23 February 2018

Footage of UFOs Over Nevada ~ UFOmania The Truth Is Out There ~ 20 February 2018

This video left me stunned. The actual title is "Shocking footage of UFOs Attacking each other over Nevada" but I usually avoid dramatic-sounding titles when I post.

Without speculating anything, I will just say that this did make me recall Cobra's "Situation Update".

Please view this very short footage here.

Many thanks, Lee 💜

PS....I forgot to say ~ this could be a battle, or something else entirely. As mentioned, no speculation.


  1. You are welcome, Grace.

    Here are two more similar footages:

    Jan. 27 2018, Peru: looks like orb UFO interception. After the initial blow up you'll see two orbs speeding to the front: https://youtu.be/9dQQe1vhuAQ?t=9

    Feb. 16 2018, Utica NY: 3 or 4 UFO orbs in night sky, the one closer to the horizon getting zapped up with an energy beam? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvWJ9OB63Ks

    1. It does look like the action is getting closer as the sweep makes its way towards the surface, and at the same time, pushing up from beneath.

      Thank you, Lee....Blessings <3

    2. Forgot to add....I found this most interesting (if they are authentic)

  2. yes I have seen these, too, on some UFO channel. It's not the first time these white "things" appear. Not sure at all what to think of them. What does seem legit are the gigantic round spheres which keep on fading into view around the corona every once in a while, esp. during a burst.

    1. I'd like to think the roundish ones are ships, much like those described by Alkesh.