is my greatest joy in life to see these global family connections grow even bigger with each passing year. We are one!

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