28 February 2018

Before, During and After The Event: QHHT Client Sessions ~ Allison Coe ~ 27 February 2018

**Updated with notes**

Allison Coe is back with more information about The Event culled from her clients' sessions. Timeframes are brought up, and Allison cautions viewers against investing too much in them, as "Time" isn't the linear construct that it is in 3D, in the higher realms.

I've only just gone through 10 minutes, and I felt I should post this first in case I take too long to get through the video, especially since I'm also taking notes.

Please view here.

I had to watch this in sections over a few hours. Throughout that duration, Synchronicity kept me company. One of the several cues was seeing "555". I checked the potential meaning of this here and here. Interesting!

Additionally, only couple of days ago I was asking around for recommendations for a QHHT practitioner for someone's healing.

In a reversal of events, it seems from this video that those who are not ready will be temporarily housed in ships, while those who are will stay on-Planet and be transformed.

Please view the video to get full details ~ these notes are just highlights of some of the content. Comments within brackets are mine.
  • Client sees massive miles-high rainbow smoke rolling in, affecting everything on the Planet and changing the client mentally, emotionally and physically
  • Solar Flash is pre-cursor into initial stage of 5D
  • Those who are unable to handle the frequencies will be housed temporarily in ships while they decide the next phase of their lives
  • Beings will be present to help re-educate because Humanity is so far behind, also to provide assistance to rehabilitate areas of Earth that we destroyed; in fact, they are ~ and have been ~ helping us all along to clean up our mess
  • Currency Reset occurs only after The Flash, which is the catalyst
  • When? "Soon" ~ between 3 to 6 months (session was conducted in December 2017)
  • Client recalls hearing the word "March" (Allison notes that more than 75% of her clients who talk about The Event mentions the timeframe "first quarter of 2018")
  • "3-6 months" also mentioned in another session conducted in February
  • Client reports seeing brightness and feeling love and energy
  • It's life-changing for everyone
  • What about people in precarious positions? Allison asked. "Everyone will be cared for." Client also wanted to say "suspended animation"
  • Client was told majority will "go" (ascend) within 3 years (after The Event)
  • "Wave of Light coming" that will affect everyone but not all will embrace it
  • Thousands and thousands are already connected to this energy and will just be with the frequency it when it happens
  • Freedom, peaceful, carefree, loving, more Light ~ some adjectives used to describe 5D Earth
  • Another wave of Light in 4-7 years (after The Event)
  • Client feels bored currently, not interested in anything (I know many are feeling this "void" and detachment, too) but after The Event, there will be a flurry of action (so this is like going through the calm before the storm, but in a very positive sense)
  • The Event is being greatly resisted by the people in power but there will not be any war
  • Client is told that The Event will occur in first quarter of 2018 and he will become the "next version of himself" ie. 5D
  • The more one's frequency is closer to that of The Event, the more peaceful and happy they would feel; those who do not resonate with will feel dazed
  • Client advised to ground into the New Earth instead of "current" one to help prepare; also connecting to Source when meditation but not grounding Root Chakra to "this Earth"
  • Focus on own energy to prepare, rather than too much focus on others' paths
  • Client told, "The Event is coming" in couple of months (session in Feb)
  • Bright Light, great joy, clients' children will know the mother wasn't crazy (lol)
  • Able to switch between dimensions
  • Client feeling "done", no interest. It's because 3D is "past", not real anymore
  • Another client was told that she attends meetings in ships to report on situations on Earth; she also checks to see if they are ready on the ship as people will be temporarily housed there
  • "Everything is ready on the ship, and on Earth"
  • Everyone will be given the choice to stay on Earth and be transformed or be taken to ships. They were expecting more to be ready for the transformation so they had to end up sending for more ships to house those not ready
  • "We thought more people would be ready (handle the energy), but the Light is coming anyway"
  • We are asked to focus on ourselves (inner work) so that we can be ready to hold and assimilate the Light when it hits
  • Estimated stay onboard ships is couple of days. When they are returned, some will remember and some won't
  • Gifts? Telepathy, removal of negativity
  • "Everything is changed....everything"
  • "Heaven on Earth, magnificent"
  • "Wave coming in March, just a few weeks away"
  • Some will die because it's time, or recycled because they can't handle the Light (referring to the dark ones)
  • Technology developing faster than Spirituality due to interference. This imbalance had to be corrected
  • The Wave comes from the Galactic Sun, through the Sun
  • Natural, cyclical event that occurs every 26,000 years
  • No need to store up food, water etc
  • People are going to be high for a while, massive bliss-out
  • Systems will change radically, they are so huge it's hard to describe
  • "First quarter of 2018"
  • Tidal waves of Light, pale yellow, rolling in like tendrils, changing everything in its wake
  • Client may lose consciousness for a while, and after she regains consciousness, she will notice how asleep she's been even though she's so spiritually advanced right now (this is most telling of how far behind we actually are in our spiritual development!)
  • Communications may be down, but people will be forced to use telepathy and be surprised at how well it works. Everyone can fend for themselves even though the basic systems have shut down. This is when people will discover their creator abilities and manifest what they need
  • Negativity is scrubbed out by the Light
  • Client had a dream about a purple cake with the date 2-20 on it (20th Feb?). Client was told this is the "beginning of the beginning" where something new will happen daily from that point on, and everyone who is open to it will experience this ~ Synchronicity, unusual event, Celestial events, vivid dreams
  • What will happen to people in precarious positions like surgeries, being on planes? Airplanes will be held in tractor beams, surgeries held in stasis with some being completed on ships or healed by the Light
  • We may see some Inner Earth people come out (yayy!!)
  • Healing component to the Light, so those who experience it will be able to heal others
  • Client advised to stay away from animal products, sugar and salt, she's "sugar-coating" her fears instead of dissipating them ~ she's addicted to sugar and salt, they are distractions ~ meditate without background music or chants, walk daily
  • The advice about sugar has been a common theme for Allison's clients. Sugar tethers people to their 3D bodies
  • Overcoming addictions is key lesson on Earth.


