23 February 2018

Dark City: Light Mission, Palenque and Teotihuacan 2018 ~ Stephanie South ~ 21 February 2018

Source: 13:20 Frequency Shift

With the rapid transformation taking place on our planet and with all the upheaval within and without as the forces of destruction  seek to separate and obliterate us, we are called once again to the memory of the Greater Dream.

In the times we are living I am reminded of the 1998 movie Dark City. The movie opens with the narration: First came Darkness and then came the Strangers.

In this movie there is no sunlight, and the rulers of the city can control the memories of its citizens.

The premise of the movie is that the Strangers came from another galaxy and collected a group of humans to study them. Their civilization is dying. They create a vast artificial city on earth, which can be  “tuned,” whenever they want to run another experiment.

When the tuning takes place, everthing become frozen in time. All machines stop and all humans lose consciousness. At this moment the Strangers make changes to the city. They create new architecture and set up rooms and props in place for the humans enactment.
The Strangers inject memories into the humans from a communal memory bank. When the humans awaken they cannot remember what occurred the day before. So if someone commits a crime the day before, they don’t remember it the next morning. The Strangers seek to know if humans are good or evil.

The main character is immune to the power of the Strangers. The memory injections do not work on him.  This is our task to become like the main character by working to raise our frequency above all the systems of control and penetrate the world of false light.
The memory of this movie kept arising on a recent visit to the pyramids in Mexico. I had not planned to go, until Don Jesus contacted me from Mexico. He had served as firekeeper at the seven day earth wizard event in 2000 with Jose and Lloydine, and vowed to keep the flame alive.

He was also present at the ceremony on March 3, 2002: Yellow Galactic Seed atop the Pyramid of the Sun where Jose was honored for his lifelong work by 9 shamans who presented him with a sacred obsidian staff. Nine days after this ceremony came the first Cosmic History transmission.

Don Jesus’ call came while I was in the midst of writing The Uninscribed (tentative title), the story of my initiatic journey with Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan from the feminine perspective.

The message was clear that I needed to return to Mexico to complete the book where the original prophecy was layed.

I am still in the midst of the journey and  in the process of assimilating all the impressions and energy received. I am feeling deep shifts in the core of my being as if knowledge is being rearranged into a new internal architecture that I cannot quite yet articulate.

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