22 February 2018

Celia Fenn Update ~ 21 February 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

Feeling a bit wonky after all the shifts and changes and Time Line activity. The Aquarius Gate ensured that new Time Cycles started to spin and others collapsed or were terminated. All for the highest good. The Dark Moon and Solar Eclipse had us diving deep and connecting with the "wild" inside. And then there was a magnetic storm. Phew! So, many of us are feeling exhausted and disoriented and probably purging on the physical or emotional level. 

Things should start to settle as we head into March and towards the 5/5 Taurus gate in May. 

This is a wonderful time to connect with the Divine Feminine energy and our deep inner creative impulses. There are new timelines and new stories that await our creative sharing and weaving. We are multi-dimensional beings who play with the languages of Light and Sound and create with Color and Form. Now is the time to connect with your inner Story Teller and find the images, colors and sounds that are your story and your creation in the New Earth.

Have fun....be playful....be magical.....enjoy!

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