  1. Thank you for the compilation, Grace. I know you don't "qualify" for the ship refuge (that's a compliment) .. ;)

    You might want to read my comment at http://2012portal.blogspot.de/2018/02/blog-post_27.html?showComment=1519768227396&m=1#c7777841312542921623. I actually think L0 might take the longest.

    1. Re. refuge....neither do you ;)

      I totally support your comment, but I do want L0 to be done asap! "L-1" I believe you have coined a new Lagrange reference point....makes sense and I like it!

  2. After listening to Allison's video, I was quite excited when I then listened to one by Rhonda Empson who talked about a dream of a huge display or event in the sky that she calls the "event horizon."

    Then I watched a video by MrMBB333 showing a pink sky from the ISS: https://youtu.be/DFv8LbmPdMk?t=45s .

    Last but not least, I then read a post by Luz de Maria, who receives messages from Heaven and got this on Feb 8: (it's translated so may have grammar issues)

    "THE VAULT OF HEAVEN WILL CHANGE COLOR. My Light will eclipse everything that exists, the elements will remain static, the animals will be silent, men will prostrate themselves, and in stupefaction they will see the beauty of My Legions that, opening My way through the clouds, will allow My Light to be seen. You will have a faint view of My Father's Throne and will attain a reflection of My Holy Spirit.

    Then My Legions will appear in the midst of the tones of the sunset and will seem to set the Sky alight with My Love. The waters will move not with a roar, but with a slight murmur so as not to diminish My Arrival. The earth, after shuddering, will make the most beautiful and pure colors of plants germinate. THE HOLY LADDER WILL BE OPENED FROM MY FATHER'S HOUSE TOWARDS THE EARTH, AND THOSE WHO HAVE LIVED, SUFFERED, THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN PERSECUTED, BELITTLED, SILENCED, THE SLAVES AND MARTYRS, ALL WILL RISE AND WILL SAY IN ECSTASY: "MY LORD AND MY GOD!" "

    1. Yes, I saw that video too but haven't yet gotten to posting it. However, I doubt this is the event horizon.

  3. Cobra has not been talking *at all* about Lagrange points lately. That's why I think Lx are levels. However they are now already underground, just after "L2 clear, L1 wipeout". So if my theory holds more or less correct, L0 would indeed mark the beginning of the grand final ground offensive (and L1 is what's happening now already, sub-terran bases, sticking to positive numbers). But oh well whatever, it's all just bla bla anyway.

    Event Horizon: I've been to talks of Nassim Haramein where he was talking about the Event Horizon and according to his verbiage, it is something different.

    1. You're right, Lee. Level, not Lagrange!

      My memory is sketchy, but I think Nassim is looking at it from a more general viewpoint, based on Astrophysic. There is no one single Event Horizon, just like "standing wave", which has been used to describe The Event, but is also a general term.

      Also, the client's use of the term may have been a more loose application. My opinion only, of course ;)